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Download Domino Gaple : Online(Pulsa) V1.5.7.0 Apk

So far so good.. Nice job... !!! Here we provide Domino Gaple : Online(Pulsa) V for Android 2.3.2++ Domino Gaple online- Game Domino lokal Indonesia yg paling populer, Puluhan ribu pemain online bareng, Cara main simpel, penuh dengan tantangan, interaksi teman, Saling adu kartu di meja, Banyak pilihan Kegiatan betbonus Pahala, Pulsa dan hadiah lainnya menunggu Anda dapatkan!

Andalan Game:

1. Login cepat dan GRATIS, Data Game sell tersimpan

2.Undang teman FB, Main dan berteman sekaligus

3.Bonus gratis setup harinya

4.VIP spesial, nikmati Akun yg spesial

5.Hadiah yang cute dan emoticon yg menarik, datangkan Hoki Anda

6.Tampilan Game yg halus dan jernih,bernuasa Profesional

Email CS:
KlubFans FB:
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: Domino Gaple : Online(Pulsa) V1.5.7.0

Download Solitaire V3.6 Apk

Does what you need to, can't ask for more than that. Ads can be annoying but in today's world the cost of doing business I guess. Here we provide Solitaire V 3.6 for Android 3.0++ Klondike Solitaire is a Funny Card Game on Android.

Just move cards with a single tap or drag them to the destination. You can make full use of your brain to complete the classic game. If you like card game, Our Klondike Solitaire will give you endless fun. And the most important thing is that it is a single player card game and availble for Free!

Although it is a very classic game, we can do better. Don't you believe it? Now,let me show you our Klondike Solitaire!!!


♦More Card Backs and Game Backgrounds
♦Customize the background image
♦Draw 1 card or 3cards
♦Random Deal or Winning Deal
♦Portrait/landscape,Follow your hobbies
♦Statistics show your achievements
♦Time/Moves show your progress
♦Standard Scoring Rules
♦Autocomplete the game
♦Unlimited Undos
♦Unlimited Hints
♦Tap or Drag cards

With So ma…

Download PokerStars Poker: Texas Holdem V1.90.3 Apk

Expect to all-in every hand. Also expect to pay out the ass to play. Here we provide PokerStars Poker: Texas Holdem V 1.90.3 for Android 4.0++ ** REAL MONEY MOBILE APPS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY **

This is a free-to-play app with classic tournaments and ring games
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: PokerStars Poker: Texas Holdem V1.90.3

Download Humayun Ahmed All Books & Life V5.0 Apk

Not so good and not so bad Here we provide Humayun Ahmed All Books & Life V 5.0 for Android 4.0++ No more sign up,
No more searching,
All books in one place,
Just click and read.

Also found Humayun Ahmed biography.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: Humayun Ahmed All Books & Life V5.0

Download Jutella - страшные истории в чатах V2.2.2 Apk

Очень приятное взгляду приложение 😃 Here we provide Jutella - страшные истории в чатах V 2.2.2 for Android 4.1++ Джутелла – это ТЫСЯЧИ невероятных ИСТОРИЙ В ФОРМАТЕ ЧАТА. Прочитай переписку героев и узнай, как сильно они любят, насколько жестокими и беспощадными бывают и какой страх и ужас могут вынести.

И все это великолепие АБСОЛЮТНО БЕСПЛАТНО! Никаких временных ограничений. Читай сколько хочешь и когда хочешь!

