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Download Wiz Khalifa's Hemp Farm 2.3.5 Apk Apk

Crashing on startup. Loading screen and nothing else. Here we provide Wiz Khalifa's Hemp Farm Apk Dowmload To be the greatest, you gotta learn from the greatest. In the post-prohibition green frontier, elevated entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa shows you how to plant, grow, and harvest the finest herb on earth in this epic new game.

Follow in Wiz Khalifa’s footsteps as you grow your own empire from the ground up.

- Tap to plant and grow quality strains for your clients
- Swipe to get your plant to market and get your paper up
- Invest your profits to expand your grow operation
- Boost your harvest with hydroponics and LED grow lights
- Find friends on Facebook and grow the best buds with your best buds
- Level up to unlock accessories and rare mystery strains

Please note that Wiz Khalifa’s Hemp Farm is free to download and play. Some in-game items are available for purchase using real money.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: Wiz K…

Download 아이러브니키 for kakao 2.0.0 Apk Apk

I bought a 155gems hair but.. it looked werid in my character.. And you make a update where you can see yourself wearing it? And if they like it they can buy it without being sad or angry that they bought it. Here we provide 아이러브니키 for kakao Apk Dowmload ■ 6/28(목) 업데이트 소식 ■

★ 여정 19챕터 오픈
여정 19챕터 '동 트는 여명의 전쟁' 오픈!
새로운 챕터와 함께 추가되는 다양한 신규 의상 세트를 만나보라옹!

★ 풍림화산 이벤트 _ 6/28(목) ~ 7/15(일)
아샤 왕국의 운명을 좌우할 전장의 소용돌이
#풍 #림 #화 #산 그리고 #천하태평까지! 지금 만나보라냥♥

★ 2주년 접속 보상 이벤트 _ 7/5(목)
아이러브니키의 2번째 생일을 맞아 7월 5일(목) 접속해주신
모든 스타일리스트님께 푸짐한 접속 보상을 드린다냥! 꼭 접속해달라옹!

★ 휴면유저 초대 이벤트 _ 6/28(목) ~ 7/15(일)
잠시 아이러브니키를 쉬고 계신 스타일리스트님들을 초대하여 복귀 성공 시 푸짐한 보상이 기다린다냥♥

■■ 게임 특징 ■■

1. 당신의 로망을 채워줄 수천 가지 의상

허전한 나의 옷장을 채워줄 6천여 종의 의상, 헤어, 구두, 액세서리, 메이크업~
데일리룩, 스포티룩, 보헤미안룩, 보이시룩, 판타지룩 등 세상의 모든 스타일을 지금 바로 GET !

2. 니키, 스타일로 논다!

미션에 맞는 당신의 스타일을 보여주세요!
오늘 저녁 데이트는 러블리하게 , 내일 면접은 오피스룩 ~ 불금 밴드 공연은 섹시한 펑크룩을 !
매일매일 드레스 UP ! 레벨 UP !

3. 의상 제작으로 수집하는 나만의 인생템

채우고 채워도 채워지지 않는 옷 욕심?
옷장 속 잠든 옷을 다양한 패턴으로…

Download Solution Equation Calculator Apk Apk

The solution equation calculator is a tool that can solve various equations, covering all the equations of primary school, junior high school, high school, and partial equations of university.
The following equations are currently supported:
1. One-dimensional equation
2. One-dimensional quadratic equation
3. One-dimensional high order equation
4. Binary equations
5. Ternary equations
6. Multivariable equations
7. One-time inequality
8. Unary quadratic inequality
9. Unary high inequalities
10. Multiple inequalities
11. Fractional equation
12. With imaginary equation
13. The exponential equation
14. Inverse function solving
15. Simplification of Expressions
16 limit solution
17. function drawing

Download Address: Solution Equation Calculator Apk

Download PDF convert Word, Picture, Excel, PPT Apk Apk

Easily convert PDF into Word, image, Excel, PPT, html and many other formats. The Foxit PDF reader core adopts Fushun Fengteng PDF electronic document processing technology, which has stable performance and fast running speed. It can edit, compress, encrypt, merge, annotate, edit and sign PDF functions. The powerful cloud document can be stored. PDF, mobile phone at any time to open the PDF on the office computer, interested you quickly installed it!

