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Download Guide New Tekken 3 game V 4.2

Here we provide Guide New Tekken 3 game V 4.2 for Android 4.0++ This guide made by Fan if you are already a fan of tekken 3 this is the best guide for you to learn more steps and tricks about all tekken 3 mobile!.
As for some tips and tricks that can from various sources tekken 5 and the rest of the experience gained during his game.
There are many ranks in the game and many weapons also. tekken 3, is a popular multiplayer game of today, tekken 3 is the final release of this game there might be in the future tekken 6, or tekken tag tournament 2
Guide for the popular Tekken fighting game series. Find articles on stages, moves, characters, fighters, Tekken 7, Tekken 6, Tekken Revolution, and more
**** DISCLAIMER / Legal NOTICE ****
Unofficial Guide for tekken 3 This application complies with the guidelines of the copyright law of the United States of "fair use." If you feel there is a right of direct copyright or trademark infringement that does not follow within the guidelins &qu…

Download V

Download Address:V

Download V

Download Address:V

Download Chibble -The Best Match 3 Game V 3.2

Here we provide Chibble -The Best Match 3 Game V 3.2 for Android 2.3.4++ Chibble is a fun and addictive matching game for kids and adults.
Chibbles are cute and fluffy little aliens from Betelgeuse that have been stranded on Earth. Your challenge is to match 3 or more Chibbles of the same color to beam them back home.
Earn extra points for matching more than 3 Chibbles and for matching the elusive Rainbow Chibbles.
Sounds easy? It is at first, but watch out for the stubborn Chibbles who don’t want to leave and the giant Chibbles blocking the path home.
Three types of game play are available: Classic, Zen and Speed
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Chibble -The Best Match 3 Game V 3.2

Download Bottle Flip Extreme! V 2.0.2

Here we provide Bottle Flip Extreme! V 2.0.2 for Android 2.3.2++ Water Bottle Flip Extreme (Most Famous Bottle Flip Game)!
Water Bottle Flip Extreme is inspired by the senior talent show AK 2016, Water Bottle Flip Extreme brings you the insane flipping challenge of the year!
Hold Tap to set the power to flip the water bottle and flippy bottle onto the platform to score. If you like Dude Perfect Challenge or paper tos, This game looks like.
Game Features:
– Extremely fun and addictive
– Realistic water bottle flip physics
– Most Extreme Bottle Flip Game Ever
– Add 8 styles of bottle for bottle flip
– 2 modes to play(endless mode & time limited mode)
– Win more diamonds to unlock new bottles
How to Play:
– Normal target: Calculate the angle and strength, and then slide screen to flip bottle.
– Moving target:Be attention to speed of movement targets and then flip bottle at the correct time.
Coming soon:
-Online global scoreboard
Lets flipping bottle now! Share and compare your scores with friends …

Download Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom V 1.6.0

Here we provide Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom V 1.6.0 for Android 2.3.2++ Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom is an exciting game designed for all ages group . It is here to give you the real experiences as a skilled warrior named Earl.
The princess in the kingdom, princess Yucie has been captured by the evil prince who was turned into a dragon. Play as a character of Earl the Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom on a mission to rescue the princess Yucie. You have to pass many obstacles and pass every monster concierge who has the unpredictable power.
Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom consists of 7 levels and will be more soon. Unlock each room so that you can play at the next level by Killing all monsters concierge. Each level has a secret room. You may obtain the power jump portion from the secret room. You can also get a diamond out of a treasure chest. Beware of enemies such as bats, zombie, ghost, pumpkin trap, baby spider and more dangerous enemies. Play the role as Earl which has the great…

Download Indian Princess Makeover V 2.0

Here we provide Indian Princess Makeover V 2.0 for Android 4.4++ It's time for a makeover. A beautiful Indian girls wants to look gorgeous in evening party where she have to wear a designer Indian dress so help her to get ready.
At the beginning of game start to apply spa treatment. Massage on face with cream, wash face using shower, last apply face pack. Help her in perfect makeup, choose eye shadow, lipstick, eye lashes & more from given makeup kit.
Choose beautiful hairstyle which suits on her face then select designer Indian dress from wide collection with matching accessories like necklace, purse, sandals & more.
We are entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids.
So are you ready for play this game?
Don't forget review us!
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Indian Princess Makeover V 2.0

Download Cooking Games Food Maker Chef V 1.18

Here we provide Cooking Games Food Maker Chef V 1.18 for Android 2.3.2++ Cooking Games Fever Food Maker is a new free cooking games for kids which adore french cuisine or american cuisine!The game teaches you how to cook delicious dishes and manage your own restaurant and become a true Super Chef master in kitchen!Start your kitchen business today and become as famous as Oliver or Ramsay or Nigella and dash dinner!Beat your fever cooking today and cook delicious meals,dish and desserts from every country in the world!From tasty desserts and Fast Food to an Oriental Restaurant and Chinese Restaurants, you will be able to cook and learn a variety of settings and cooking techniques.Use the best bio ingredients to cook tasty dishes.Enjoy all the kitchen appliances from pizza ovens to cake maker to popcorn maker and coffee makers and to rice cookers.The dash cooking will make you the best cooking world chef!Serve delicious diner to your customers like a real super chef master!
How To Play:

Download Vero - True Social V 0.1.1845

Here we provide Vero – True Social V 0.1.1845 for Android 5.0++ Vero makes sharing online more like real life, choosing who sees which posts. Whether it’s a photo, a song, a book or movie recommendation, a cool restaurant or a great article with Vero you can naturally choose who sees what.
Now you can share more, always being sure who will and won’t see your posts.
• Privately categorise your contacts as ‘close friends’, ‘friends’ or 'acquaintances’.
• Share experiences freely with your different contact groups.
• Share Photos, Links, Music, Movies, Places and Books.
• Send and receive instant messages with those you’re connected to.
• Branch out and publish your Vero posts to your Facebook and Twitter audience.
Currently Not Available on Android during beta:
• Posting Videos (Viewing Videos available)
• Collections
• Viewing Buy Now Posts
• Chat push notifications
Questions, concerns or feedback?
Get in touch. Email [email protected]
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your pro…

Download Facelite for Facebook Lite FB V 4.0.3

Here we provide Facelite for Facebook Lite FB V 4.0.3 for Android 4.0.3++ This App is the perfect solution of your small or not good performance device but why and not for better phones this app is for Facebook so its a supper one for reading news feed directly at your phone it has a supper fancy design with side slide menu and has a lot of features :
* Works with 4G,3G,Data and wi-fi !
* You can now view (full screen) and download videos and photos from Facebook directly to your Smartphone !
* Facelite Support Video Downloading its really cool tool that you can use !
* With this Feature you can download video from facebook, save on the sdcard and play in offline without internet connection.
* Don't drain your battery so fast and don't full up your device with junks !
* Its Small app with Big Options
* Once Install Log in and have Fun !
— Only 4MB and 20MB after installing.
– Save data than other facebook app. We cached some static resource to help you save data connection.
– FAST and…

Download 3D boxing game V 2.5

Here we provide 3D boxing game V 2.5 for Android 2.3.2++ Fighting Boxing Game 3D. real-time 3d fighting games in the market which offers a realistic and high quality experience. With the realistic models, we ensure you will be addicted in this exciting 3d boxing games for tablets and smartphones.
Download this fight games and start your boxing, be a fighting hero show your knockouts(Boxing ko) in the fighting games to prove you are the best fighting master.
boxing 3d game, Amazing 3d animations and sound effects.
Realistic scene in this game including boxing ring, boxing timer, boxing bell and boxing clock, makes you feel that as you are watching real boxing live stream just in the boxing match.
Easy to control, attacks and fight back , Defense and Movements.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:3D boxing game V 2.5

Download Basket Manager 2017 Free V 2.2

Here we provide Basket Manager 2017 Free V 2.2 for Android 4.1++ Basket Manager 2017 is a free game in which you take control of a basketball team in a professional league for several seasons. Build your own dinasty.
Now BM 17 has a new career mode, engine simulation improved, CPU Transfers, historic data of players and seasons played.
You can do your lineup, transfer players, sign free agents, designate your stars and see the stats of all the players and teams.
Use the draft to get new stars in the league. Take a good look at them in summer league.
Our goal is not to make an ultra-realistic game, but a simple game that is easy to use and allows to feel the sensation of carrying a team to win a ring.
This is the humble work of a couple of friends in his spare time. We on’t have the resources of big studios, but we do have tons of illusion. Keep this in mind when judging the game, please, and remember we will try to improve it from time to time, it’s a “continous game”, not a finished one.

Download Muay Thai Box Fighting 3D V 1.1

Here we provide Muay Thai Box Fighting 3D V 1.1 for Android 2.3.4++ Start a career of real fighter playing this Muay Thai box simulator!
Participate in boxing championship and beat your opponents to become the best! Step into the ring to show your power and use all fighting skills like punching, blocking and kicking! Try different fighting styles including Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Kick Boxing or Kung Fu and learn super hard strikes and kicks to get your opponents down on the ground. Slam everyone in your way playing Muay Thai Box Fighting 3D – great sport game for all fighting lovers!
Survive on the ring and overcome your rivals dead or alive! Unlock new fighters to battle against and earn special points defeating them. Beat and knockout everyone playing this boxing sport game to become more powerful, try new punches, kicks and strikes or even new fighting styles! Make jabs, hooks, and uppercuts and fun, try different fighting styles such as Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo or Wrestling …

Download Ski Jumping Tournament 3D V 1.2

Here we provide Ski Jumping Tournament 3D V 1.2 for Android 4.2++ Welcome to ski jumping tournament! Athletes are warming up at the stadium… Are you going to win? Be ready for a winter rush and keep your balance against the icy wind with Ski Jumping Tournament 3D game! Be ready for ultimate winter sports simulator and try different ski jumps from K50 to K250. Jump, whirl, run down with dangerously high speed – do anything to win the contest!
Feel yourself like a real professional athlete! Choose the country, choose a sportsman – and start amazing winter sports adventure! You can play as a real skier –German or Norwegian champion – or can choose any country you wish. Austria, Poland, Sweden, even Australia – your athlete can be a citizen of any state! Do you best to achieve the top of the ski tournament table, win the gold and become a champion with this Ski Jumping Tournament 3D game!
Control your skier by touching the screen and avoid the fallings – you’ll lose points and your athlete…