★ Ежедневные пополнения (+10 историй каждый день).
★ Текстовые квесты (меняй ход истории).
★ 3D истории (истории, в которые можно играть).
★ Сюжетные карманы (дополнения, тайны, альтернативные финалы).
★ Рейтинг авторов (стань лучшим автором приложения).
★ Оффлайн режим (читай без интернета).
★ Оригинальный формат (истории в виде переписки).
★ Кабинет автора (пиши свои истории и их прочтут тысячи).
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: Jutella - страшные истории в чатах V2.2.2

Download Munajat Ahlul Bait V7.0.1 Apk

Terus sempurna kan... Here we provide Munajat Ahlul Bait V 7.0.1 for Android 2.3.2++ This app contains collection of duas, munajaat and ziaraat for lovers of Ahlul Bait as; such as Dua Kumail, Dua Tawassul, Jawshan Kabeer, etc...
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: Munajat Ahlul Bait V7.0.1

Download Rally Manager Handheld Free V1.0.21 Apk

This is just rally cross except in all gravel or asphalt and no joker laps if you would like to know rallying is a sprint race and whoever gets the fastest time is the winner of the stage Here we provide Rally Manager Handheld Free V 1.0.21 for Android 2.3.2++ Take your team to the victory of the Rally Championship divided into 32 stages. The stages run through different surfaces in asphalt, land and snow rallies.

Lead your team and hire engineers, pilots and co-drivers. It improves the headquarters and the factories of development of all the components of the vehicle (Engineering, aerodynamics, mechanics, I + D).

Make contracts with sponsors to receive rewards for each race.

Make improvements to your car (aerodynamics, engine, suspension, brakes, exhaust, tires, transmission)

Unlock special I + D improvements by developing headquarters and hiring the chief engineer.

You will have 14 different types of tires for the stages: Six of Earth from hard to super soft. Six asphalt and two snow (sn…

Download Moto Racing Manager GP V2.6 Apk

The game isn't helping me enough when it comes to trying to find a proper setup for the bike. Sometimes I feel helpless while playing. I try many different settings but all fail which make feel a bit frustrated. But other than that the game is well made and accurate to real life Here we provide Moto Racing Manager GP V 2.6 for Android 4.0.3++ Manage the ultimate GP moto racing team and win grand prix and world championship.

Hire the best GP moto racers and GP racing motorbikes in the world and get the best sponsor deals.

Improve the motorbike setting and tyre strategy throughout the grand prix weekend, set the fastest lap in qualifying and try to finish the race day as high as possible with the ultimate racing strategy.

Moto Racing Manager GP offers you the chance to test your abilities as a racing team manager and guide a world championship set-up to glory.

This is a manager-strategy game, not a racing game. It is a free version with ads.
if there is any problem please let us know. W…

Download لعبة إحزر لمن هذه الأغنية ! أغاني عربية V3.2.2dk Apk

Here we provide لعبة إحزر لمن هذه الأغنية ! أغاني عربية V 3.2.2dk for Android 4.0.3++ احزر لمن هذه الأغنية أكبر لعبة الموسيقى في العالم العربي.
في هذه اللعبة سنعرض لك في كل مرحلة كلمات من أغنية عربية و انت عزيزي عليك ان تخمّن من صاحب هذه الأغنية !
تحدى أصدقائك و العب مع عشاق الموسيقى في جميع أنحاء العالم العربي ! سجل أكبر عدد من النقاط للفوز!

◆ احزر من لمن هذه الأغنية تحتوي على أكثر من 150 مرحلة في كل مرحلة من هذه المراحل أغنية مختلفة.
◆ سواء كنت على متن الطائرة، في المنزل أو في العمل يمكنك اللعب في احزر من يغني واختبار المعرفة الموسيقى الخاص بك!

إثبت انك خبير بلأغاني العربية من خلال كتابة اسم الفنان الذي يغني هذه الأغاني لبعض من أكبر المطربين في تاريخ العالم العربي من 60s، 70s، 80s، 90s، 2000s و 50s

هل تعتقد انك تملك المعرفة بكل الاغاني العربية؟
نزل هذا التطبيق الآن و احزر من يغني هذه الأغنية الآن

تطبيق فيه كل انواع الأغاني من طرب و رومانسي و شعبي و انواع أخرى كثيرة !

