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Download Brightwood: A Monster Village! V 2.7.2

Great game with a lot of activities going on to keep you busy. The only negative is the availability of free resources. Here we provide Brightwood: A Monster Village! V 2.7.2 for Android 3.0++ Explore the lush woods and mud bay in this paradise town. Challenge yourself and build your own quest adventure town, city or farm by clearing out a blissful Oregon. Venture into this island and create your own vivid bay. Have fun in this blissful farm Oregon simulation game.
Things to do in this treasure island filled with joyride:
● Use a sword or axe to breach through the vivid woods and venture through obstacles.
● Forge royal houses and royal buildings from blissful woods to live in star flow.
● Make your own fortune story – grow and harvest crops, fruits and vegetables to survive and win daily rewards in this powerhouse fortune bay.
● Joyride to your own blissful shed in this paradise village.
● Forge your own mud fortress of quest venture in a paradise city.
● Dare yourself to Team Challenges…

Download ninja fight turtle V PL.3.3.0

Here we provide ninja fight turtle V PL.3.3.0 for Android + Turtle fighting ninja Adventure is a game destined to kids and adults as well. Do you like to take a part of your time in the challenging and thrilling adventure with fighting ninja ! so you don't hesitate and play this Game .you will like it I'm sure .
It is a free running and jumping game where ninja and the turtles has for mission: coin collecting. However, the task is not as easy as it seems to be, because during his adventure in the wild, the turtle should jump off blocks and spikes and escape from the enemies and ninja after him. The running rhythm can suddenly change and it can be tough to handle turtle then! The western cowboy theme makes the game completely fascinating and will enrol you in a world full of action and fun.
The hero Turtle ninja here is not the turtle from the serie “Turtles ninja” to be precise and has nothing to do with the tutles and ninja Character in the cartoon! As you can see there is no …

Download Screen Lock V v3.2f

Here we provide Screen Lock V v3.2f for Android 2.2++ ** Consider 'Screen Lock Pro' to support our development **
Screen Lock, app for Android™ with screen off animation. It allows you to screen off and lock the device. Easy to use and saves power button usage. It just lock smoothly even in Android™ 4.0.x and above without screen flickering.
Animation speed is adjusted with “transition animation scale” and “animator duration scale” as set in your device. If you set it to .5x, screen off animation becomes faster, if you increase it, animations become slower. Our advice, use 1x for best screen off experience. Note that, on some devices the change take affect after locking and unlocking.
To screen off and lock the device you can:
• Create shortcut.
• Use Screen Lock widget 1×1 (Resizable in Android 4.0+).
• Access from notification.
• Shake to lock.
• Cover to lock. (Pro)
• Screen on off by putting on the desk. (Pro)
• Air swipe to lock and to screen on off. (Pro)
• Access Screen Lock by …

Download Vape Tool V 26.03.2017-free

Here we provide Vape Tool V 26.03.2017-free for Android 4.1++ Would you like to know resistance of Coil you are going to build ?
Would you like to know how to prepare your own E-Liquid ?
Would you like to know min. resistance and Max Vape Current for every 18650 battery ?
Or many other vaping stuff ?
Vape Tool is huge arsenal for every vaper. User friendly design. For beginners and advanced vapers.
Vape Tool Features:
Coil Calculator/Coil Wrapping: help you calculate perfect coils. Support multi-coil setups, types like Clapton Coil, Parallel Coil, Twisted Coil, and diffrent wire materials, Steam Engine feature.
Sweet Spot Finder: Shows you the wattage sweet spot for your coil setup.
Liquid Blender Calculator: will help you make e-liquids and calculate thier final cost. You can save recipes and share with your friends.
FAQ Articles: read about E-Ciggaretes, MODs, BOXs, Coil Builds, Mechanical Mods, E-Liquids, Atomizers, Accessories etc.
Battery Life: allows you to calculate estimated runtime o…

Download Trial Xtreme 4 V 1.9.4

Here we provide Trial Xtreme 4 V 1.9.4 for Android 4.0++ The Trial Xtreme series is proud to present – the best trials bike riding game ever!!!
Feel the adrenalin pumping as you take your bike on MORE THAN 70 CHALLENGING AND SPECTACULAR LEVELS of pure motoring fun.
Earn cash in races, tournaments and in head to head duels. Prove yourself as the best extreme rider among your friends and then make your way to the top of the world ranking charts!
This is no ordinary skill base riding game – our brand new Xtreme physics engine and super responsive controls will help you burn through crazy obstacles and take you for a ride like you wouldn't believe :)
EXTREME TOURNAMENTS ARENA – race against other riders from your country and around the world and win cash or other amazing prizes.
EXTREME DUELS – want to make some big bucks? In the duels arena you can bet against other riders and double your cash.
EXTREME COURSES – the craziest 3D graphics you've ever seen come together with perfectly d…

