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Download Sun, moon and planets

For sun, moon and planets you can calculate things like

★ Position (azimuthal and elevation angle)

★ Distance to earth

★ Rise and set

★ Daylight

★ Moon phase

★ Eclipses
Graphical displays of

★ Current lunar phase

★ Objects now above the horizon

★ Solar system (Current position of planets and other objects)

★ Moons of Jupiter (Current positions as seen from earth)

★ Moons of Saturn (Current positions as seen from earth)

★ Moons of Mars and Uranus

★ Ílluminated earth (as map or globe)

Graphical Widgets for Android’s home screen

★ Current lunar phase

★ Objects now above the horizon

★ Solar system (Current position of planets and other objects)

★ Ílluminated earth (as map or globe)
Get this astronomy app now!

Download Address:Sun, moon and planets

Download LightBike 2

The sequel to the worldwide mega hit “LightBike” is finally here on Android! Drive through cyberspace at the speed of light and have heated battles with opponents from all over the world!


★Simple controls- anyone can control a LightBike!

★New Jump button brings new strategy to gameplay!

★New 3D stages! Drop on opponents from above!

★New “Death match” game mode!

★Real-time head-to-head with players worldwide!

★Level up and play against opponents of similar skill!

★Track your ranking and follow your friends with Pankia!

★Challenge your friends to games with push notifications!

Download Address:LightBike 2

Download Guild of Heroes

Guild of Heroes is an RPG with isometric perspective set in a medieval fantasy world. As you play, you’ll have to face the forces of evil. No, it’s not a particularly original approach, but it’s a solid formula for a decent game.
◆ Jump right into the heat of battle. An intuitive UI will help find your way around the game in no time. But if you want to become a real hero, you’ll have to work hard.
◆ Explore a vast and colorful world. Venture on an epic journey across unique locations hiding countless secrets. You will travel through vast expanses of plains, thick forests and immeasurably deep caves and dungeons.
◆ Crush your enemies. Each of them will have unique behaviors and skills. Find their weak spots and leave them with no chance of defeating you.
◆ Defeat mighty bosses. These children of the dark have evolved to become almost invincible. They only fear their own Dark Lords. Kill them to obtain unique ancient artifacts.
◆ Equip your character. Collect your own armor and weapon sets f…

Download Shake-it Alarm

Alarms with buttons can be a bit complicated when you wake up in the morning. Perhaps in this disastrous moment that only thing you can do is shout at or shake whatever is in your way. That’s the philosophy behind this alarm. With Alarma-Shake it all you have to do when you wake up is to take out your mobile and let off some steam, when all you really want to do is go back to bed.

To turn off the alarm

1. Shake off: Shake-it! Shake-it Every morning! Who knows? you might even find yourself getting more muscular.

2. Scream off: For people who have frogs in their throats!! Potential singers!! Wake up every morning by shouting!!

3. Touch off: But not a simple touch!! You need to continuously tap your screen hard!!

4.Random mode: Wake up every morning with a new way!!

Powerful add-ons

1. The day’s Weather & News : check the news and weather of the day.It will be a fruithful morning!

2. choosing your alarm sounds : Isnt it better for you to be greeted in the morning by your favorite songs?

3. Al…

Download Peacekeeper

When the enemy’s at the gate, what choice do you have?
Thousands of vicious enemies are poised to destroy the city. As the Peacekeeper, it’s up to you to stop them. How?? Any way you can.
Duck the enemy fire in your trench, then unleash your firepower to hold your position. Don’t get overrun…or we’re all doomed!

• Endless waves of non-stop action

• Massive arsenal and armory

• Special power-ups to unlock

• Joint attacks from random divisions

• Top-notch graphics

• Epic boss fights!
Take down enemies to earn coins, then upgrade your kit to hit them back where it hurts. Grow your arsenal and your reputation, and make sure you keep the peace…at all costs!

Download Address:Peacekeeper

Download DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13

TO EVERYONE WHO GOT SYSTEM UI – FC – Here you ll know how to fix it in under 2 minutes without losing any personal data!!!
Be on the dark side of Android with this beautiful Lollipop material dark theme.
Starting as a little modification, mainly created for the custom rom “BlissPop”, this theme has grown up to a stand-alone CM12 theme, usable for every kind of device running CyanogenMod 12.