➜ 160 مرحلة
➜ 160 أغنية
➜ أنواع مختلفة: طرب و رومانسي و شعبي الخ ...
➜ أعظم الفنانين: أم كلثوم , عبد الحليم , راغب علامة , فريد …

Download iRIUM V1.1.3 Apk

Here we provide iRIUM V 1.1.3 for Android 4.4++ Music & Art in RPG, iRIUM■ Game Features
- Immersing battle play with rhythmical interaction.
- Original battle features with all kinds of strategies and tactics.
- Ideological conflict within the world of iRIUM.
- More than 100 kinds of Inners possesing the souls of artists.
- News missions which occur minute by minute.
- Story missions which occur according to the plot of individual stories.
- The funny, cheerful training center with diverse rhythms.
- Dungeon that requires a high degree of strategy.
- The competitive Colosseum with diverse players.
- Fierce competition to win the championship, My own league.■ OPTIMIZED FOR TABLETS!
- Play the game in brilliant HD on your Android Tablet!■ iRIUM Official Forum
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: iRIUM V1.1.3

Download 意味が分かると怖い話-この意味怖を謎解きできるか V1.0.4 Apk

すごく怖いけどおもしろ胃 Here we provide 意味が分かると怖い话-この意味怖を谜解きできるか V 1.0.4 for Android 4.1++ ===========================








if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: 意味が分かると怖い話-この意味怖を謎解きできるか V1.0.4

Download Guess the opposite V2.2 Apk

I like this game except you really need to put skip in it so when we get stuck we can do to something else cone back to it plus the videos don't come as often to help you get clues. If it gets these options I would give 5 star Here we provide Guess the opposite V 2.2 for Android 4.0.3++ In this game you’ll have to guess the opposite word of what you see in a given picture.
Guess the antonyms. Word game
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: Guess the opposite V2.2

Download 2 Pics 1 word V10.2 Apk

The ads between each level makes it really annoying. If they had ads every five levels or so it'd be one thing, but I am getting them every level. Fun game that needs tuned for ads, otherwise I'm done with this. Here we provide 2 Pics 1 word V 10.2 for Android 4.0++ "2 Pics 1 Word - Best Word Game! Amazingly addictive and super fun!"
Each level is a fun riddle, can you guess Word from 4 Pics?

2 Pics 1 Word Mix & Make Answers, Cheats, Word list for all levels on Android, Kindle, game by Second Gear Games.
Simple and very addictive word game for the whole family!

2 Pics 1 word is a simple yet addictive word game where you "read" 2 pics that combine to create a word or phrase!
Looking for free word games to play with friends? Both adults and kids will love this amazing new word game.

If you liked 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle, this game is for you. Pictoword, this game is for you!
Over 550 fun word puzzles. Sharpen your skills, Anywhere, Anytime!
Here you will be able to …

Download لعبة هرم الكلمات Vone Apk

اخطاء املائيه كثيره جدا لا يوجد مصداقيه في اللعبه Here we provide لعبة هرم الكلمات V one for Android 2.3.2++ لعبة شيقة وممتعة تتحدى ذكائك ومعرفتك وتحتوى على الكثير من الالغاز والمعلومات
هل تستطيع قبول تحدى هرم الكلمات والانتهاء من مئات المراحل
اقبل التحدى ونشط مخك واجعل معلوماتك اكثر غزارة ولكن احترس فهذة اللعبة قد تبدأ سهلة ولكنها ستزداد صعوبة مع الوقت
تحدى نفسك واصحابك واكتسب معرفة جديدة ونشط مخك
- لعبة مفيدة وممتعة لجميع افراد العائلة
- الاف الاسئلة المختلفة ستجعلك تلعب لساعات دون ممل مع الاستفادة
- شارك وتحدى اصدقائك فى كل مكان وفى جميع الدول
- اللعبة تنبهك للصلاة وتعرض لك توقيتات جميع الصلوات
- مجانية الى الابد
- عربية
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: لعبة هرم الكلمات Vone

Download eFmFm Driver V4.0.1 Apk

Like the app as a driver Here we provide eFmFm Driver V 4.0.1 for Android 4.0++ The eFmFm Driver mobile application is restricted for registered enterprise customers of eFmFm – Employee Transport Management Solution.
It is a collaboration and communication tool between the Employee in transit, the vehicle driver and the transport department. Driver app helps the driver get the complete information about route, employees to be picked, their daily scheduled pickup and drops. Driver can on board the employee and report no-show.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: eFmFm Driver V4.0.1