Feature highlights:

[Powerful reading function]

Supports Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, and Image Browsing

Text Rearrangement Improves Reading Efficiency

Automatic voice reading, lazy essential

PDF to your mobile desktop, one click to open the browser

[PDF editing function]

PDF and word, picture, Excel, PPT, html convert each other, unlimited usage

PDF new, PDF compression, PDF encryption, PDF merge

Annotate PDFs, add stamps, digital signatures, encryption, etc.

Support PDF form editing and generate QR code

[Easy to manage documents]

Mobile phones, tablets, c…

Download APlayer music player Apk

1. Recently added

Add "Recently added" to the second position of the slide menu to make it easier for you to find recently added songs. Here are the songs added in the most recent week.

2. Theme switching and night mode

A total of nine carefully selected colors are provided as theme colors, or you can switch to night mode

3. Convenient timing stop

Timed stop time is set to default by one button. The next time you click the “Timed stop” button, it will start timing directly. (If you want to change the time, click the button to enter reset or close when you start timing.)

4. Record mood

Slide left in the playback interface, we have prepared a note for you. There are always some songs that remind us of some people and things. At this point you can open the player and record it directly. At the same time, you can also share the circle of friends with your poster.

Download Address: APlayer music player

Download DEAD 2048 Tower Defense [Paid] Premium [No Ads] Apk

In 2048, the entire world has been controlled by zombies. Players are responsible for saving humanity in zombie waves. This game innovation combines a 2048 puzzle puzzle pattern with a tower defense mechanism. Through the establishment of a tower, a biological laboratory is eventually established to save the world. Survival is the core factor in this game!

Game method:
1) Slide the block (slant up, down, left, right) to move the tower. Connect two towers of the same level to synthesize a more advanced tower.
2) Build a taller tower along the fence road to defend against zombie waves.
3) Wisely overcome challenges by upgrading and using props.
4) When the 131072 Defense Tower (Biology Lab) is successfully built, the player wins!

Are you a player like this?
1) 2048 free game loyal fans
2) Loyal fans of the tower defense game
3) Zombie game powder
4) Tired of the same type of free games
5) Looking for a new gaming experience
6) Enjoy the final victory in the game
7) Only select boutique games
8) Want …

Download Truck Simulator 2017 2.0.0 Apk Apk

Good and very smooth graphics. Just the gameplay that's atrocious. The roads are too narrow that everytime you make a turn, you get stuck. You have to use the incoming lane to make turn otherwise if that lane had oncoming traffic then you'll get stuck and somehow lose. Also, the menu selections are too tiny. Add steering sensitivity adjustment. Here we provide Truck Simulator 2017 Apk Dowmload Truck Simulator
Brand New Game from Producers of City Driving and Traffic Driver.
The game delivers an unparalleled driving experience which has put it in the spot of the most popular Euro Truck Simulator.

Completely realistic missions and Truck driving experience are waiting for you.

Build your own company and increase your revenue. Become the King of the road by playing Truck Simulator.


- 4 European and 4 American truck brands
- Detailed interiors
- Realistic truck driving
- Realistic traffic system
- 50+ Challenging level
- Drive …

Download Shop Heroes: RPG Tycoon 1.1.36015 Apk Apk

Since the update I'm unable to log into the game. It's very frustrating. Here we provide Shop Heroes: RPG Tycoon Apk Dowmload Craft legendary items, gear up your heroes for epic quests, and fight for the top of the PvP leaderboard in the original smash hit shop sim, city builder, and RPG: Shop Heroes!

Grow your simple shop into a vast empire!
Don’t be an idle miner - Become a medieval fantasy tycoon by crafting, selling, and trading items with other players. Recruit a team of RPG heroes to do your bidding and equip them with your finest weapons and armor. Work together with other player merchants to build the greatest City in all civilization. All of this and more awaits you - join the millions of players that have made Shop Heroes their second home.

◆ DESIGN your dream item shop with beautiful interior decorations
◆ DRESS UP your shopkeeper avatar in stylish outfits
◆ CRAFT powerful items to sell to adventurers and players alike

Download My Oasis - Tap Sky Island 1.221 Apk Apk

Its an okay game. I dislike that ur acheivements never stay... You are \nconstantly reclaiming something you've already done.. Guess I should \ndisable googleplay as its pointless i doubt it really saves my game data if \nit cant keep acheivements. It never doubles ur hearts from the ads so whats \nthe point in watching the ads. If they fixed those things id definitely \nenjoy it more. but ill just prolly look for a similar game and delete Here we provide My Oasis - Tap Sky Island Apk Dowmload Taking a break can be difficult when there are so many things to do, and you have so little time to spend for yourself. My Oasis is a game app created for people who need a break from life.