This theme is the overhauled version of my well-known cm12 theme “DEEP DARKNESS //” – it comes with compatibility to the newest custom-rom commits and features and let the original style of “DEEP DARKNESS //” shine in a new polished way! – To be able to stay on the old style of DEEP DARKNESS // I decided to create this makeover as a stand-alone variant instead of updating the original theme.
This theme got severall different color-schemes included. You need to download Arcus to be able to build these variants.

Download Address:DEEP DARKNESS // CM12 / CM13

Download Wrestle Funny

This is an amazing and funny game, you will win once you could make your opponent’s head hit the ground, or you will lose.

You could drive your legs by clicking the button on the screen. The funny point of the game is that people could rollover in the air hand in hand, and try to catch the chance to make you oppeonent hit the obstacle.Play as a wrestler. jump and make a funny joke .
What are you waiting for? Come and join the funny game quickly!

Download Address:Wrestle Funny

Download Star Trek ® - Wrath of Gems

The beloved Star Trek ™ franchise comes to life in this official RPG puzzle quest! Join the Federation in this exciting starship war game that combines your favorite Star Trek ™ characters from The Original Series and The Next Generation, together with spacecraft battles, PVP space combat, versus tournaments, and deep RPG leveling. Take part in this space battlefront, battle for the Galaxy and become a hero in the Universe!
Collect cards to unlock new characters and abilities. The Star Trek ™ roster is always growing with new characters and tiers each week. Will you be able to collect them all? Play the official Star Trek ™ game and be a real Trekker!
With deep RPG, recruit your favorite characters from TOS and TNG to create the ultimate crew! Will you need Jean-Luc Picard’s leadership, or Worf’s power? Take advantage of Commander Spock’s logic, Leonard McCoy’s medical background and the courage of Captain James T. Kirk. Assemble your own epic team and evolve them to defeat your galacti…

Download Gadgets 360

The Gadgets 360 app is the best way to stay on top of breaking tech news, latest product reviews, opinions, analysis, in-depth features, videos, and more from India’s biggest tech news website.
– Latest tech news, product reviews, and more

– Mobile and tablet finder

– Stay on top of breaking tech news with notifications

– Exclusive video content

– The fastest way to access all Gadgets 360 content

The Gadgets 360 mobile and tablet finder will help you select the device best suited to your budget and requirements. The app also includes the latest content from NDTV’s shows like Gadget Guru, Cell Guru, and the Prime tech band.

Download Address:Gadgets 360

Download Music And Beat (O2Jam)

Enjoy the new classic rhythm game for everyone!
– Perfect Single Play

We have focused on heightening the most important qualities of music games, by taking into consideration the feedback from game enthusiasts,

from sync to note angles, note size, note and background color, as well as types of categorized judgment criteria.
– Compete Against the Globally Renowned

There is not only a graph which enables you to view the player’s skills in a glance, a social feature which gives you a chance to boast to your friends

but also an opportunity to challenge the top players of music games from a global ranking to 1:1 online battle with a song chosen in random.
– New Skin System Full of Individuality

A strong customizing system is supported where separate skin patches can be fused or a completed set is available.

Enjoy ‘Music&Beat (O2Jam)’ on your own personalized play screen.

Don’t miss out the fun changing appearances of each skin type as you level up ‘Fever’ stages.

– Best Song Selection System Taki…

Download AirBrush - Best Selfie Editor

AirBrush brings you the best natural photo editing tools designed exclusively for the daily selfie taker!
Remove Blemishes

• With our blemish remover, you can eliminate pimples and unwanted spots with the tap of a finger. It’s like Photoshop, but 100x easier 😉
Love Your Smile?

• With our teeth whitening function, you’ll look like you came straight from the dentist
Perfect Complexion

• Use ‘Smooth’ to achieve a perfect, glowing complexion with a couple of swipes. No need to look for that perfect lighting or to even wear beauty products

• Never let poor lighting or long tired nights affect your selfie photos ever again with this great retouch tool
Bright Eyes

• With “Brighten,” AirBrush enhances your eyes to instantly light up your best selfie photo

Add Depth to Your Photos

• With our “Blur” tool, retouch any photo to give it more depth and keep only the things that matter in focus

• Instantly slim or increase any area of your photo with a couple of simple swipes

• …

Download Tank ON - Modern Defender

Tank On falls into that big rag bag of “active defense games”, meaning that you control a turret on the leftmost part of the screen and have to move it up and downwards to shoot at incoming enemies. In order to do so, you can fire a huge cannon or a fast twin machine gun, both upgradeable thorugh silver and golden currency. in addition, you can protect yourself with an energy shield.
Use special weapons:

• The Orbital Ion Cannon capable of destroying multiple targets at once

• The impact of electromagnetic waves that paralyzes enemy vehicles

• The force field that protects the entire base and

• The Nuclear bomb which blast covers the whole battlefield.