Download Russian Moto Traffic Rider 3D V 1.0.3

Dont waste time on it Worst controls i ve seen in a long time. Here we provide Russian Moto Traffic Rider 3D V 1.0.3 for Android 2.3.2++ Russian Moto Traffic Rider 3D take bikes games to a new level. Have fun by driving great russian bikes. Try to dodging cars and other traffic while you speed up to the limit. Try to earn the respect of your fellow bikers!
Enjoy the fun of driving the most amazing bike models in the world. You can get some custom bikes or even some older classics.
– First person and third person camera views
– Perfect 3D graphic
– Realistic Moto phisics
– 4 traffic levels with weather conditions
– One-side and two-side traffic on highway roads
– Interesting Gameplay
– 9 motorbikes to choose from
– Realistic traffic systems
– Detailed environments with day and night variations
– Tilinting, buttons and steering wheel controls
– Graphics level adjustments
– System of moto upgrades – speed, braking and control
– Ride faster, take more scores!
– Do wheelies to get extra …

Download OdulluSoru V 1.0.18

Here we provide OdulluSoru V 1.0.18 for Android 4.0++ TRIVIA GAME FOR FREE!!! Play OdulluSoru trivia and join the
4 million winners club right now Millions of data packages, minutes and SMS are
waiting for you.
- Play
– Win
– Collect points
– Go to the market and GET YOUR PRIZE!!!
Remember, OdulluSoru is FREE AND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE!!!
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:OdulluSoru V 1.0.18

Download Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain? V 5.0

Here we provide Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain? V 5.0 for Android 4.1++ Tricky Test 2 is an addictive free IQ game you can enjoy with your friends, get ready to take the quiz and find out if you have a GENIUS brain or not!
Enjoy the challenge in the amazing Christmas atmosphere, with santa, snowflakes, gifts and more surprises!
Tricky Test 2 is a whole new free puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers and absurd solutions that you will never ever think of – the goal of this trivia game is not to be tricked; so far, over 6 million players have been tricked, are you smart enough to beat your friends and get the highest IQ? Take the cunning test now if you think you’re a GENIUS!
Each of the brain teasers is unique and pushes your creative thinking to the limit. If you have 140 IQ points remaining after finishing this trivia quiz, you will be pronounced a genius! Be careful, your Facebook friends may pop out anytime during the IQ quiz and tease at you! (Be careful, don’t be affected…

Download Kundli in Hindi - Astrology V

Very usefull.I like this .thanks. Tell me pl.the price its full verson for mobile for leptop or desktop.

Here we provide Kundli in Hindi – Astrology V for Android 3.0++ Unwind the mysteries of your life.Make future plans and get hold of your life. We present the best Vedic Astrology App 'Kundli in Hindi – Astrology'. Our Astrology app comes with astrological charts, predictions and calculations such as Rashifal, Navamsa, Bhava, Spuda, Prashna, Dasa, Bhukti Astrology Compatibility based on Star Match, Yogas etc. Download it, use it and experience the difference.
★ Get your detailed horoscope in Hindi.
★ Instant Kundli based on your desired chart style.
★ Dive into your future through the detailed rashifal.
★ Gun Milan based on Ashtakoot as per your regional version.
★ Various Ayanamsa systems such as Krishnamurti Paddhati Ayanamsa or KP Ayanamsa, Chitrapaskha / Lahiri, Raman, Sayan and Thirukanitham Ayanamsa.
★ Parashari Astrology (includes Vimshottari dasha, …

Download Love Day Counter For Couples V 1.07

Loved days Im loving it keeping me updated with my love

Here we provide Love Day Counter For Couples V 1.07 for Android 4.0++ How long have you been in Love with your partner? See how long you have been in Love with your lover. Set and remember important and lovely anniversaries for you and your love partner!
How many days count you been in Love with your boyfriend or girlfriend.? How many days count you been in Love with.
Love Day Counter For Couples is the best Couples Love counter for You!
With Love Day Counter For Couples App your lover will be always with you!
See how many days you have been in love. Relationship days counter. With this application, your lover will be always with you.
Love Day Counter For Couples to remember anniversaries and important events together to help the couple counts the days together .
Love Day Counter For Couples Features :-
▷ Day Counter ◁
how long have you been in love?
Management and you and your partner is important to remember annivers…

Download Ujockey Operators V 1.0.0

Here we provide Ujockey Operators V 1.0.0 for Android 4.0++ Ujockey Operators is the latest and most innovative taxi, limousine and car service. It has pool of company and privately owned taxi cabs, medallions and private cars. One click will not only give you a choice to choose from variety of taxis and private cars but will also compare cost of your ride. All available taxis within three mile radius will be on your the latest and most innovative taxi, limousine and car service. It has pool of company and privately owned taxi cabs, medallions and private cars. One click will not only give you a choice to choose from variety of taxis and private cars but will also compare cost of your ride. All available taxis within three mile radius will be on your fingertips.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Ujockey Operators V 1.0.0