My Oasis does not focus solely on the gameplay and it contains no content that can stress you out. Let your Oasis gradually expand while you interact with the surrounding life in a relaxing atmosphere. It will calm your mind before you know it.

How to play
- Tap the screen to upgrade your oasis.
- As your oas…

Download 4 картинки 1 слово 1.7 Apk Apk

Here we provide 4 картинки 1 слово Apk Dowmload Простые правила:
Как только игра начнется, вы увидите 4 фото и буквы. Найдите общее между фото - это и есть загаданное слово. Введите его, используя доступные символы. Для более интересной игры мы закрыли 3 фотки, вы их сможете открыть, но за каждую не открытую картинку вы будете получать бонусы.
Если возникнут трудности - воспользуйтесь подсказками!

У нас Вы найдете:
-Увлекательную игру;
-Красивый и удобный интерфейс;
-Ежедневные бонусы;
-Приятные цитаты после каждой победы;
-Вопросы разной сложности;
-Игру для всей семьи!
-Бесплатная игра!
-Регулярное пополнение уровней!
-Поиск слов
-Оптимизировано под телефонов и планшеты.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: 4 картинки 1 слово 1.7 Apk

Download Planet Commander 1.19.12 Apk Apk

I would give 5 star again if you put back the same price of the ships.. Its \nover priced right now. All the ships are over priced Here we provide Planet Commander Apk Dowmload In PLANET COMMANDER , you are the captain of an interstellar spaceship. Your galactic fleet starts out with a small cruiser, but as your space base develops, you’ll get to control battleships and even supermassive space cruisers!
Start with a small spaceship, but as your base grows and develops, you’ll graduate to commanding huge battleships and super-heavy spaceships. Battle in a galaxy on fire online with real opponents in the multiplayer Space Wars game mode, and develop your space fleet.


6 classes of spaceships and galactic starships!
Several classes of spaceship, from light frigates to supermassive cruisers!

Leagues and Leaderboards!
Players are divided into different leagues from bronze to diamond, depending on their level and skills!

Galactic team battle!
Space invaders! Fight side by side …

Download Period Calendar 1.1.9 Apk Apk

Needed to track because of early signs of menopause, not fertility. This \nwork just fine: easy to use, easy to read. I really like the comments \nfeature and that you can switch the vote to just reads over your comments \nto look for patterns. It's a tiny bit weird that I have to see the \nfertility options, but it doesn't bother me. I can imagine, however if you \nhad struggled with fertility how it might be nice to \"mute\" them. Here we provide Period Calendar Apk Dowmload PERIOD TRACKER:
- period tracker
- expected period calculator
- average period calculator
- monthly periods chart
- periods notifications
- notes tracker

- menstrual cycle tracker
- average menstrual cycle calculator
- menstrual cycle charts

- ovulation calculator
- fertility calculator
- intimacy tracker and charts
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: Period Calendar 1.1.9 Apk

Download Dario - Diabetes Management Apk Apk

It seems like a neat product and app, but I've only used it for about 24 \nhours. I've had T1D for 39 years and use an insulin pump, so the accuracy \nof my meter is VERY important to me. The first time I used the Dario, my \nglucose was 477 (I KNOW!) so I immediately rechecked it. It was 534 the \nsecond time. I understand that the higher your venous glucose is, the less \naccurate glucose meters become, but I'll have to wait until I can use the \nDario at the same time a venous glucose is drawn to really have a true \npicture. My other concern is that I'm going to lose the tiny piece that is \nthe actual meter, or that all the plugging and unplugging into the \nheadphone jack of my phone might wear the jack out more quickly, or what \nwill I do if my phone battery dies, but those are my issues...not those of \nthe Dario system! Other than the above mentioned questions, the system, in \ngeneral, seems quite nice and I would recommend it! I'll update my review \naf…

Download Canguru: Comunidade e Orientação para Grávidas 5.0.3 Apk Apk

Very usefull Here we provide Canguru: Comunidade e Orientação para Grávidas Apk Dowmload Canguru te acompanha na jornada mais importante de sua vida!

Depois do parto, não nasce apenas um filho. Com o nascimento do bebê, nasce também uma nova mamãe e um novo papai.