Download World Championship Billiards V

Here we provide World Championship Billiards V for Android 2.3.2++ Enjoy a wonderful three-cushion billiards game!
World Three-Cushion Billiards Tournament will be held in the cities.
Help build the World Pool Championships !
✔ Billiards online match with former world
✔ There are various game modes available.
✔ exercise unlimited free games and friendly matches .
To challenge the ranking game, you can increase the coin is acquired and ranking.
You can purchase new items in the shop acquired a coin .
Add a variety of game modes planned :
★ Carom billiards
★ Three-Cushion billiards (3-Cushion)
★ Four-ball
★ Pool/Pocket billiards
★ Snooker
* This game requires an internet connection.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:World Championship Billiards V

Download Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery V 3.6.119

Here we provide Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery V 3.6.119 for Android 4.0++ Plunge deep in a whirlwind adventure with Time Gap hidden object mystery game. Unravel wonderful facts about Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Lincoln and Einstein as you try to save the day. Travel around the world with the help of an interactive map, complete multiple tasks, assemble diverse collections and engage in numerous minigames. It's time to challenge the destiny!
It's more than the original storyline and unexpected ending that makes this finding game so addicting. Featuring elements of various game genres,like hidden objects, adventure, Match-3, Bubble Shooter, Snooker, it provides incredibly rich playing experience of this.
Features of Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery:
– Complete countless tasks and play for months!
– Enjoy exciting Bubble Shooter mini-game. Chase the fire storm!
– 100+ levels in Match 3, Bubble Shooter and Snooker mini-games
– Snooker mini-game is available! Play it by…

Download Family Business: Baby Shop V 1.0.11

Here we provide Family Business: Baby Shop V 1.0.11 for Android 4.0++ Sea vacation is the seaside and relax for somebody. But for Hippo family it is also profitable family business. Who will sell ice cream, Pop corn and soft drinks? Who will be the manager and seller in the food truck (Baby Shop)? Of course it will be our beloved and curious Hippo. Seaside is the best location to have food truck (Baby shop). Are you ready for summer adventure? So what are we waiting for? Try yourself in our food truck (Baby Shop). You are the manager and seller at once! Prepare for your clients various ice cream, pop corn with exotic flavors and different soft drinks! Have success this summer!
This is the exciting novelty from Developing games for boys and girls. Made with love by Hippo family! Funny entertaining gameplay is mixed with developing elements. What`s more, The game is itself a story with your child like main hero. It is not easy and boring to sell ice cream and pop corn. It seems, nothing…

Download Turtle Fruit Run V 1.0

Here we provide Turtle Fruit Run V 1.0 for Android 3.0++ Turtle Fruit Run is a day of super Turtle.
You will enjoy fun adventures full of danger with Turtle Fruit Run. The game has a lot of traps,various enemies,
simple gameplay, nice graphics and soothing music and sounds.
You must avoid all traps. Also there is tons of hidden bonus items and fruits.
Collect all fruits to get more points and buy additional items in the store.
This classic game will make you addict to.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Turtle Fruit Run V 1.0

Download Nob's World - Jungle Adventure V 5.3

Here we provide Nob’s World – Jungle Adventure V 5.3 for Android 4.0.3++ Nob's World is the best classic adventure game for your Android and it has gone prehistoric.
Nob’s World is a jungle adventure game that your Hero can jump, run and shoot enemy.
If you enjoy these games, you may like Nob’s World.
+ Beautiful high-resolution graphics
+ Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game
+ Easy and intuitive controls with on-screen retro controller
+ Hidden bonus bricks and blocks with strawberry, flower and shield
+ Destroyable bricks, blocks and moving platform
+ Hidden bonus levels with lots of classic and modern coins
+ Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more
+ 4 beautiful worlds with 80 well designed levels
+ Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run
+ Over 20 enemies and obstacles
+ 8 boss fights: angry scorpio, spider, big bee and golem
+ Store with additional items and rewards: unlock worlds before finish other worlds
+ Unlock free coins, buy items to make mike a…

Download Pixel Worlds V 1.0.20

Here we provide Pixel Worlds V 1.0.20 for Android 4.0.3++ Welcome to Pixel Worlds! In this massively multiplayer social sandbox game you can create your own worlds and shape them the way you want.
Create countless worlds. Mine resources and create new blocks and items to shape your worlds the way you want them to be.
Almost anything can be grown in Pixel Worlds! Building blocks, furniture, tools, weapons and even clothes.
In Pixel Worlds it is the players who run the economy. Trade blocks and items with other players, you decide the price. Be careful not to get scammed :-)
Compete in worlds created by other players or make your own for others to enjoy. Take part in Live Events that we launch every few weeks.
Join us and the other players at the official Pixel Worlds Youtube channel, weekly streams in Twitch and Mobcrush, Instagram, Forum, Twitter and Facebook.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download A…