Download MyCar V 0.0.2

Here we provide MyCar V 0.0.2 for Android 4.1++ Do you have a problem of remembering your vehicle's service details?
Do you always misplace or lose your vehicle's service receipt?
MyCar is an app that helps you store your vehicle's service records. Once you have recorded the service details using the MyCar app, you can also share the records with your spouse, friends or colleagues. This will act as a backup storage for you, in case you still misplace your vehicle’s service details. You can share it on Facebook, Google Drive, Whatapp and more.
Why do you need to use MyCar app? The most important reason is to help you remember the last service you did to your vehicle. This avoids servicing or repairing the same issue again! Or, when the repairman says your vehicle is having the same issue, although you have fixed it previously, you know the last workshop you went to is unreliable.
What makes MyCar unique from other similar apps is its sharing feature. Share your service records…

Download Selfie Editor 2017 V 3.7

Here we provide Selfie Editor 2017 V 3.7 for Android 4.0++ Selfie Camera Editor 2017 memang Top dan keren terbaru membuat kamu lebih best beauty Coba saja download bikin kamu ketagihan selfie dengan melihat hasil editan selfie kamu di aplikasi selfie editor generasi 2017. karena mampunyai fitur lengkap yaitu:
● Kamera Filter: Dengan Kamera efek waktu nyata,
Anda dapat mengambil foto yang artistik kapan saja.
Kamera filter yang disediakan memungkinkan Anda untuk menggunakan efek klasik secara waktu nyata dan mengambil foto yang indah dengan mudah.
● Edit: Mudah dan praktis mengoperasi fungsi seperti merotasi, memotong, dan mengubah warna foto.
merotasi dan memotong foto sesuka hati. Bisa juga mengubah kecerahan, kontras, kejenuhan fotomu.
● Kecantikan: Hanya mengolesi atau mengetuk dengan jari, Anda bisa memperputih kulit, memuluskan kulit, menghapuskan jerawat, mempercantikkan mata, serta mengecilkan wajah dan badan. Juga tersedia banyak eyeliner dan blush untuk kecantikan.
● Efek spesial: …

Download Ayo Game V 1.1.9

Here we provide Ayo Game V 1.1.9 for Android 4.0.3++ Ayo Game is a board game play all over Africa and some parts of Asia, America and the Caribbean. Its is a strategy board game and and the rules are not uniform in all the countries where its played. The first version of this game developed by bonako is based on two forms of game play- Pia and Seca – that is popular in Cape Verde Islands.
This is an ancient game which its origin is unknown. However, some believe that the game was invented in Egypt during the time of the pharaohs and was later taken to various parts of Asia and other parts of Africa. During the slavery, it was taken to Americas and Carribean.
This game goes by other names, such as Awari, Mancala, Adi, Awale, Woaley, Wari, Ncho, Ouri, Adji, Ogedesi, Uko, Awele, Woro, Oware (Owari), Kboo, Kbo, Ayo, Ayoayo, Kale, Aghi, Bantum, Oril, Abawo, Adjito, Axoxodi, Darra, Djènon abé, Djènon abouré, Goré, J’erin, Je ki n je, Jodu o Kyekyemapuduo, Kpèh, Odú, Ayo Eleh o Ba-awa, Oguid…

Download Checkers Land Online V 17.03.25

Here we provide Checkers Land Online V 17.03.25 for Android 2.3.4++ Checkersland Online is a free program for playing more than 30 kinds of checkers with other people over the Internet.
* Supported kinds of checkers: 80-cellular, Armenian, Brazilian/German, Canadian, checkers/American, corners (12 draughts), corners (9 draughts), croda, crowded, Czech, diagonal, Filipino, give-away, gothic, Greek, international/Polish, Italian, laska, lika, Malaysian/Singaporean, pool, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, sparse, Sri Lankian, stavropol, Thai, towers, towers give-away, and Turkish (Dama)
* Guest mode without registration is available
* Minimal network permissions are required
* Supported overall game statistics, players rating and leaderboard
* Beautiful interface and several board skins: wood, marble and leather
* The game supports more than 10 languages
* Fluid move animation
* Moves selection is possible by touching and dragging
* Chat with the opponent
* Additional useful settings: sound, possible…

Download Crowdfire - Go Big Online V 3.3.0

Here we provide Crowdfire – Go Big Online V 3.3.0 for Android 4.0++ Crowdfire is your super-smart marketing sidekick that will help you grow online everyday.
Millions of small businesses, artists, writers, influencers, sellers, freelancers, and self-employed individuals use Crowdfire to go big on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify and more platforms.
Marketing is hard. We get that. We want you to focus on your work while Crowdfire does the marketing for you. You no longer have to read boring tutorials on how to get more traffic to your website or how to sell more on Etsy or Shopify. You don't have to worry about social media marketing or how to grow on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Where big companies have marketing teams, you have Crowdfire!
What can Crowdfire do?
• Curate Posts – Struggling to keep your timeline active? Crowdfire automatically finds content that your audience will love… and posts it across all your soci…