O Canguru é o app que vai acompanhar os futuros papais e mamães em toda a evolução do bebê! Estaremos aqui desde os primeiros sintomas, ao teste de gravidez positivo e hora do parto!

Atenção futuras mamães!

O Canguru é seu amigo durante essa fase linda que é virar uma mamãe. Somos o primeiro e mais completo aplicativo para acompanhar o pré-natal.
Estamos juntos desde os primeiros sintomas, evolução do bebê, primeira contração, ao pensar em nomes de bebê, no nascimento do bebê, escolha de maternidade até a hora do parto!

Portal de conteúdo

Estaremos aqui na hora de decidir como vai dar a luz, ao pensar em nomes de bebê, e na última contração antes do nascimento do bebê.
Sintomas de gravidez, enjoo, pré-natal, peso do bebê na gest…

Download PlayStation App 18.06.0 Apk Apk

Can't connect to server. Not my phone's issue but the app is broken. Here we provide PlayStation App Apk Dowmload CONNECT TO PLAYERS AND GAMES

Take your PlayStation experience with you wherever you go! Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, see who's online, and discover the latest titles on PlayStation Store.

With PlayStation App, you can:
• See which of your friends are online and what they're playing.
• Receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations.
• Customize your profile.
• View progress and compare trophies.
• Keep up with the latest activities from your friends and profiles you're following.
• Get games and add-ons at PlayStation Store, and push them to your PS4 so they're ready when you get home.

A Sony Entertainment Network account is required to use this app.
A PS4 is required to use some of this app's features.
Use of this app is governed by the license agreement at the following URL: (…

Download BookMyShow Entertainment 5.4.8 Apk Apk

Havw been using this app for over a year. So it saddens me to state what \nhappened today - I tried to book 3 tickets to a movie TWICE and both the \ntimes the amount got deducted from my bank account. However, both the times \n- my ticket wasn't booked. I uave no intimation as to how to proceed. And \nI'm not even sure whether I should even try and book tickets one more time. \nYour email response has been very brief and unexplanatory. 3000 bucks isn't \na paltry sum and I'd genuinely expect someone to take a look into this! :/ \nFor now you manage to barely scrape a star out of this review. :/ Here we provide BookMyShow Entertainment Apk Dowmload With BookMyShow's application you can now book tickets for movies, plays, concerts, sports and many other events happening in your city. You can book and buy movie tickets online. Our app also lets you check movie show timings, theatre lists, read reviews & news.

Most of the renowned cinemas in the country like PVR Ci…

Download MTV Play 4.5 Apk Apk

En propagandas hablan de poder ver capitulo estreno un dia antes, y cuando \nse intenta ver, no permite la app. Adicional, a veces toca esperar un dia \ndespues del estreno para poder ver dicho capitulo. Definitivamente deberian \nhacer algo, y colocar a su vez la serie de awkward Here we provide MTV Play Apk Dowmload Watch a selection of your favorite MTV shows on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere!

**Content offering and features may vary by market**

MTV Play brings you a selection of your favorite MTV shows anytime, anywhere. Just open up the app and start enjoying shows such as:

• Awkward
• Catfish
• Teen Mom
• Geordie Shore
• Ex On The Beach
• Ridiculousness
• Clips
• Charts
• Exclusive Videos and more!

Check out what's on MTV right now through MTV Play’s live streaming option. Enjoy a selection of your favorite MTV channels streaming 24 hours a day! **Only available in select markets**

Don’t leave your friends outside! Share, post, email or messa…

Download Mobile@Work Apk Apk

This app works much better than i expected! The email module I like better \nthan any other email app on Android! Haven't had a chance to use docs yet. \nBut everything else I'm really impressed with. Only issues I had was during \nsetup, which might have been unique to my company. This app has improved my \nwork/ home life balance Here we provide Mobile@Work Apk Dowmload MobileIron's Mobile@Work securely connects your Android device to your company network so that you can easily access email and other work resources.

Best Technology
☆ Purpose-built for Mobile IT with millions of users globally
☆ Complete separation of corporate and personal data
☆ 500+ of Global 2000 customers
☆ More than 97% customer support satisfaction rate

With just a few quick steps, Mobile@Work makes getting access to corporate resources easy on your Android device:

► PRIVACY: Visual Privacy capabilities provide transparency to employees by allowing them to view exactly which data their company can see and…

Download Roll the Ball®: slide puzzle 2 1.2.27 Apk Apk

Why are there not any achievements? It is a nice game with the correct \nnumber of levels, not few, not too many Here we provide Roll the Ball®: slide puzzle 2 Apk Dowmload Roll The Ball: slide puzzle 2 is a simple addictive unblock puzzle game, it makes you keep playing for FREE!