For every enemy destroyed you get silver coins, and gold coins for the completing of missions, and protecting your base.Spend the coins between missions to upgrade weapons and protection of the base, and to improve special weapons as well!
This Tank On is a good example of how simplest games can be the more addictive and interesting. You don’t…

Download Hitap Indic Keyboard

Hitap Indic Keyboard include support for a wealth of languages, including twelve different Indian dialects. It also allows you to customize with themes, emojis, sounds, stickers and more. You can also adjust the keyboard size and share your creations straight from the keyboard.
Featured function:
☆ A large amount of free themes available:

Free download large amount of characteristic keyboard themes, and making each time of your click different alone with sound, special effects and exclusive font theme.
☆ Individual customized theme:

Download one of your picture you like, it can becomes your input method skin, the picture can be your self-portrait, idol, lover or your family, which can make them accompany you all the time!
☆ Intelligent word suggestions make input much faster:

It acts like your full-time adjutant, which can remember your habit, your character, even help you to correct mistake!
☆ Great capacity of word bank with typing presentation automatically:

Support rapid input, one letter …

Download Tubers Tycoon

Finally in Android one of the best youtubers life simulator, in Tubers tycoon you can create your own virtual channel and grow your audience in any of the following topics:
– Vlogs

– Gameplay

– Prank

– Beauty & fashion

– Music
Create new content and get new views which will lead in new subscriptors and virtual currency.. and who knows, maybe your video get viral and you end up being millionaire! as in the real life! tube tycoon is a fun simulator game!
Welcome to the youtubers life! Compite with your friends and climb in the ranking till the top! will you be the next pewdiepie? In tube tycoon you need to play with strategy, for example invest in the videos which the go viral percentage is higher!

As a recommendation we suggest to do not spend all your budget at one, split in a few videos and be patient! Im sure your next video will go viral! like yosoygerman for example!
This game represent the youtubers life and was inspired in tube tycoon, a great pc simulator which was promoted by some…

Download Hero Simulator: Clicker Game

In Hero Simulator, you have to actively train to be one of the best knights in the medieval world. You learn about tools and weapons, upgrade yourself, and learn tactics that can help you. You go on adventures that really help you out.
Heroes for hire:

Becoming a knight takes lots of training and studying. You’ll need to acquire the right tactics in order to take on your enemies and figure out how to use all sorts of equipment and weapons. Don’t worry though. Learning how to become the best warrior in the kingdom is incredibly fun too. You’ll be dueling with dragons and brawling with bandits in no time! First though, you’ll need to mine some ore and hunt down a few ingredients for some powerful potions.

Some fearless features:

– Tons of upgrades, weapons, skills, items and magical abilities for you to master.

– Six different guilds to join.

– Helpful party members that will aide you on your adventures.

– Build up your honor level and gold for more exciting quests.
The path to knighthood isn’…

Download Baby musical instruments

Educational app. Learn the musical instruments.
Which musical instrument does your baby prefer?

Scenes of different musical instruments with exciting performances by the cute animals cultivate and train your baby’s mind to recognize the different sounds and learn to play the most popular musical instruments: xylophone, piano and drums.
Does your baby like musical rhythms?

A special interactive model of rhythms is designed to suit your baby’s needs.

This app is fun and easy to learn, and can foster your baby’s musical talent.

All your child needs to do is simply click on the screen and the musical instruments will play following his/her “clicks”.

We care about EDUCATION, we care about FUN.

There are dozens of background songs to listen to while playing.

Interactive, interesting and entertaining children games.

– focus on inspiration, not just learning.

– focus on capacity-building, rather than a single cognition.

– focus on entertaining, rather than spoon-feeding teaching.
Developed specifically fo…

Download FallenSouls

A powerful kingdom, ruled by 3 mighty races, is battling against an overwhelming darkness. Heroes, you are needed! Join the war and show us your true powers and bring peace back to this world!
FallenSouls is an exciting and immersive MMORPG loaded with intense gameplay!
Travel the realm as a noble human, a bloodthirsty orc or one of the mighty undead.

Will you protect your allies as a resolute Warrior?
Or will you decimate leagues of enemies as a Ranger?