Download Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles V 3.8.43

Here we provide Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles V 3.8.43 for Android 4.0.3++ With the Zoosk dating app, 3 million messages sent daily, 8 million verified photos, and 35 million members worldwide you’ll enjoy meeting singles on a dating app that works hard to make dating easier for you.
* Zoosk was named ‘best dating app of 2016’ by Wallethub:
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles V 3.8.43

Download TouchPal Emoji Keyboard-Stock V

Here we provide TouchPal Emoji Keyboard-Stock V for Android 4.0.3++ TouchPal Emoji Keyboard – Stock is a stock version for TouchPal Emoji Keyboard. It’s a free emoji keyboard app for Android users to type fast and easy with the best word prediction, over 800 emoji and emoticons, smartest auto-correction and swipe. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard is trusted by over 300 million users all over the world.
Highlights of TouchPal Emoji Keyboard:
★Word Prediction. TouchPal delivers the best next-word prediction. Users type much faster using TouchPal and find that it learns their words quickly too.
★Emoji Support. Input Emoji & Emoticon anywhere conveniently like WhatsApp, Facebook, Evernote, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat.
★Customizable themes. Hundreds of colorful themes available and you can DIY your own theme.
★Personalize. Set personal photo as keyboard background.
★Auto Correction. Most powerful error correction: correct spelling errors and capitalization automatically. (eg. type “androi…

Download Note4 Tiles Locker V 1.1.1

Here we provide Note4 Tiles Locker V 1.1.1 for Android 4.2++ A lock screen app has abstract tiles effect, exactly the same as Note4, bring you a galaxy experience.
Also you can set camera shortcut to access camera easily, setup your personal text, add application shortcuts.
1. Click settings icon on right of tool bar to enter theme settings.
2. Launch X Locker, you can change wallpaper, setup security lock, and more.
This is a theme of X Locker, need install X Locker to run this theme.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:Note4 Tiles Locker V 1.1.1

Download Mods for Minecraft V 2.10.4

Here we provide Mods for Minecraft V 2.10.4 for Android 4.0++ With our app you can install lots of different mods and addons for Minecraft PE absolutely free.
Addons it is a new feature of minecraft pe v.0.16 and higher – these are the same mods for minecraft pe, which are modified with additions that adds to the game new items, decorations, blocks, biomes, monsters, weapons and much more.
Addons are installed into Minecraft PE! So you don't need any minecraft launchers to applying them!
For applying minecraft mods – BlockLauncher (Free or Pro) or Master Minecraft and official Minecraft Pocket Editon must be installed!!!
Our app provides really simple way to install mods and addons from our huge collection: just browse what mod or addon you like, then press Install button and enjoy.
We have gathered the most popular mods here, e.g. Mech Mod, DesnoGuns, Too Much TNT, More furniture mod, dragons mod, Too many items and more!
Every mod and add-on has screenshot, title, version and detail…

Download Vimeo V 2.4.0

Here we provide Vimeo V 2.4.0 for Android 4.1++ Discover amazing videos from the world’s best creators, and upload your own—all on your phone and tablet—with Vimeo for Android.
Watch and share videos in gorgeous HD, minus the ads, and follow categories, channels, and collections to fill your feed with amazing stuff each and every day. Have your own stuff to share? Upload videos from anywhere, and access them whether you’re at home, or on the go.
With Vimeo for Android, you can:
Watch videos in gorgeous ad-free HD
• Stream videos in full 1080p HD
• Rejoice in Vimeo’s always ad-free playback
• Save videos to watch offline
• Chromecast videos to bigger screens
Easily upload, manage, and share videos
• Upload videos right from your phone or tablet
• Easily manage your video settings and profile
• Share videos privately with people you choose
• Access your videos and collections from anywhere
• Maintain total control with our new video action sheet
Discover videos and creators you love
• Follow c…

Download LibreLink V

Here we provide LibreLink V for Android 4.0++ Monitor your glucose with the LibreLink app*, the only mobile app that is approved to work directly with FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring sensors. Together they provide an easy way to monitor your glucose without routine fingerpricks.**
With the LibreLink app, check your glucose by holding the back of your phone against your FreeStyle Libre sensor to view:
· Your current glucose reading
· A trend arrow that indicates where your glucose is heading
· Your glucose history for up to the last 8 hours
You can use the LibreLink app to:
· Start and scan FreeStyle Libre sensors
· Add notes (like food, insulin and exercise)
· View and share glucose trends and patterns for up to the last 90 days
· Connect to friends and family who use the LibreLinkUp app*
If desired, you can use the FreeStyle Libre reader and your LibreLink app on the same sensor if you start the sensor with the reader, then scan that sensor with your LibreLink app dur…