Do you like the game genres as below? Great! Roll the Ball 2 has all the elements. ;)
Family Puzzle Games, Enjoy the game with you family.
Maze Puzzles, Find the exit!
Sliding Puzzles, Just move and move!
Puzzle Games, Thought-provoking fun.
Brain Teasers, Test yourself. Exercise your brain.
Escape Games, Can you get out? Let's go.
Hidden Object Games, Find the hidden path.
Physics Puzzler, Physics-based gaming.
Match-3 Puzzle, Easy to learn but hard to master.
Retro Games, Revisit the classics
Exam Prep & Tutoring, Practice makes perfect. Train you brain to active mind.

• MOVE the balls with your finger.
• BUILD the path for moving the ball to the red GOAL.
• USE the SPECIAL tiles.

Download Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics 1.0.35 Apk Apk

Its the best game I ever played about WW2. However, I stopped playing it as \nI realized the Soviet Union (USSR) always manages to afford bombers and \ncreate a large army at the first few turns, in both the European and the \nAsian theater, making it very difficult to complete objectives that include \nthis country. Its unfair and stressful to play the game and see all this \nred already conquer a third of the continent, with a ridiculously large \narmy and air force. Here we provide Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics Apk Dowmload
Sandbox is the unlimited sequel to our Strategy & Tactics: World War II. We've abandoned historical restrictions and turn limits making your task deceptively simple - take command of any European army and lead it to victory in World War 2.

You can recreate the actual politics of the era - or not. For instance, as Great Britain you could side with the USSR to crush Germany - or you could disable the historical alliances and lead America to conquer Europe…

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE 1.9.0 Apk Apk

It's a great game... When I get to play it. But there are so many stupid ads that it completely ruins the game. I totally get that I have to watch ads to not have to pay for it. But having to watch an ad between every level and then another one if I have to restart the level is ridiculous. I spent majority of my time just waiting for the ads to go away. Uninstalling Here we provide Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE Apk Dowmload Experiment to feed Om Nom candy! Cut the rope like never before. Everything you love and new gameplay! 200 levels and more to come!

Eager to learn more about Om Nom's adventures? Watch "Om Nom Stories" cartoons and other amazing videos on our YouTube channel!

The little green monster Om Nom is back and hungrier than ever! Team up with the Professor, a mad (but not bad!) scientist determined to study Om Nom’s candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments. Use suction cups and other funny devices to collect shiny gold stars…

Download Paradise City: Island Sim Bay 1.7.7 Apk Apk

This game is a lot of fun. I really enjoy playing it. The game recently was \nupdated and since then I'm only earning 2 golds a day. I don't mind earning \ngold by watching videos. Here we provide Paradise City: Island Sim Bay Apk Dowmload Design your own dream city on this exotic and tropic island paradise!
Looking for a highly addictive city building game with awesome graphics on a tropical paradise island? The Paradise City Island Sim game is the best tropic escape for you! Your goal is to build a beautiful megapolis on this paridise island, just starting with some farm land on an exotic island bay. Build it your way, starting with a little village, adding lots of resorts and buildings and grow your own city island!
The Paradise City Island Sim building game is a free city builder that makes you feel like a mayor of a big city or the resort owner on an island paridise. This game is playable offline and online so you can always play this amazing resort tycoon game with a tropi…

Download Idle Century City - Clicker Miner Tycoon 1.74 Apk Apk

Great way to pass the time Here we provide Idle Century City - Clicker Miner Tycoon Apk Dowmload Join the other 10,000,000 people in this top rated idle Century City - Cliker Miner Tycoon!

Mine the fortune low underground and build the greatest city of the century.

Get hooked on the adventure with your quirky little miner buddies. Tap to mine for gold, and watch as the money keeps piling up. Slowly build up your city with all kinds of different buildings from homes, schools, banks to parks and markets. Watch as your city is funding itself, bringing you the ridiculous billions upon billions of money. Go see your tycoon unfold before your eyes.