Will you control the very battle itself with the arcane powers of a Mage?

Climb to the heights of the PvP Arena, and to be the number one by defeating the strongest heroes your server has to offer!

Band together with friends and take on epic dungeons, defeat powerful bosses, and reap rewards and treasures beyond imagination.

Come and join the leagues of players giving their all to slay the monster who brought our world to the brink of destruction, the World Boss Leviathan!

Lend your great power to a friendly guild, and grow stronger with your …

Download Shoujo City

Shoujo City is a dating simulator game where you’ll have to interact with cute anime girls in a virtual Japanese city. Your goal in this anime dating sim is to win love of a girl in 10 days by giving her gifts, playing games, inviting to a cafe, or having regular dates.

Game features:

* During dating scenes the girls are moving and interacting with you in real time – using polygonal graphics

* Various locations often seen in anime games and series – school, park, shops, cafes, Shinto shrine, beach, and more

* You can choose to play as a girl or as a boy

* Alternating day/night cycles with different activities

* Hand-drawn anime pixelart graphics

* You can dress up your girl using cosplay items (like fox or cat ears, bows, chokers), or give her pet mascots she will carry on her head

* Crane machine mini-games where you can win plush toys to use as gifts

* A pocky mini-game – you’ll be rewarded with a kiss if you win

* Each girl has a different personality and requires a different approach

* One …

Download Who Viewed Me On Fbook

Let’s check who is visited my Facebook profile. This application is for entertainment Use only. Application will help you to find the people who viewed my Facebook profile most. You may find your crush with this application. You can find profile visitors/profile stalkers/profile spy.
Most important note is :
This application will only show you those users who are in your Facebook friends list. Within your Facebook friends you can find your crush.

This is free version of my paid application. Application is just for entertainment. Application will not show you full list of profile visitors. you need to buy if you want to see full list of profile visitors data.
You can see the friends who views my Facebook profile. We developed this application very user friendly and we always ready to help you, if you have any issue please contact us to our support email address.
Thank you for your corporation. Please rate this application. your feedback is a lot for us. we will continuously working on th…

Download Hero arcade player

Play arcade games and classic games using “Hero arcade player”. Best arcade app!
That was a classic age.In that age, there were a lot of funny games with just small size. The role were those great arcades. And the players were the heros.

Now this classic age will back to your android phone. Hero arcade player is an arcade emulator by which you could choose arcade game and play.

Are you ready to be a hero.



ps: Some roms are prohibited from playing in some countries. Based on the game of copyright protection , blurred treatment was conducted on the part of the screenshot.Screenshots are just rendering, for reference only. Thanks.

Download Address:Hero arcade player

Download Cruise Ship 3D Simulator

Cruise ship 3D simulator is a classic ship simulator game, in which you can steer your own cruise ship in different environments. Drive and steer your cruise ship into 20 different ports around the globe. Cruise ship 3D simulator is a realistic simulation game that puts the players at the helm of a big and beautiful cruise ship, as a captain of your own ship you need to perform a multitude of tasks. Drive you ship through massive ports full of other ships.
Be Careful captain that you don’t bump your ship into anything else. Watch out for other boats ships and other ocean ships. enjoy the dynamic ocean waves. amd realistic ship motions.

Cruise ship 3D simulator game features:
– Big ships to steer

– Different missions

– Time changeling

– Real water physics

– real world environment, visually stunning

– Free super addictive and realistic simulator
We hope you’ll enjoy this new android 3D ship simulator game for free, please give use some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebook page…

Download Tappymon

Welcome to the world of Tappymon where elements and legendary monsters exist in harmony. Be the best trainer you can be by feeding your monsters, evolving them, leveling them up and breeding them to create new elements and explore the world of Tappymon!

4 different elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air. By feeding your Tappymon and evolving them with different elements you’re able to create whole new elements and breed different monsters!
Unlock 29 different Tappymon monsters, battle your way through the arenas and collect hundreds of items and artifacts to strengthen your Tappymons in battle!

Download Address:Tappymon

Download Sudden Warrior

How is your warrior? Still fighting loneliness?
This is an action RPG different from any other!

Experience fun and thrilling battles that you never experienced before!
Help the warrior recover and assist attacks while enjoying an entirely different gameplay!
Keep off the monsters and go beyond limits with endless battles!