Download GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons V 5.1.9

Here we provide GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons V 5.1.9 for Android 4.0++ Save up to 80% on your prescription drug costs!
**GoodRx can save you hundreds of dollars a month, even if you have insurance or Medicare.**
Most Americans don't know that prescription prices vary wildly from pharmacy to pharmacy. There's never been a way to compare drug prices – until now.
GoodRx makes comparing prescription drug prices easy. Our app provides current cash and sale prices, coupons and valuable savings tips for thousands of prescriptions at pharmacies near you. GoodRx tells you which pharmacies have drugs for less than $4 per fill, and some where certain prescriptions for free!
Best of all, GoodRx coupons can be used from within the app – simply hand your phone to the pharmacist to save up to 80%! No need to print out anything – find savings on the go!
GoodRx is 100% free to use – there are no fees or obligations to you. You can use GoodRx for every member of your family, including pets.

Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie V 2.7.0

Here we provide DEAD TARGET: Zombie V 2.7.0 for Android 4.1++ In 2040, World War III happened, country frontier changed, modern warfare advanced to a new era after Minister of Defense signed a contract with CS Corporation to perform project Dead Target: transform prisoners into super evil combat killers. However CS betrayed and threaten to trigger a zombie outbreak if the president does not follow their order. The age of destruction begins.
The country’s doom is getting closer when CS infected a whole city to prove that they are serious. A special commando team was hired to head to the frontline and collect information before the army can open the counter strike – operation Apocalypse. Too bad everything went wrong, you and agent M are the only survivor on the route. There is no excuse for stupid mistake which may pay with your blood. There is no way to run from hell, break a part through the dead zone, rescue agent M and make clear road to reinforcement location or you will join you…

Download Heroes of SoulCraft - MOBA V 1.7.2

Here we provide Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA V 1.7.2 for Android 4.3++ MOBA for mobile: Dont remain in vain, glory and victory is near: answer the call of champions and become the Ace of the Arenas in this MOBA. Ascent the league and become a legend. Your fates cannot be to remain forever in chaos – you need to keep the order in the arena, defeat the witcher in the battle arena and become the legendary of all the heroes.
*** We are a small team of indie developers trying to bring you the best MOBA experience in quick 5 (3v3) or 15 minute (5v5) matches. For more info check out ***
Angels vs. Demons mobile MOBA team battle
Heroes of SoulCraft (HoS) is an Arcade MOBA in which 2 teams fight against each other in fast-paced, tactical matches full of action and fun.
Play 5 or 15 minutes
Waiting in line? Play a 5 minute 3vs3 game on your mobile phone with instant matchmaking.
At home on your couch? Play several 15 minute 5vs5 games on your tablet or PC.
Need to leave the game early? …

Download Sounds app - Music and Friends V 1.67.0

Here we provide Sounds app – Music and Friends V 1.67.0 for Android 4.1++ More than 8 million users are sharing music with Sounds. Join the world's biggest social network for music right now!
Sounds is a free and easy way to discover and share music with friends on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger.
Listen to 40 Million songs. No ads. Search for any track, artist or album.
Send music to your friends and chat about your favorite songs and artists.
Like songs to build your musical identity.
Find your musical soulmate. Make new friends with music.
Unlimited skips with no ads and background play thanks to Spotify.
Over 40 million songs at your fingertips!
Play free music from your library offline without Wi-Fi.
Sounds is used by thousands of Artists (Brodinski, Joey Bada$$), Music Labels (UMG, Warner, Sony, Bromance, Dim Mak, Kitsuné) and fans around the world!
Send us some love at [email protected]
Please leave us a review if you like using Soun…

Download PlaYo - Free Music & Radio V

Here we provide PlaYo – Free Music & Radio V for Android 4.1++ Play music, choose songs and build playlists without paying, syncing or downloading. We have a huge music library. Now it’s yours.
PlaYo streams all your favorite artists for free and without ad breaks. Install and you'll have access to millions of songs at MP3 quality. With agreements with major rights holders and implementation of the SoundCloud API, we have artists for every taste, from rap to rock and from Bruce Springsteen to Justin Bieber. You’ll be able to choose music to match your mood, find the genres you love and enjoy your playlists on every device.
With PlaYo, you keep your music with you – always.
*** Unlimited free music. PlaYo has all the music you want.
*** Stream songs online or listen to your own collection in one beautiful music app.
*** Tune into thousands of online radio stations.
*** Free Music Player for Android.
*** Build playlists and create your own radio station from a…

Download getfit2.0 V 1.1.16

Here we provide getfit2.0 V 1.1.16 for Android 4.3++ Getfit2.0 collected by the sensor data with specialized algorithms to obtain your steps, distance, speed, consumption of calories, heart rate, sleep, and other activities; and height and temperature, pressure and other environmental conditions; combined with the activities of recording, GPS positioning, map of the track description function, escort for your life is your side of the sports and health experts.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Download Address:getfit2.0 V 1.1.16

