Download Drug Formulary DIY + Blue Book 1.8.1 Apk Apk

Version updated just so that it can contain ads.. Latest updates isbjust a \nredundant extra column. Nonetheless, still a useful app that I use day to \nday basis Here we provide Drug Formulary DIY + Blue Book Apk Dowmload Are you a health care professional working in hospital or health clinic setting? Do you need a handy and quick access to what medications are available in your facility? Do you have information such as Drug Formulary in Excel format and wish to convert it to an app? If so, this app is the answer for you.

• Free and works offline
• Easily create drug formulary databases from Excel files (learn how to do it at )
• Search multiple drug formulary databases from different hospitals and health clinics plus MOH Drug Formulary (Blue Book) in one app
• Medical calculators (BMI, IBW, ABW, BSA, creatinine clearance, ANC, corrected calcium, corrected sodium, potassium deficit, Venofer dosage and serum osmolality)
• Useful information (drug safety in pregnancy, normal lab values, G6PD deficiency risk factors etc.)
• Bookmark and history functions

* To ensure the sustainability and continuous update which requires effort and time of developer, this app contains non-intrusive and removable ads which won't be shown when users are searching for drug information
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.
Download Drug Formulary DIY + Blue Book 1.8.1 Apk Apk
Download Address: Drug Formulary DIY + Blue Book 1.8.1 Apk


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