* EASY TO PLAY - Tap or Hold to keep digging. Watch passively as the gold in the mine keeps flying up to your bank account making you billions of bucks. Use the "Auto Mining" tool to dig automatically at high-speed, and sit idly as all that cash keeps stac…

Download Truck Simulator Drive 2018 1.3 Apk Apk

This game is very nice.for me it's very enjoy Here we provide Truck Simulator Drive 2018 Apk Dowmload Do you like trucks? Then this game is for you!

✓ Multiplayer mode
✓ Single mode
✓ Realistic TIR physics
✓ Real truck model
✓ Controlled by Steering, Button or Sensor
✓ Different camera angles
✓ Forward-Reverse
✓ Easy controls
✓ And more ...

Convoy with your friends. Experience the experience of driving in a realistic city experience.

Truck Simulator 2018 Free Download Now!

You can contact us for your questions and comments.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: Truck Simulator Drive 2018 1.3 Apk

Download Adobe Premiere Clip Apk Apk

I can't figure out if I can really add two layer of sounds/music.It has \nminimal feature.The only thing that I liked about this was the video \nquality(clearness).But I hope someone will reply about my concern. Here we provide Adobe Premiere Clip Apk Dowmload Premiere Clip is a free video editor that makes it fast and fun to create quality videos that can be easily shared - or easily opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for extra polish.

“A gateway into the full feature set and power behind Premiere Pro.” – Melissa Stoneburner,

Simply choose a soundtrack and select the pace — Clip artfully sets your images to the beat of the music. Your video is immediately shareable, or you can move into the Freeform editor to customize further with powerful editing features.

Drag and drop clips and photos in the order that you like, trim out the parts you don’t want, and add visual polish with lighting adjustments, transitions, and slow motion …

Download Downloader for Tumblr 2.6 Apk Apk

After the latest update, it don't work properly as usual, it download speed \ntoo slow and not as usual, my internet connection is okay so I guess it the \napp problem. It happen after I update it to the latest version Here we provide Downloader for Tumblr Apk Dowmload Tumbload lets you download photos/videos from Tumblr quickly and easily. Any media on tumblr can be download by share link. Just browse to any media (photo or video) in tumblr app, and then tap share, select Tumbload app from the list of apps. Tumbload will now load the media and you can easily download it to your phone and watch it offline.

Multiple media from Tumblr
If a post on Tumblr is having multiple pictures or videos, then you will be able to select the media on Tumbload and then download one or all with a single tap.

The media is saved in your root path in folder ’Tumbload’

For any bug issues or updates, please email us:
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment …

Download Wireless Display 1.9.4 Apk Apk

Worked until the new update on my samsung s8. :( Here we provide Wireless Display Apk Dowmload IF IT DOES NOT WORK ON YOUR DEVICE, PLEASE DO NOT RATE
It is not supposed to work on every device. If it does not work, please report (with message ) here :

The Samsung J1/J3/J5/J7 can not support mirroring.But, It can work with Chromecast .

Why the mobile can't connect TV/HDMI/MHL Dongle after upgrading to Android ?
Android 4.4.X/5.0 did improve Wifi Display program to comply with Miracast certification, The mobile may have problem with those "old" TV/Dongle . You can try to upgrade the TV/Dongle firmware to the newest version to fix the issue . Or , you need downgrade your mobile below to Android 4.4.X .

What is new HDCP issue patch -
1. Fix Samsung S3/S4/S5 (with HDCP) devices mirror to TV / dongle (without HDCP) black screen problem
2. Two independ HDCP patchs , to enable and re-start mirror
3. Mobile need ROOTED , but need NOT update ROM

You can check the Pro ver…

Download Earn to Die 3 Unlocked [Paid] Apk

Upgrade the cars and drive them through the hordes of zombies at the maximum to drive the best deadly game yet!
Zombie Revelation is more dangerous than ever. Zombies are smarter and will do anything that needs to chase you down. Unlock the car and upgrade to the ultimate zombie pod machine as you try to push the zombie out of the enlightenment.

All new cars!
Discover abandoned cars and upgrade to zombie machines. New cars, trucks, sports cars and even a drag racing wait. Do not forget to level them to unlock the spiked frame and roof mounted gun! These zombies don't know what happened to hit them!

All new locations
Use maps to unlock all new post-apocalyptic locations, including rundown cities, an abandoned icy outpost, a shady marshes, and more. Each location introduces crazy new zombies, and obstacles to the new environment, by smashing your way!

All locations are now endless. How much will you be able to drive?