Download NETGEAR Genie V 2.4.38

Here we provide NETGEAR Genie V 2.4.38 for Android 2.3.2++ NETGEAR genie App is an easy way to manage, monitor and repair your home network–from the palm of your hand. While on your home network NETGEAR genie app allows you anywhere-in-the-house access to all the cool features on your router without having to boot up your computer: Wireless Settings, Network Map, Live Parental Controls, Guest Access, Traffic Metering, My Media, and more. All you need is your tablet or smartphone and NETGEAR genie App.
• Easily control your home network through the genie dashboard
• Stream Media—find and play music and video files anywhere in your network from your smartphone/tablet
• Print from your iPad® or iPhone®–Windows or Mac genie makes any printer AirPrint® compatible
• Securely connect smartphones and tablets to your home wireless network with the scan of a QR code thanks to EZ Mobile Connect
****** IMPORTANT NOTES ******
May 2014: Android Genie "ReadySHARE" does not work with WNDR3700…

Download App lock - Real Fingerprint V 26.0

Here we provide App lock – Real Fingerprint V 26.0 for Android 4.1++ Fingerprint App Lock for your apps with Intruder selfies, Dual advanced security lock screens and fingerprint enabled app lock that makes your phone total safe and secure. It also let you control switches of WiFi and Bluetooth. It take photos of intruder people around you that tries to unlock your apps with wrong passwords, patterns and fingerprints and shows you when you get your phone.
~ Fingerprint app lock is supported by all phones who has Fingerprint hardware and Marshmallow Android Version and if you don't have one then our Fingerprint Simulator enables simulated App lock support for any phone you have. Enable Simulator from settings and you can simulate fingerprint app lock with PIN or Patten.
★ Lock any App like System Apps, Social Apps, Lock your private Gallery, Downloaded Apps and games.
★ Supports wifi and bluetooth switches control.
★ Unlock with PIN,Pattern or Fingerprint.
★ Intruder Selfie s…

Download Reboot V 2.0.5

Here we provide Reboot V 2.0.5 for Android 1.6++ With this app, you can easily :
* Reboot your device
* Soft Reboot (faster)
* Reboot to recovery
* Reboot to bootloader
* Reboot to download mode
* Power off
This app was made for some rockchip and allwinner based devices, which can't reboot to recovery easily.
It uses some tricks to do this.
But if your device is not detected as one of these faulty devices, the app uses usual root commands to do the job, so it should work on any rooted device.
It has been tested on many android devices, but of course not every single one.
Use this app at your own risk.
Make sure to do a full backup before trying it.
I am not responsible for any any issues this app may cause.
** Root access to your device is required to use this application. If you are not aware whether or not your device has root access, you probably don't have root access.
Supported languages:
* English
* French
* Polish
* Russian (incomplete)
* Spanish (incomplete)
* Norwegian (incomplete)
* Por…

Download My EE V 4.1.0

Here we provide My EE V 4.1.0 for Android 4.1++ Simple. Smart. Speedy. Control.
My EE’s the quickest way for EE customers to control your devices.
(That’s your pay monthly, pay as you go and 4GEE WiFi devices, since you ask…)
It’s easier than ever to check your data, bills and packs. And keep an eye on your spending. And if you’ve got more than one number on your account, you can manage them all. In one little place.
Regular user? You’ll notice My EE has had a serious makeover. It’s a whole new look and feel! We love the changes and our Beta testers loved them too, but it’s just the beginning. There’s a whole series of improvements planned over the next few months. So if there’s anything you can’t do in the app right now, watch this space for lots more functionality and updates coming soon.
Here’s what you can do
On pay monthly?
Check your data in a whizz
View your bills and see itemised billing
Stay on top of extra charges
Check your allowances and add-ons
See all your numbers in one place

Download 1Tap Cleaner (Cache, History) V 2.93

Here we provide 1Tap Cleaner (Cache, History) V 2.93 for Android 4.1++ 1-Tap to clean all cache, search histories, calls log, defaults settings and SD card.
Are you running out of application storage?
You now can get more available storage space by clearing apps created cache/data files.
*** Over 5,000,000 Downloads! ***
★ Cache Cleaner
★ History Cleaner
★ Call/Text log Cleaner
★ Defaults Cleaner
★ SD Cleaner
There are 5 cleaners included in this app. Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner help you to get more free space for the internal phone storage by clearing apps cached files, data files, or search/navigation history records. If you have selected to launch apps by default for some actions. Defaults Cleaner helps you to clear the default settings. SD Cleaner helps to delete junk files from the SD card.
Auto or 1-tap to clear all cache, search history, calls log and the best is you don't have to ROOT the phone anymore! This app is crucial to anyone who has memory mana…