Numerous worlds and a variety of monsters! The pleasure of basic RPG, with a variety of equipment and attire to obtain through out the game!
Costumes that make you look forward to the next
fun and interesting storylines, the ending of the story has a twist?!
With an urgency that keeps you on the edge
let’s help our mighty man through a variety of ways to bridge over his ordeal!

Download Address:Sudden Warrior

Download One Hundred Ways

100 (115!) tricky levels to solve One Hundred Ways. The goal – to make the ball reach its goal – sounds simple – but it is not! To solve the levels, there are some tools available. Sometimes one needs to think outside the box to overcome obstacles. In December the game got a 15 level upgrade for more fun!


• 100 levels for a lot of gaming fun

• Plus 15 level for more fun, released in December 2015

• 10 tutorial levels

• Modern interface

• Optimized touch-control

• Over 30 tools that make it either more difficult or easier for the ball to reach its goal

• Slowly increasing difficulty

• Real time 3D-Iso-view

• Game in English and German
This game is optimized for devices from 7″. But it runs also on smaller devices.

Download Address:One Hundred Ways

Download Angry Phoenix Revenge 3D

Fly high in the sky! Attack towns by fireballs to grab the whole empire!!
What you know about primordial Fantasy Phoenix??
Fantasy World Creature land over Human world to take revenge!!
It is time for you to fly the fire breathing legendary creature from the barbaric fictional times!
Features Of Angry Phoenix Revenge 3D:

• Monstrous 3D Animated Phoenix for you to control and fly.

• Thrilling Phoenix flight missions

• Amazing Phoenix flying and attacking animations

• Beautiful environment with Vibrant 3D graphics

• Fast and action packed gameplay.

• Plenty of fun sounds

• Smooth controls And Amazing Visual Effects

• Epic Battles with Elite Archers, Cyclops and Other Mythical Creatures.

• Realistic Fire Breathing Action.

• Fight Against Invading Knights, Phoenix Slayers, and Monsters.

Take control of a Warrior Phoenix and reclaim your medieval kingdom. Angry Phoenix Revenge 3D Provide you a perfect chance to feel the terror and menace of being an Angry Gold Wings Monster. Let’s continue all the myths!…

Download Fantasy Chronicles

A REAL 3D action-packed fantasy MMORPG with thousands of players around the world!

Jump into the Fantasy Land, a vast world of various big maps and challenges!
Keep your unique pets and explore all the possibility with them!

Battle as a team in this fantasy world, try get stronger and make more friends!

[Rich Gameplays]

Free battling, World boss, Pillage quest, Escort quest, Legion wars, Arena, Dungeon explorations, Events and more, you will never get bored.
[Big Maps]

Open world, endless views!

There are various big maps big open maps for your exploration, take your pet and enjoy the views of the fantasy Land. But please refrain to go too far.

[Unique Pets]

Collect more and pet them.

Pet are also Mount in this Fantasy World which can travel you through the whole land and aid your battle.
[Free Real-time Battles]

Always keep attention!

A real-time battle with players could happen anywhere and anytime when you are in PK mode.

Get stronger or group up with your guild buddies.
[Fashion Suits]


Download Idle Crusade

Welcome to Idle Crusade! The best, free, strategy RPG has finally arrived! In this auto-battle adventure you’ll be fighting 24/7, even when you’re not on. You’ll always be earning gold, loot, and experience while you’re sleeping, at work, school, or anywhere else! Build, strengthen, and customize your party of heroes as you purge the demon menace and retake your lands. Engage in wars as you clash with other Guilds, or strive to be Champion in the Arena. Start your adventure today!
Stunning, Immersive Visuals

-Watch real-time battles as your heroes battle demons and bosses

-The ONLY auto battle game with fluid battle animations

Find and Craft Invincible Gear

-24/7 battling means a non-stop supply of loot

-Smelt unwanted gear and use it to forge epic gear

-Strengthen your equipment with Runes and Arcane Crystals
Deep Hero Customization

-Over a dozen different classes for heroes means over a thousand combinations

-Over 100 skills and abilities to learn
Fierce PvP and Guild Wars

-Triumph in the Arena…

Download Anime And Manga Amino

Anime Amino is the fastest growing mobile social network for anime and manga superfans!
Anime & Manga Amino is the perfect way for enthusiasts to:
– EXPLORE your interests with new friends who share your passions.

– UNITE with anime, manga, otaku, vocaloid music, and cosplay fans from around the world! Enter a world just for anime enthusiasts.