Download GPS Kataster V5.3 Apk

Love it!!! Here we provide GPS Kataster V 5.3 for Android 5.0++ GPS Kataster je vhodný pre zákazníkov, ktorí podnikali v oblasti poľnohospodárstva :

- využívali tieto zariadenia pri meraní plôch, identifikácií pozemkov, vytyčovaní náhradných pozemkov, ako i v prípadoch, kedy bolo potrebné rozdeliť veľké poľnohospodárske (LPIS) pozemky pre účely deklarovania na dotácie a ich samokontrolu.

- urbárske spoločenstvá
- obecné úrady a mestá
- geodetické  firmy
- projektanti v oblasti inžinierskych sieti

V prípade potreby kontaktujte nás na tel.:0905325749 Po-Pia(8.00-16.30)
Manuál k programu je na adrese :

Download Address: GPS Kataster V5.3

Download OSM Peak Finder V0.99.14 Apk

Thanks for adding GPS altitude and coordinates. I've tried the app in the mountains. There is no signal all the time. Can you please, make the app loading bigger piece of map. Here we provide OSM Peak Finder V 0.99.14 for Android 4.0.3++ The app is currently under construction and as far as the time allows new features will be added continuously.

Currently implemented features:
1. show the map near you location in topographic rendering (OSM - OpenTopo)
2. load peaks from OSM data and show it on the map
3. store the peak data locally for off-line use
4. search for location by name
5. rotate map by azimuth i.e. orientation to be able to locate the peak in front of you
6. show peaks as a list with links to Wikipedia and wheelchair access if available
7. search for names in the list
8. sort the list by name or elevation and filter for all or peaks only showed on the map
9. start google navigation to selected peak

Have fun using it and please give me any kind of feedback or proposals for furthe…

Download MOBROG Survey App V2.5.0 Apk

It's an interesting app when it works. It requires a bit of time to complete your profile so the system can provide surveys where you can eligibly participate. Sadly, I don't fit most of the requirements. So far, I've only managed to complete a single survey since it's the only one I'm eligible to take. I was advised that the incentive will automatically be credited to my account. Still, nothing. It says I haven't earned any money. I'll wait within 24 hours and update this review once the credit is reflected in my account. Here we provide MOBROG Survey App V 2.5.0 for Android 2.3.2++ Companies and academic researchers want to hear your opinion so that they can develop new products and improve their existing products and services. Using our app, you can take part in interesting surveys and earn money with your participation. No matter what time it is or where you are.

MOBROG surveys are very easy:

1. Download our free app from the app store
2. Enter details abo…

Download بوستات صور فيس بوك V1.0.2 Apk

Here we provide بوستات صور فيس بوك V 1.0.2 for Android 3.0++ يحتوي تطبيق بوستات فيس بوك بالصور على اكثر من 30.000 الالف صورة متنوع للفيس بوك، يمكنك التطبيق بخصائصه الفريدة وادواته سهلة والبسيطة والتي تستطيع من خلالها مشاركة الصور بين جميع اصدقائك على مواقع وتطبيقات شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي .

الخصائص والمميزات الموجودة في بوستات فيس بوك 30.000 بوست :
قفشات شعرية
شوق و حب
مسجات عراقية واشعار عراقية لترسل للاهل و الاحباب
اجمل الاشعار العراقية و المسجات العراقية و كروت التهنة و صور التهنئة
رمزيات حب عراقية
عبارات وكلمات اشعار عراقية
صور شعرية
بوستات فيس بوك
حكم و عبر
- صور متجددة يومياً
- سهل الإستخدام
- أقسام متنوعة منها :
* بوستات حالات واتس اب
* صور رومنسية
* صور حزينة
* حكم واقوال
* صباح ومساء الخير
* كوميدي
* طبيعة
* صور اعياد
* صور اطفال
صور وحالات واتس اب بدون انترنت
== تصنيفات صور و حالات واتس اب :
صور حالات واتس آب مزخرفة ومنوعة
صور الحب أجمل رسائل الحب مصورة
- صور كلام الحب .
- صور حالات عن الخيانة .
- صور حالات الأصدقاء .
- صور حالات للزوج والزوجة .
- صور حالات أجنبية .
- صور حالات إسلامية .
- صور عبارا…