Download Running Distance Tracker + V 2.0.1

Here we provide Running Distance Tracker + V 2.0.1 for Android 4.1++ Running Tracker+ tracks your distance, pace, calories and more. Its the most accurate running distance / time tracker available on the market, packed into the simplest & most gorgeous interface. It includes access to your music player + voice feedback guiding you as you run towards your target distance / time. It also maintains a history of your runs and improvements over time, and shows you a complete log of your running activities.
Main Features
– Most accurate distance / time tracking available
– Average & current pace tracking
– Running GPS with Maps & running routes
– Calories spent
– Voice feedback letting you know your progress as you run. Customizable per distance / time.
– Run log: run history tracking with monthly averages
– Music player access
Comments? Ideas? Feedback?
we're here for you: [email protected]
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.


Download Slam Dunk Basketball 2 V 1.3.0

Basketball man this us awesome Here we provide Slam Dunk Basketball 2 V 1.3.0 for Android 4.0.3++ The sequel to the hit game Slam Dunk Basketball, with millions of downloads is here, get it today!
Hustle for cash, level up, play in tournaments and become the Basketball God! Play with people from all over the world and become the world’s best basketball player!
There are two game modes where you always play against other players. Play 1 on 1 or enter tournaments against 7 other players.
No powerups, no cheats, no upgrades, Slam Dunk Basketball 2 is all about skills and matching those skills against other players.
Slam Dunk Basketball 2 features a competitive level and ranking system which means you will always be challenged. Play matches to increase your level, earn new rankings and unlock more exclusive courts and events.
In every event you play, there’ll be coins at stake. Coins are the games vi…

Download Pro Snooker Pool 2017 V 4.3

Here we provide Pro Snooker Pool 2017 V 4.3 for Android 2.3.2++ Pro Snooker Pool 2017 is a full 3d environment with 3d physics. One of the most realistic and playable snooker games you have ever played. If you play snooker at home or in club with your friends, then you will love this game for sure.
Feels like playing Real Snooker in a room. Immature players can learn & play for fun, but experts can challenge there friends to play game professionally.
Let's Play Snooker 3D, become a master, and become Snooker Champion.
Game Play Modes:
This unique game offers two game play modes:
Practice Mode: in which you can learn and play game as a Single player, play complete game single handly,
Two Player or Multi-Player Mode: You can play snooker against your friends or any other at same time as you play snooker game in the club.
Game Features:
– Play live with your friends
– Full High quality 3D environments
– Full 3D physics
– Flags of worlds top most ranked snooker playing nations
– Practice M…

Download LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™:MERLOK 2.0 V 2.1.0

I like all the game play but you could add the new armor and wepon design and make clay start turning to stone like in the show Here we provide LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™:MERLOK 2.0 V 2.1.0 for Android 4.0.3++ Recommended for kids aged 5-11.
The evil Monstrox and his Stone Army is attacking Knighton in search for the Forbidden Powers that will awaken an unspeakable force of darkness. Our NEXO NIGHTS heroes must build and use their arsenal of NEXO Powers to rule the battlefield and save Knighton.
There is only one way to stand a chance against the enemy’s Forbidden Powers – NEXO COMBO POWERS! By combing three single NEXO Powers you accomplish a unmatched COMBO POWER – a key to victory. Strategize and find the right powers to help build the strongest combo you can think of. Scan it into the game and see if you can beat the Forbidden Powers.
The tech-knights have new gear; collect blueprints for the Battle Suits so you…

Download Pokedroid PE V 2.5

Fix the PC and Healing Table bug. Can you add more pokemon. Please make sure to add Ralts and her evolution forms. Add evolution stones, please don’t forget the dawn stone. Add new items like rare candy and make sure it works. Add a battling system. Add rideable pokemon like Pidgeot so we can use it to fly. I put 5 stars to help your App. From your friend Brandon. Here we provide Pokedroid PE V 2.5 for Android 4.0.3++ Pokedroid PE is the best, free and modern Minecraft PE mod that will let you change your gameplay experience with over 100 realistic Pokémon. You will definitely love this amazing and free Minecraft PE Pokémon toolbox.
Why choose to change your gameplay experience using Pokedroid PE instead of any other Minecraft PE mod app?
• Easy:
✓ Very easy to use, so you need just to install our app for free and download Minecraft PE together with BlockLauncher. After this, launch our app, tap 'Play', then tap 'Install mod' and you're done! Enjoy the best free PE …