– DISCOVER others who share your favorites and collaborate on events, projects, and posts.

– ENGAGE with other anime fans and cosplayers to ask, answer, and discuss all the greatest anime scenes, episodes, characters, and more.

– SHARE your cosplay costumes and anime experiences from conventions and other events.

Look no further for the perfect place to talk about your favorite anime and manga. Anime & Manga Amino is the ultimate anime social networking app for your phone!

Download Address:Anime And Manga Amino

Download Silly Slide

Welcome to the endless retro party of 3D Silly Slide world!
Speed up and slide down the lane as fast as you can, just make sure you don’t smash into something. Different obstacles will cross the road and try to destroy you – keep on tapping to avoid them!
· Planet of the Apps’ original gameplay
· 3D retro game
· One finger tap control

· Fun and original backgrounds and atmospheres to slide through
· Party time!
It only takes a tap of the finger to slide down the mountain. Watch out for the trees, animals, sharp angles or any other obstacle in your way. You never know where you’ll be sliding – a snowy mountain, sand dunes in the desert or even join the silliest party in the world!

Download Address:Silly Slide

Download Farming PRO 2016

Jump into addictive and dazzling world of farming with Farming PRO 2016. Enjoy one of the most realistic and largest worlds ever available on phones and tablets. Invite your friends to help you with your farming tasks in a brand new local multiplayer mode.

● Experience highly realistic and detailed 3D graphics with stunning open world gameplay

● Own over sixty precisely designed vehicles and tools, including tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, trucks, cultivators, sowing machines and many more

● Hire AI assistants to help you with your work.

● Walk or drive around your farm (also enjoy interior view for all vehicles)

● Plant, spray, grow and harvest corn, canola, wheat, hay, sugar beets and potatoes to sell them on the market at different prices

● Raise cows, sheep, chickens and pigs and feed them with optimal fodder to guarantee highest productivity

● Manage your farm with friends thanks to local multiplayer mode

Start your agricultural career today. Harvest fields, raise animals…

Download Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer where you play as an animated cube of meat who’s trying to save his girlfriend (who happens to be made of bandages) from an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tux.
Our meaty hero will leap from walls, over seas of buzz saws, through crumbling caves and pools of old needles. Sacrificing his own well being to save his damsel in distress. Super Meat Boy brings the old school difficulty of classic titles and stream lines them down to the essential no BS straight forward twitch reflex platforming.

Ramping up in difficulty from hard to soul crushing SMB will drag Meat boy though haunted hospitals, salt factories and even hell itself. And if 300+ single player levels weren’t enough SMB also throws in epic boss fights, tons of unlockable secrets, warp zones and hidden characters.

Download Address:Super Meat Boy

Download Mine Quest 2

Dig into the epic world of Mine Quest and explore a land full of mysteries and challenges! Delve into unscathed mines packed with monsters in your hunt after materials to craft and upgrade legendary gear.
From the creators of the award-winning mining RPG Mine Quest comes a mind-blowing new adventure!
Become a fearless dwarf in a quest to uncover an incredible world digging up the subterranean and looting its treasures. Dig through the underground to find the hidden blueprints that will aid you in crafting legendary items and weapons.
Raid mines, unlock treasures buried deep inside them and fight monsters and bosses that will crawl through the rocks to guard the valuable resources you are trying to steal. Explore this mythical place and go on a digging spree with Mine Quest 2!


• EXPLORE a fantastic world of mines and danger

• DISCOVER and CRAFT items such as pickaxes, armors and weapons

• BATTLE your enemies in a vast number of CHALLENGES and take their loot


Download Amateur Surgeon 4

Dr. Ignacious Bleed, the pioneer of amateur surgery, is back from the dead! Help him solve the mystery of his sudden resurrection as he spans the globe for answers and saves some unwitting lives along the way. Over 100 surgeries await – some brand new, some retooled and remastered from Amateur Surgeon 1-3 (brand-new for the first time on Android!). Plus: recruit familiar faces with special abilities to boost your skills, gather collectible cards to level up your tools, and try your hand at the all-new Field Hospital mode. It’s time to grab your trusty, rusty pizza cutter and get to work!