Zombies have become smarter! Escape a missile …

Download Archery Master 3D coins 99999 [Paid] Apk

Archery Master 3D is a bow and arrow competitive game. In the game you are an archer, and now the target is in front of you. You need to aim at the target to shoot the bow. It sounds simple, but the game is very difficult, both in terms of control and gameplay. Players can also choose different opponents to start the game and demonstrate your archery skills. The number of gold coins in the game is 99999999, and quickly download the experience!

Download Address: Archery Master 3D coins 99999 [Paid]

Download Escape From The Hospital 1.8 Apk Apk

I personally think this game sucked and it was boring i didn't understand \nhow to play it it was problably worse than the that creepy chucky cheese \nguy that lil kids are scared of and thats SAYING SOMETHING and this isnt \neven an opinion anymore bc its true and i can prove it and they call this a \n\"GOOD GAME\" Here we provide Escape From The Hospital Apk Dowmload *** Now available - Escape From The North Pole - Your better watch out, you better not cry! Can you survive? ***

Get ready for a zombie horror experience you won’t soon forget!

After leaving your job at The Asylum, you have found work as a security guard at The Hospital. The patients here are far less creepy than the ones at The Asylum....or so you thought!

A zombie apocalypse has broken out right in the middle of your shift! You need to leave before the zombies find you, but first you must find the objects hidden around the hospital. Use the security cameras to locate the missing objects, but be quick as you…

Download フルボッコヒーローズ 4.2.2 Apk Apk

It needs to be translated to english Here we provide フルボッコヒーローズ Apk Dowmload ▽▼新规ダウンロードキャンペーン中!!▽▼













「贵方」が 『英雄になる物语』


Download Age of 2048: Civilization City Building (Puzzle) 1.4.0 Apk Apk

I have played this game for months and love it. However I only gave it 4 out of 5 because it is way too easy to accidentally reset your civilization. There needs to be some kind of fail safe asking if you are sure you want to reset the current civilization. I've had a couple of times where I was almost done and I accidentally reset it when closing the game. Please fix it!!!! Here we provide Age of 2048: Civilization City Building (Puzzle) Apk Dowmload Merge the same blocks to build great Civilizations!
With a simple slide you can go through the history and experience great historical moments.
Experience a new feeling while building a city through different eras in the puzzle game Age of 2048.

▼ Simple gameplay and exciting challenges
* Swipe blocks to merge them in advanced buildings
* Build a Wonder to develop your Civilization!
* Travel through multiple Civilizations from the Stone Age to the Space age!!

▼ Make strategic moves using various items
* Recover from your mistakes using Undo…

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It was the best game ever I have this on my iPad is amazing Here we provide Dot to Dot : Connect the Dots Apk Dowmload Dot to dot - Connect the Dots is great puzzle game from the creators of very popular app "ColorMe - Coloring book free". Start connecting dots and create unique pictures! You can enjoy pictures of animals, sports, famous art, places and many more. Dot to dot for adults helps you to feel better and relax. You can easily start connecting dots without any internet connection.


- Dot to dot contains over 200 pictures to connect in the theme of animals, vehicles, famous places, art and many others. More coming soon.
- Connect pictures of your favorite animal such as lion, elephant, shark, or simply visit places like Paris, Italy, New York.
- Pictures have got from 300 to 1000 dots.
- Dot to dot is also designed for toddlers and kids. Both boys and girls will find the right picture.
- Share connected pictures with friends and family on Instagram, Facebook and…

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It is cool but the car will not stop on point in less u pull the emeace \nbreak and too many adds but overall please get the game Here we provide Amazing Taxi Sim 2017 V3 Apk Dowmload Taxi driving gets more exciting with this all new game. The passengers are waiting, HURRY UP!

Over 4.5 Million Downloads!

Different from conventional classical games, with high quality graphics and physics closest to reality, we guarantee you will experience the car experience to the end!

* IMPOSSIBLE MISSIONS IN CAREER MODE! - You need to work a lot in order to complete these missions! And a fast car also!

Features of Amazing Taxi Sim 2017 V3

- REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER - anyone all over the world!
- Tuning System
- Ultra realistic graphics.
- Detailed maps
- Special missions and challenges
- Realistic car physics.
- Unlimited customers.
- Too many types of cars.
- Real engine sounds
- Online Leaderboards and Achievements
- Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
- Free Ride mode
- Regular content updates
- Diffe…