Download WiFi Master - Useful tools V 2.4.0

Here we provide WiFi Master – Useful tools V 2.4.0 for Android 4.0++ Best WiFi Enhancement & Management tool
*** Most popular WiFi App
*** Optimizing WiFi connection progress with 12 stages
*** Contains 15,000,000 WiFi hotspots
Detect, connect, manage WiFi networks, real-time detection of WiFi connection, to protect your network security. Find other user's shared networks, easily get access to a wireless network at any time and place, allowing your mobile services to use a variety of networks conveniently.
Massive hotspots: Have 15,000,000 WiFi hotspots in Cloud Storage.
WiFi security check: Make accurate judgment of phishing hotspots and insecure WiFi, ensure the safety of your connection.
Smart WiFi: Effectively improve the efficiency of battery, your sleep will not be affected by the network messages.
WiFi speed testing — Run quick tests for your network environment, provide you an visible speed experience.
Users can share free WiFi hotspot information, and get…

Download Telescope Zoomer V 1.19

Here we provide Telescope Zoomer V 1.19 for Android 2.3.2++ Turn your Android device into telescope or binoculars!
Up to 100x zoom! Outstanding magnification!
With Telescope Zoomer you can zoom in a lot more than allows your default camera app!
Application uses digital zoom, so effect depends on your camera resolution, and framerate on the processor.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Telescope Zoomer V 1.19

Download dotpict - Easy to Pixel Arts V 2.6.5

Here we provide dotpict – Easy to Pixel Arts V 2.6.5 for Android 4.0++ Let's make a simple to draw Pixel Arts!
"dotpict" Is a new sense of Pixel Arts painting app.
◆Pen tip is not hidden by the finger
"dotpict" Nib is not hidden by the finger.
Like in operability, such as a mouse, You can draw quickly!
◆Auto save of peace of mind
Since the work is always saved in the auto save,
And peace of mind to enjoy Pixel Arts production is!
◆Easy to share the work
You can be easily shared with SNS services.
Let's introduce the Pixel Art to everyone by email or Twitter!
Now "dotpict" Getting started with!
・Undo, Redo
・Zoom of canvas
・Display of the grid, non- display
・Export / share of work
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:dotpict - Easy to Pixel Arts V 2.6.5

Download Screen Recorder No Root V 1.3

Here we provide Screen Recorder No Root V 1.3 for Android 3.0++ Screen Recorder No Root is the coolest app to record the screen. And that too no root is required. This video screen recorder lets you record HD videos and you can stop these recordings by going anytime to the notification bar.
Floating window / Floating gadget always remain on top so that you can start the recording any time, and even stop too. Also you can press gallery button from the widget itself to see the recorded videos.
Do you want to know how you performed during a particular stage of a game? Then start recording the game using Screen Recorder No Root application.
Recorded Screen videos can be viewed from within the app itself.
* You can set bit rate from 10mbps to 8mbps and even to 2 mbps.
* You can also define start delay in recording. It can be from 5 seconds to 10 seconds and even 20 seconds.
* You can enable or disable recording notification also.
* Also storage can be turned on or off for internal storage.
* Por…

Download V 2.3.4

Here we provide V 2.3.4 for Android 2.3.2++ This is a complete Android app to use full features of website.
You can watch thousands of videos uploaded by 1000s of users around the world and mainly from PAKISTAN.
You can create playlists, create your channel and search for the others. Watch & Comment on videos, rate videos, share videos with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.
Key features of v2.0:
1. new, shiny UI
2. concurrent downloads and uploads
3. watch history (offline)
4. watch later (offline)
5. auto-sign in
6. sign up from the app
7. update your profile from the app
8. configurable video player gestures
9. configurable highest/lowest default streaming quality
10. and more…
Reasons for Permissions:
Required to connect to server (searching, playing, loading videos, etc)
Required to check network connectivity
Reading files for uploads and reading cached images
Downloading videos and …

Download Video for Android Wear&YouTube V 1.0.170223

Here we provide Video for Android Wear&YouTube V 1.0.170223 for Android 4.3++ Video player for Android Wear smartwatches, powered by YouTube. View YouTube videos on your Android Wear smartwatch. A true wearable entertainment app.
Works standalone on Android Wear 2 watches paired with iOS or Android phones. For standalone support install the app from the play store on the watch only.
– View videos directly on the watch
– Full Bluetooth headphones and speaker support
– Cast any video to your Chromecast and use your watch as a remote
– Search videos with search predictions
– Search related videos
– Like a video
– View video descriptions
– Pause, resume, seek, change volume
– Wearable entertainment app
– Watch music videos with audio if your watch has a speaker
Customize your YouTube experience, choose channels to show on your watch and get more search results (full version only).
IMPORTANT: The Bluetooth headphones/speakers need to be paired with the watch, not with the phone.
The Video …