Here we provide BOOTLOADER HUAWEI UNLOCK V 1.05 for Android 4.0++ This is an Android application specifically made for unlock Huawei Bootloader.
*App is free, service is not*
** Don't forget to rate app if you're satisfied customer – with positive rate you'll support our service! Thank you!**
By unlocking the bootloader, it’s possible to put custom ROMs or ROOT your HUAWEI device.
If you unlock the boot loader, you may void the warranty of your device and/or any warranty from your operator. See your device’s warranty statement for details.
Before you proceed to unlock the boot loader of your device, you should do a complete back-up of the system. Unlocking the boot loader will trigger a factory
reset that erases all device settings, user data, third-party applications and associated data from the device’s hardware storage.
If your device, or part of your device, is encrypted, the keys used for decryption might also be erased, leaving contents cryptographically inaccessible.
To …

Download Bengali Calendar (Bangladesh) V 2.1.01

Here we provide Bengali Calendar (Bangladesh) V 2.1.01 for Android 4.0++ Bong Calendar Bangladesh is a complete solution for your daily needs.
A Bengali Calendar in your pocket !
The date calculation is based on the modification made by the committee headed by Muhammad Shahidullah under the auspices of the Bangla Academy on 17 February 1966.
This Bangla Calendar comes with a nice widget for your home screen. The widget covers, Day of Week, Bengali Month name and current Bengali year along with the Gregorian calendar details.
We also have a Date time widget that works on home screen and keeps you updated with time.
* Please note , the widget that shows time may not work properly if you are using a built in or third party task killer app. Removing bong Calendar from Task Killer list should solve any such issue.
Also we have a date converter and a Holiday list viewer . Converter allows you to convert the Bengali date to Gregorian date and the opposite as well.
The Holiday viewer helps you to…

Download Dubai Police Supercars Rally V 1.2.0

I like this game To be honest It is the best game I have ever played .thank you Here we provide Dubai Police Supercars Rally V 1.2.0 for Android 2.3.2++ Drive one of the world's fastest police cars in this ultimate car racing game. Drive at a breakneck pace, hone your car riding skills and become the most rapid cop driver in the world!
Taking part of the law enforcement is one of the toughest jobs in the world. The police officers have to endure almost everything that normal citizens like us can’t even dream of encountering. From gunshots to dangerous car chases, they are risking their lives to ensure our safety. But their job also has some perks that other jobs can never boast of – they get to drive supercar patrol vehicles. Yes, we are talking about the Dubai Police Department's fleet it's well-known for the luxurious cars they are using on the street patrols.
If you have always dreamed of driving one of these powerful vehicles, stop dreaming now and immerse yourself in t…

Download Moto Racer 2017 V 1.0.1

Game is amazing Cool I like this games and graphics are awsm Here we provide Moto Racer 2017 V 1.0.1 for Android 2.3.2++ Moto Racer 2017
Real life moto racer is out there on the road with this new 2017 game!
All the bikers and fast paced furious racers! Get ready to test your driving skills against one of the most dangerous bike drivers around as here you would be on the highway with heavy vehicle traffic driving on really fast speed. These adventure tracks and smooth carpets for the races.
Your furious urge to kill those evil bikers will drive you through this highway and make you the winner. You would bet in here and chase your dreams. You have plenty of heavy bikes to choose from and get on the track. You’ve got one wheel boost option to get a NOS like in those in Fast and the Furious and also you’ve got couple of weapons. It’s a hardcore bike race and all you have to deal with is life and death while you accelerate. It is thrill of mad moto racer.
Once the money has gone from your ac…

Download TTS Lontong V 1.0.7

Here we provide TTS Lontong V 1.0.7 for Android 2.3.2++ Baru Edisi Valentine
TTS Bukan Teka Teki Silang, tapi Teka Teki Sulit.
Feature terbaru Anda juga bisa ikutan bikin tebak-tebakan tts lontong
Tebak-tebakan yang dikirimkan kepada kami akan kami review dan yang ber hasil lolos akan di masukan ke dalam game juga nama anda ajan tampil di dalam game kami.
Dari pembuat game Om Telolet Om yang terkenal itu.
Buktikan kalau anda memang cerdas dan penuh daya imajinasi.
Fitur game:
– Bermain dengan teman lebih seru
– Melatih daya otak dan imajinasi anda
– Update secara berkala ( Insya Allah )
– Menghilangkan stres ( atau malah menambah)
– Bisa dimainkan sambil makan tahu bulat atau nasi goreng
– Grafik yang lucu
– sangat cocok buat kamu yang jomblo (alias belom punya pacar kasian deh lu)
– buat wibu ok juga
– bisa bikin damai nggak perlu marah gara2 gara-gara pilgub DKI
– awas kelewat bus om telolet klo lagi main game lontong
Disclaimer : Game Parodi dari TTS Cak Lontong tapi bukan Aplikasi Resmi Dari W…