– Over 100 surgeries to perform, mixing brand-new with beloved classics

– Complete complex surgical maneuvers with common household tools like a pizza cutter, stapler, lighter, chainsaw and more

— Field Hospital survival mode: take on 10 rapid-fire challenges for currency bonuses and bragging rights

– Recruit 30 partner characters from the past with special abilities to enhance your surgical skills

– Colle…

Download virtual reality games - GeoBots

Take turns downing GeoBots with your friends!
GeoBots VR is a virtual reality experience that takes you through a factory swarming with GeoBots!
Your goal is to shoot them down as fast as possible!
You’ll get points for shooting down multiple bots in quick succession, as well as bonus points based on how long you have stayed alive! Be aware though, as time progresses, bots will hurt more! Earn Cogs in game to spend on new bot designs and weapons!

Our next update will include a whole new story mode and new bots, weapons, and dangers!
Using your Google Cardboard compatible device, take aim at the GeoBots and use your gaze to shoot them down! If you don’t have a Google Cardboard device, you can also play in normal widescreen mode.

Download Address:virtual reality games - GeoBots

Download Anger of Stick 5

Up-to-date version of ‘ AngerOfStick ‘, Top hottest Game in the world with 40 milion download record

the best stickman fighting game ‘ Anger of stick5 : zombie ‘
*StickMan Game:

AngerOfStick2, AngerOfStick3, AngerOfStick4, AngerOfStick5
*Coupon System :

Coupons can be used to entertain more games.

A strange group of enemies appeared in the city and have been using innocent people as experimental tools.

Lots of people have turned into Zombie so that Hero and his friends should save the people and remove the enemies.

*Collect various colleagues!

– Please collect 6 kinds of reliable fellows.

– You can arrange the stage with the total 3 fellows.
*RPG’s growth elements

-The level up system throgh experiences (EXP).
*You can enjoy both Single mode and Jombie mode.

*A variety of movements and realistic actions have been realized.

Download Address:Anger of Stick 5

Download Kungfu Monkey-Global

The First 3D mobile game about monster hunting, contains a complete growth system and various expanding systems. The original Monster Hunting system will bring you refreshing experiences with the beautiful pictures and various game systems
【Real Time Battle】

Each member of the two sides was the ability to start a thrilling exciting Fusion battle,more than 10 member of both side will be joining in the fight, dazzling skills to stunning the sense of player
【Combination Of Talisman 】

with a variety of combat tactics, and each has its own unique magic skills, use it in reasonable way is the key to victory!
【Catch Them All】

At Kungfu Monkey,the main way to get generals is to Capture Them, players can release the Buddha magic in the battle to capture the specified role

【Change Form】

During the battle, according to the role of the different players operate, morph into various forms. Evil bias on more attack skill, deity bias on more defend skill and Buddha bias on crowd control skill
【Become The Raid…

Download Real Ninja Warrior Amazing Run

Use assassin agility like a shinobi and climb ninja on wall like crazy climber. Swim through water or make wall running to show your martial arts moves. Play Real Ninja Warrior Amazing Run fast-paced adventure game show.
Real Ninja Warrior Amazing Run Features:
★ Insane breathtaking jumps on obstacles course stages to roll over big balls

★ Multiple characters to perform parkour moves over various hurdles

★ Realistic ninjutsu and stealth movements between ninja course

★ Amazing wall running, swimming, ninja jump and rock climbing animations

★ Smooth onscreen touch buttons for shadow fighting game

★ HD graphics with ninja kung-fu training course to explore

★ Clear Training level to learn all abilities to conquer obstacle course

With amazing ninja, you wipeout all American and Japanese opponent folks and become worthy to win these challenging obstacles. Survive little longer to get title of Ninja Master. Don’t be wacky! Avoid hitting big balls and falling in water pool around the track. Ninja run…

Download Video Slideshow Proshow Effect

Software photo slideshow maker with music to Android with the best features like unlimited duration, without watermark and many stunning effects are provided for free. Applications make video from photos and music you are looking for that is the Video Slideshow Creator. With the support of professional video editors, many stunning effects for adding shimmering video, you can easily video slide show unlimited photos or make a slideshow with music and pics.
Key Features Video Slideshow Creator:
– Nice interface

– Support to edit video clips

– Support for professional video editors

– Support 30 filters amazing video

– Allows simple add music to video

– Thousands of unique sticker

– Support for creating video clips from photos and mp3 music, create video from photos and music effects.

– Edit video visual, photo live wallpaper slideshow

– An app to make a birthday slide show with music, app that uses videos to make slideshows, app to add songs to pictures

– Supports video time-lapse

– Romantic photo v…

Download Find The Difference

Spot the differences between two pictures. Plenty of levels, no time limit, and zoom functionality make for a nice game.
* Favorite and familiar from childhood game!