Download Coke ON コカ·コーラ自販機がおトクに楽しくなるアプリ V3.0.0 Apk

update made the connection to the vending machine way better! プッシュ接続できるようになってやっと使いやすくなった Here we provide Coke ON コカ·コーラ自贩机がおトクに楽しくなるアプリ V 3.0.0 for Android 4.4++ コカ·コーラの自贩机がおトクに楽しくなるアプリ「Coke ON」(コーク オン)
スマホ自贩机(Coke ON対応自贩机)を使ってスタンプをためよう!

他にも、无料お试しドリンクチケットがもらえるキャンペーンやスタンプを2倍でためられるWスタンプキャンペーンなど、Coke ON限定キャンペーンも盛りだくさん!


======= 【本アプリの特徴】 =======
コカ·コーラのスマホ自贩机とCoke ONアプリを接続して购入すると、购入のたびにスタンプがたまる!15个たまると、お好きな製品と无料で交换できるドリンクチケットがもらえる!

ドリンクチケットを使うときは、Coke ONアプリ内でお好きな製品を选んで、スマホ自贩机に向かって「シュッ!」とスワイプするだけ!Coke ONで新・自贩机体験をしてみよう。

■Coke ON限定!おトクなキャンペーンに参加できる!


======= 【ご利用に际して】 ======= 

Download OpinionAPP V1.0.55 Apk

Wastes so much time with surveys that blow you out after 10 minutes of questions with no rewards. There are better other alternatives Here we provide OpinionAPP V 1.0.55 for Android 4.0.3++ Take surveys on your mobile phone from panels that partner with Cint. OpinionAPP looks for all of the survey panels you belong to and presents them together with a real-time list of available surveys.

If you are not a panel member yet or want more information, check out

Download Address: OpinionAPP V1.0.55

Download Bark - Monitor. Detect. Alert. V1.0.6 Apk

Having a teen or tween is very hard in our society. I had been using teen safe. But I now use Bark. I am very impressed with it. I don't have to see every little thing my daughter posts or receives. It notifys me of any and every potential problem like profanity, inappropriate photos, bullying , potential predators. Etc. Would recomend to everyone with a teen. Here we provide Bark - Monitor. Detect. Alert. V 1.0.6 for Android 4.4++ Children spend an increasing amount of time socializing online. Unfortunately, new technology creates new risks. Parents need a smarter solution to help keep their children safe online without sifting through their social media feed or randomly grabbing their child's phone and scrolling through their messages.

Bark detects messages containing cyberbullying, sexting, signs of depression or suicidal thoughts, and many others -- without you having to spend hours reading your child's messages.

You connect your children's accounts and we notify you…

Download Childminder V1.1 Apk

Filled in Bio all sections. Pressed save. Nothing. Cannot move backwards nor forwards. And nothong else in oage to offer help or contact for help. Here we provide Childminder V 1.1 for Android 3.0++ The Childminder app helps connect parents seeking childcare with local childcare providers such as nannies, crèches, childminders, nurseries and private tutors. The Childminder app can help you find the childcare that meets your family’s unique needs.
App available for users in the UK ( and Nigeria (

• Post a job right from the app detailing your needs and have qualified nannies or other childcare providers apply.
• Get instant notifications when you receive messages or applications from a nanny or other childcare providers.
• Filter your childcare search results based on criteria like location and category.
• View childcare provider’s profilestheir experience and more details about them.
• Instantly access your jobs, applicants and favo…