Download Quiz: Logo game V 3.4

Here we provide Quiz: Logo game V 3.4 for Android 4.0++ Do you like logo quiz, trivia games? Do you think you know companies from all over the world? Quiz: Logo game is just for you! Find out just how much do you know!
* guess 2285 brands from all over the world
* all American brands. Also Canadian and many more
* special American levels
* complete 73 engaging unique levels
* with increasing difficulty as you play along
* retro level – test your knowledge of past company images
* collect 44 achievements in Google Play Games
* compete with your friends and players from all over the world on two unique leaderboards
* use 6 cool unique hints to complete levels
* keep a track of your stats and progress
* complete picture appears when you guess the logo
* and all of that absolutely free
Updates with more levels and hundreds of brands coming soon.
In this trivia game you may find every brand category you love including cars, fashion, movies and games. In this logo quiz you can guess companies from all o…

Download Good Night Alarm Clock V 1.24

!!!⚠THATS NOT RIGHT⚠!!! This is an alright app. Developer sadly sold out to advertising. So there are bright little animated adds at the bottom that will keep you awake when your trying to get sleepy and are staring all blear-eyed at the screen. The second thing, although tricky, is just wrong. This clock piggybacks onto your phones native clock for the alarm function. Seriously if I wanted to use that clock wouldn’t be downloading this 💩 now would I? 3 🌟 ‘s because the screens good, but really? Get some soul searching in.

Here we provide Good Night Alarm Clock V 1.24 for Android 2.3.2++ With the free Good Night Alarm Clock, now you can have a good night's sleep!
Good Night Alarm Clock features:
– large and bright display
– portrait or landscape modes
– full date format
– 12-hour or 24-hour time
– brightness options: auto or dim
– nice color themes
– option for screen stays on
– set multiple alarms
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.


Download Life.Church V 3.2.2

Beautiful and inspiring. Wonderful to see how this app unites people from all over the world. If you can’t attend church in person for whatever reason, this app makes church available to anyone. Lot of nice and supportive people!

Here we provide Life.Church V 3.2.2 for Android 4.1++ We’ve beefed up our media section in this latest update. Now, in addition to weekly messages, you can listen to the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, catch up with what your kids and students are learning, lead your LifeGroup with special discussion videos, listen to your favorite worship songs offline, and more.
As always, you can stay in the loop with your church through the Weekly Guide, the Discover section, and a curated social feed.
Life.Church Team
Life.Church wants to make a lasting difference in your life, in our community, and in the world. Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
We meet in physical locations around the United States and globally online at h…

Download Syria Chat & Date سوريا شات V 2.21

Here we provide Syria Chat & Date سوريا شات V 2.21 for Android 4.0.3++ Syria Chat is a FREE dating and chat application for Syrians.
Talk and chat with Syrian in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Kuwait.
Here you can meet other Syrians from all over the world, from France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, Irland, United States, Canada or Even Australia.
Find and date your soulmate!
With Syria Chat, you can:
• Chat and meet other people.
• Chat and messages with images sharing ability.
• Have your own profile and wall.
• Talk to people Nearby, maybe in your neighborhood or city!
• Send gifts to your soulmate.
• Pictures and News Feed from awesome people.
• Add friends.
• Notifications for comments, messages, likes.
• Get likes and like other people.
• Search for other members.
• You can see who visited your profile and interested in you.
• Upgrade your account and become a VIP.
Our members are from different backgrounds, you…

Download YoCutie ♥ 100% Free Dating App V 1.145

Here we provide YoCutie ♥ 100% Free Dating App V 1.145 for Android 4.0.3++ 100% Free. Really.
No hidden Costs. No In-App Purchases. Completely Free.
NEW Video Dating Feature
Record your own short dating video and watch other videos inside our beloved App.
How it works
Swipe through Profiles and Pictures of other Cuties, set Yo's and soon as there is YoCutie Match you can start getting in touch.
YoCutie is your new Flirt & Dating App! Online Dating is now finally easy & cool. YoCutie is completely free and always will be. Meet new people today. Find your Love! Your soulmate is waiting for you. Meet other Singles (girls & guys) around you!
We stand behind our name. YoCutie is all about dating, flirting, chatting and finding your new dream partner. The good about it is that you get only in touch with people that your really interested in. This way you will never get a message from somebody who you don't like. We support Facebook, Google+ and E-Mail Login.
No matter …

Download Used Cars and Trucks for Sale V 3.6.1

Here we provide Used Cars and Trucks for Sale V 3.6.1 for Android 4.4++ Looking for a used car or truck? With Autolist you can search multiple used car apps and dealer websites in one place.
From SUVs to sports cars, Autolist has the largest selection of used cars of any app. Plus, know how long a car or truck has been for sale, how its price compares to similar vehicles, if its price drops (or rises), and its Carfax report.
Search millions of cars from 10,000s of used car apps and dealer websites in one easy app
View large, beautiful, detailed photos of every listing
Find your dream car fast with hundreds of filters (price, mileage, colors, transmission, drivetrain, etc.)
Save your search and be the first to know when new listings hit the market
Receive instant price drop alerts when one of your favorite listings…