Download StreetGamer - Game Record&Live V 1.7.3

Here we provide StreetGamer – Game Record&Live V 1.7.3 for Android 4.0++ ★ Live game play in real time !!
You can broadcast your own game play live on YouTube (YouTube) anytime, anywhere.
Broadcast content and game items are uploaded with candy sent by viewers!
★ Record game play video !!
Whether it's a mobyz or gem tube, a game or a game cast, Street Gamers can broadcast live video and record at any time during the game.
★ You can record and live on all Android devices !!
You can record and live on YouTube (YouTube) from virtually any Android (4.4 Kit Cat or higher) device.
★ Available anywhere.
 Unlike African TVs, you can broadcast and record your mobile games anywhere you are without connecting to a PC.
Live, record and share with other gamers in school, on the subway, in the bathroom
★ Add bulletin board function !!
– You can communicate with other gamers by designating bulletin boards and categories at will.
(Gamer Profile -> click bottom right button)
– Game board has been added…

Download ORF TVthek: Video on demand V

Here we provide ORF TVthek: Video on demand V for Android 4.0++ Die ORF-TVthek – Österreichs erfolgreichste Videoplattform – stellt den Userinnen und Usern ein umfangreiches Video-on-Demand-Angebot von mehr als 200 Sendungen zur Verfügung: von Nachrichten, Magazinen, Dokus, Diskussions-, Kultur-, Sport- und Religionssendungen über Unterhaltung (Shows, Comedys, Filme, Serien) bis zu Regional- und Kindersendungen. Außerdem werden mehr als 200 Livestreams bereitgestellt sowie zahlreiche zeit- und kulturhistorische Videoarchive angeboten.
Informationen zu Update bez. Berechtigungen:
Im Zuge der Chromecast-Aktualiserung kommt es leider bei Android OS 4.3 bei der Verwendung von Chromecast zu Abstürzen. Um diese Abstürze zu verhindern und die Verwendung von Chromecast für Android 4.3 zu ermöglichen war die Freischaltung dieser Berechtigungen erforderlich. Das Absturz-Problem muss von Google behoben werden. Sobald das erfolgt ist, werden wir die notwendigen Berechtigungen wied…

Download Couchgram, Call & App Lock V 3.5.6

Here we provide Couchgram, Call & App Lock V 3.5.6 for Android 4.2++ ▶App Lock
Protect your phone logs, text messages, photos, video and etc with WhatsApp and Facebook
Use your fingerprint to lock favorite apps
(*Fingerprint lock is only supported on Android 6.0 device with fingerprint sensor)
▶Take picture of intruder
Anyone snooping on your phone? Couchgram will catch them for you
▶ Incoming Call Lock
You can have full privacy for your incoming calls by setting your own password
Protect your incoming call with your fingerprint
(*Fingerprint lock is only supported on Android 6.0 device with fingerprint sensor)
▶Hide Caller ID / Rename Caller ID
You can change or hide caller's name or number on incoming call screen.
▶Speed Booster (Memory Boost)
Clean your memory and speed up your device.
Speed up your phone with booster"
▶Call log auto delete
Would you like to hide your call logs? Register a contact to delete call logs automatically.
▶Incoming Call Wallpapers
Express your preferences by …

Download My Contacts V 2.0.8

Here we provide My Contacts V 2.0.8 for Android 2.3.4++ My Contacts keeps your contact list safe and secure.
If you switch or lose your phone, don’t worry! This is how it works:
Take a backup of your contact list:
1. Download the My Contacts app on your phone
2. Press ”Copy contacts” in the app
3. Your contacts are now safely stored!
Transfer your contact list to your new phone:
1. Download the My Contacts app on your OLD and NEW phone
2. Press ”Copy contacts” on your OLD phone
3. Then press ”Copy contacts” on your NEW phone
You can edit your contact list easily on the web at
If you have an old phone, try out our "Transfer Contacts Web Tool” at
The service is free of charge.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:My Contacts V 2.0.8

Download Hello - Audio Social Network V 2.0.7

Here we provide Hello – Audio Social Network V 2.0.7 for Android 4.2++ Say hello to a random stranger – with Hello you can receive a random anonymous call
from interesting people all over the world so you can meet, say hello and speak to
Hello is a simplified voice chat app with a focus on having an anonymous talk with
random people nearby or from anywhere in the world. As it does not requires
registration it is the fastest way to meet with random people and share your
thoughts and moments in a simple and anonym way.
– FREE RANDOM CALL: Talk to strangers in an anonymous way and meet new
interesting people from far and wide.
– CHOOSE A LANGUAGE: Looking for some native speakers to learn and practice a
language? With Hello you can do just that for free! Choose a random person with
your preferred country and let the language learning speaking session begin.