Download Buzz Watch Tracker V1.0.2 Apk

Bad UI, plus the watch only runs for 20 hours Here we provide Buzz Watch Tracker V 1.0.2 for Android 4.0.3++ “Buzz Watch Tracker” is a monitoring Platform which is associated with a smart watch having voice and tracking capacities. This application helps parents and guardians in staying linked with their child and update about their location. Buzz watch tracker uses both GPS and location based service (LBS) positioning technology for tracking the location of watch.
With this remote access parents notifying their through a message, calling them and hearing them too above all monitoring their tracks, parents in turn will feel more confident sending to school and other different outdoor places
Main functionalities:
1. Tracking path/history as per date – tracks and logs can be seen with the Track option where parents can see as per date where the child went wearing the Buzz watch tracker.
2. Real-time positioning and tracking - The smart locator allows the parent to see where their children…

Download 3ollos R V0.64.0-67-controlr Apk

Here we provide 3ollos R V 0.64.0-67-controlr for Android 4.4++ Tu vivienda y tu negocio son tu vida, por lo que serás el primero en recibir un aviso si pasa algo fuera de lo habitual. Tendrás detalle de todo.

No siempre tienes todo el tiempo que te gustaría para estar pendiente de tus hijos. Pero te preocupas y quieres asegurarte de que están en casa y ver qué hacen.

Cuida de tus mayores. Asegúrate de que todo está bien y hacen sus rutinas diarias.

Porque te gusta ahorrar y ser eficiente mientras le sacas el mayor partido a tus dispositivos y electrodomésticos cuando los necesitas.

Evita que tu mascota se coma tus calcetines cada vez que te vas de casa y habla con ella para que no te eche de menos.

3ollosR tresollos tresollosr ollos seguridad tranquilidad vigilancia cuidado hogar domótica ahorro consumo energético confort telegestión
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address: 3ollos R V0.64.0-67-controlr

Download Тарифный калькулятор V1.1 Apk

Here we provide Тарифный калькулятор V 1.1 for Android 4.0.3++ Приложение Тарифный калькулятор поможет Вам:
Вести учет коммунальных услуг и тарифов а также определять динамику их изменения за любой период времени;
Создавать свои собственные статьи расходов и вести учет по ним;
Создавать несколько домов/квартир и просчитывать коммуналку по каждому из них;
Рассчитывать величину коммунальных затрат за месяц или любой другой период;
Определять величину коммунальных затрат с учетом субсидии и льгот и выбирать самый выгодный для Вас вариант экономии, поскольку в зависимости от разных факторов правильный выбор между субсидией и льготами поможет Вам сэкономить тысячи гривен. При этом совершенно необязательно чтобы субсидия Вам была уже начислена - приложение поможет Вам просчитать ее приблизительный размер.
Приложение Тарифный Калькулятор также напомнит Вам об окончании срока действия субсидии, а также о необходимости внесения показаний счетчиков в конце месяца.
В приложении есть фонарик для подсвет…

Download ModuHub Automação Residencial V2.2 Apk

Here we provide ModuHub Automação Residencial V 2.2 for Android 4.1++ ModuHub - Novo Conceito de Automação Residencial

O controle de sua casa na palma de sua mão:

Por meio de uma interface intuitiva e amigável é possível monitorar sua casa de qualquer lugar no mundo, 24 horas por dia, com sensores de presença especiais conectados à internet. O sistema também possibilita ligar e desligar lâmpadas, sirenes e quaisquer dispositivos eletrônicos conectados ao sistema.

O que é o ModuHub?

ModuHub é um sistema que integra sensores e acionadores inteligentes em uma plataforma única. Todos os dispositivos conectados no Hub ficam automaticamente disponíveis e acessíveis na internet para serem controlados através de seu smartphone.

E como funciona?

O sistema segue a filosofia da próxima revolução da internet, a Internet das Coisas, na qual todos os equipamentos eletrônicos vão estar disponíveis e acessíveis para serem controlados pela internet. Seguindo essa nova filosofia, desenvolvemos toda a comunic…

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