– INSTANT VOICE CHAT: Want to know what is going on in a country and get to know
the natives before traveling t…

Download Bubble Shooter MACHINE V 1.1.3

Here we provide Bubble Shooter MACHINE V 1.1.3 for Android 2.3.2++ Connect three or more bubbles of the same color to eliminate them. Be careful with white bubbles, you have to make them fall eliminating bubbles around.
You have three types of joker balls that will make your job easier:
Iron balls: They cross the foam by removing any bubbles in its path.
Rainbow Balls: Acquire the color of the first bubble they touch.
Balls Bomb: Removes all bubbles that are within the range of the explosion.
The number of jokers is limited but you can get more capturing birds that appear on certain screens. To release the birds you must drop the eggs that appear between the foam at certain levels, but do not try never destroy the egg or bird also be deleted.
Bubble Shoot Machine consists of 300 levels that we will rise.
Enjoy it!
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Bubble Shooter MACHINE V 1.1.3

Download Super Bomber Legend V 1.0

Here we provide Super Bomber Legend V 1.0 for Android 2.3.2++ An classical bomber game in a new model interface.
Super Bomber Legend is a interresting stategy game.
With the labyrinth crest pitfalls, dangers increase with the game screen.
Stimulates curiosity battle with game players. Or quickly load the game and conquer the challenges of the game.
Investigate labyrinths, blow up boxes and enemies by means of bombs to find the key from a treasured door leading to the next level.
– Excellent gameplay which is completely similar to computer
– Well traced graphics
– Huge number of bonuses
– A lot of bonuses: quantity of bombs, acceleration, increase in power of explosion
– Dangerous enemies
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Super Bomber Legend V 1.0

Download Match Fruit V 1.0.1

Here we provide Match Fruit V 1.0.1 for Android 2.3.2++ Easy to play Swipe Fruit match 3 or more Fruit by putting them on the same line!
Get point by erasing Fruit. You can make longer chain of Fruit to get more points!
Fruit link matching How to get 3 stars on every level ?
Before you Match 3 Fruit, find the best match.
It will take time to understand this, but you will learn after playing few levels
Swipe Fruit and Splash them to reach the required score and get the stars
How to play:
– Fruit Match 3 or more identical Fruit
– Swipe three or more same Fruit to score points.
– Archive the target points to level up.
– Eliminate the more Fruit quickly can get extra scores.
– Over 100 well designed levels
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Match Fruit V 1.0.1

Download Princess Makeup Salon V 2.2.132

Here we provide Princess Makeup Salon V 2.2.132 for Android 2.3.2++ Princess Makeup Salon is a Free girls makeup game!
Beautiful Princess is a fashion idol like usual. This time, you are the fashion maker! Dress the girl from head to toe in Fashion Salon!
Princess Makeup Salon features:
☆ Choose a beautiful girl you like
☆ The one-stop girls makeover: shampoo, hair steamer, facial Spa
☆ Cosmetics and decorative items
☆ Dressed well, take photos with colorful backgrounds
It's a totally free game for girls and kids!
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Princess Makeup Salon V 2.2.132

Download Astonishing Comic Reader V 3.151

Here we provide Astonishing Comic Reader V 3.151 for Android 4.1++ Astonishing Comic Reader is a next-gen comic reader full of stunning features! With an elegant and simple interface, this app allows you to browse and read all your comics on your device. Reading a comic has never been so easy, thanks to a simple navigation system and a powerful zoom feature.
Organize all your comics in customizable collections, or use the powerful search feature to find what to read. Use the intelligent suggestions system to quickly fill your collections with related comics, or jump directly to the next issue when you have finished to read one. Synchronize your collections, favorites and statistics with the heroic account, and never lose your data again!
Astonishing Comic Reader is able to generate awesome wallpapers if you're using Muzei app, and have a Cast support, so you can read your comics everywhere, on any screen! Discover Snapshots, an amazing way to store and share all moments parts you …

Download Bubble Shooter V 2.5

Here we provide Bubble Shooter V 2.5 for Android 4.1++ Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!
Another classic bubble match-three game come to Google Play.
Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try to get 3 stars on each level.
How to play:
1.Tap where you want the bubble.
2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.
Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points as bonus.
– Puzzle Mode,use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
– Arcade Mode,clear all the descending bubbles.
– Having 300 different and challenging levels.
– Having sky castle,starry night, and other beautiful scenes.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Bubble Shooter V 2.5

Download Ryan ToysReview Video V 1.0

Here we provide Ryan ToysReview Video V 1.0 for Android 4.0++ Ryan ToysReview (born October 6, 2010 [age 6]), is a child who makes toy review videos like Playdoh, Cars, Trails and more. 1 video is made daily
Ryan is a phenomenal 3 years old cute Kid who loves toys a lot. He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, play doh , Pixar Disney cars , Disney Planes, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure and so much more!
Ryan will also love doing fun and easy science experiments for kids. Which toys they used to give a review that toys they donate to a local child charity for good will.
here with playlist video in applicattion :
– 100+ cars toys GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen kids video Ryan ToysReview
– GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING TRANSFORMER Optimus Prime Batman Imaginext Robot Ryan ToysReview
– GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING TRANSFORMER Optimus Prime Batman Imaginext Robot Ryan ToysReview
– …

Download Leaderboard for FitBit V 1.0.18

Here we provide Leaderboard for FitBit V 1.0.18 for Android 4.0.3++ Do you want to have a more detailed leaderboard than the Fitbit friend leaderboard? Want to see more than just your Fitbit's friends and be part of a global fitness competition?
Start using FitLeaders, a beautiful app for phones and tablets! The app is compatible with all Fitbit devices (Zip, One, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Surge, Blaze, Alta) including the brand new Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2!
With FitLeaders, you can compare your activity with your neighbors, your friends and the world's top users and see how you rank!
3 different leaderboards are displayed, all based on your Fitbit weekly steps :
– Local leaderboard : See who's the fittest in your area!
– Top leaderboard : This is the global leaderboard. How far are you from the best?
– Friend leaderboard : Are you the most trained of your friends?
In addition of these leaderboards, you can view the other users profiles and discover some detailed stats and char…

Download SMA CARE V

Here we provide SMA CARE V for Android 4.4++ Smart Care is an elegant and smart watch collection offering the latest connected features. Used with the Smart Care, it keeps you active, informed and in Style. It tracks your daily activity, monitors your sleep, alerts you to phone notifications, takes distance photos and reminds you of events with a silent alarm.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:SMA CARE V

Download Crime City Fighting:cia raging V 2.2

Here we provide Crime City Fighting:cia raging V 2.2 for Android 2.3.2++ Crime City Fighting:cia raging"Challenge the Kung Fu city. Punch in all enemies, kick out all other city fighters.
It combines sophisticated the features of Action Fighting and Role Playing Game, together have this exciting action fighting game!
Ultimate Fight delivers sweet underground arcade nostalgia to you. Challenge yourself role in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game.A delightful game
Simple one-touch controls
No sophisticated button combinations: all the power is in your finger!
Smooth fighting action
Perform endless combinations of moves and perfect your own best combo – you won’t be able to put it down!
"Crime City Fighting:cia raging"The coolest action game of 2016. You can experience the thrilling sensation with deadly, awesome combos!
Crime City Fighting:cia raging
– Cool special skills!
– Unique rage combo system!
– Realistic fighting sound!
– Easy sliding and touching scre…

Download Digital Soccer V 1.0.2

Here we provide Digital Soccer V 1.0.2 for Android 2.3.4++ Best soccer game of the year from the developers of Football Craft. If you got tired from uncontrollable free kick games Digital Soccer is the game that you are looking for. Digital Soccer offers you realistic soccer simulation physics and soccer kick system. Prepare your soccer player and get ready for the battle with world best soccer teams from 20 major leagues.
Practice with free kick, random shoots and hit target modes. Challenge with tournament, real-time multiplayer and survival modes. Enjoy best 3d soccer game with stunning graphics.
– Full control with digital inputs
– Real-time Multiplayer games with friends
– Real challenge for world best goal
– Online replay system
– 6 Different game modes
– 183 Unique world cup tournament stages
– Ability to customize and develop your soccer player
– Online leaderboards and 20+ achievements
– Super slow motion effects
– More curved goals gets more points.
– Goal gets more poin…

Download Table Football, Soccer 3D V 1.12

Here we provide Table Football, Soccer 3D V 1.12 for Android 2.3.2++ Table Football, Table Soccer, 3D. Now you can carry a whole retro table football game around in the pocket of your jeans and play any time.
Keep fit, play sport, well at least it will keep your fingers fit as you sit there on the sofa pitching your two favorite teams in battle.
Choose your favourite soccer teams :- Manchester United, Bayern Munic, Liverpool, etc Select your football strip, shirt, shorts, then pull on your black leather boots and do battle on the pitch with our soccer-tastic 3D football table.
Play in the league, choose your colors and name your own teams. Play 7 games, see if you can be league champions and take home the cup. Initial team names includes Liverpool, Real Madrid, Brazil, Chelsea ,etc. but you can rename them to anything you like.
Spin the players as fast as you can and the enjoy realistic real life physics action, its even possible to chip the ball over the goalies head to score that wor…

Download Sua Música V 1.6.3

Here we provide Sua Música V 1.6.3 for Android 4.0.3++ Com o App do Sua Música agora você pode ouvir e baixar música dos melhores artistas e bandas independentes do Brasil em qualquer lugar.
Fique ligado nos seus artistas favoritos do Forró, Sertanejo, Axé, Gospel, Funk e muito mais. Agora ficou muito mais fácil de usar a melhor plataforma de música independente do Brasil.
São fotos, músicas, playlists e tudo que você sempre sonhou para estar ainda mais conectado com seus ídolos da música nacional.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Sua Música V 1.6.3

Download Speed Boat Racing Tournament V 1.1

Here we provide Speed Boat Racing Tournament V 1.1 for Android 3.0++ Join the motor boat racing! Take the challenge and ride powerful hydroplane boat across the sea spaces! Be ready for ultimate water rush and feel the sea breeze upon your face! Jump, whirl and raise your speed and riding skills with Speed Boat Racing Tournament game in 3D!
Feel yourself like a real boat racer! Choose the motor boat, earn coins and improve it or buy a new one! Jump over obstacles, try different springboards to achieve more bonus points and come first to win this boat race!
Try different game modes – become a champion at Tournament mode or do your best playing freeride mode! Control the speed of your boat to avoid accidents and collect stars to get more coins. Use all of your riding skill to become a best racer! Unleash your racing potential with Speed Boat Racing Tournament 3D – amazing hydroplane boat simulator for all racing games’ lovers!
Be ready for great water racing experience! Explore the treks …