* Look not 3, not 5, or even 7 differences – seek and find 10 differences on each picture!

* No timer – play at a pace that is familiar to you!

* A lot of levels, and ability to download new levels directly from the game!

* Excellent zoom functionality!

* Can’t find some difference? – no problem! Use a hint or just skip this level and enjoy the game further!

* We are trying to create a game which brings you a sea of good mood and positive emotions!

How to play?

Just look at two very similar pictures, find the difference and click on it – that’s all the rules.

Use zoom or ‘Show difference’ function in difficult situations.
Multiple levels will not get bored even the most demanding player. Many consider this game’s puzzles, some say it’s a quiz, but, probably, it is still primarily a casual game which gives you the opportunity to enj…

Download Seven Guardians

Seven Guardians is an epic strategy RPG where players take control of a group of heroes from different species fighting side by side against hoards of the undead. Elves, humans, dwarves, and even golems join forces on your side waging war against the likes of evil demons, skeletons and enemy trolls.
In Seven Guardians battle takes place during real time, and players can unleash their troops at any time. Don’t forget that some of your warriors are much stronger against certain specific enemies. Activating your special skills is a possibility at any point during the game, and thanks to this feature, your enemies will face split second destruction.

Clash in battle utilizing individually unique skilled seven heroes; Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Defender, Wizard, Golem and Warlord.


Single and online modes with intense action in PvP Arena, Sanctuary, Guild Raids and more!


Download RPG Aurcus Online

Super exhilarating action with aerial combos! Online RPG (MMO RPG) for smartphones “Aurcus Online”

Action RPG you can enjoy Online on your smart device is right here!
1.Simple yet deep combat system

Simple tap to release Skill plus the non-targeting system brings freedom to combats.

Combine the easy-to-control strikes and various Skills to finish the enemies in aerial combos!

Experience the stimulation taking full control of your character, and the exciting realistic action combats!
2.Enjoy the PvP (Player VS Player) with your friends

Arena feature where you fight against one another is available.

It sure will be exciting to battle with the character you have trained!

Communicating with your friends using the Chat or Emotion feature will make the tactics even wider!
3.World of adventure with infinite possibility

New fields, jobs, etc. will be added from updates. The world of adventure will expand, and will not end!

Levaria, the land protected by the spirits.

Countries have fought with sword…

Download Car Dash 2016

Offroad Racers! Start your engines and get set for the latest offroad adventure
Fasten your seat belts and brace yourself for a crazy and exciting off road contest. Jump in your car and dash to the finish line. Compete with other drivers to complete the mission before everyone else. Car Dash 2016 is the ultimate offroad driving game with 4 Play Modes: Lap Race, Coin Collect, Time Trial, Stunts Challenge.
Equally exciting for young and old, Car Dash 2016 provides a unique blend of smooth controls, action packed game play and challenging missions. Experience surreal vehicle physics and perform crazy stunts in fantastic 3D desert environment. Car Dash 2016 is all about hi-speed racing, unreal stunts, crazy drifts and outrageous fun.

Choose your favorite car and drive at blazing speed through 2 huge maps covered with ramps, hoops and reverse loops. Earn free cash for every successful flip, drift, jump and top-speed drive.
Features of Car Dash 2016:

• Realistic Car Physics

• Awesome Cars Colle…


Chicago Crime Simulator 3D brings the underworld of the city to life in this third person 3D action game. Rise from a foot soldier as you take on the role of a hit man, enforcer, getaway driver and more in this newest 3D crime game. The game features loads of different action packed missions with different sub quests possible in a city that is more than 5 square miles.

As a player you can perform a wide variety of different criminal activities, ranging from stealing cars to assassinations like a real hit man. Earn money and respect on the streets, upgrade and buy a new arsenal of weapons in this Chicago crime city inspired crime game!


Chicago Crime Simulator 3D takes place in the Crime city of Chicago for years criminal case numbers were going down in the City. But today it’s time for you to show everyone who the boss is. Pick up your guns and start shooting down your rivals that now rule the …

Download Face Swap

Face Swap lets you switch faces with a friend or family in real-time. Take photos of yourself swapping faces with a celebrity, friend and share it with everybody! Except for Face swap, there are numerous animated stickers with themes of animal, cartoon, movie, etc. You can become cute kitty or Captain American in just one second. (By 403 Studio)
Tips:Real-time face swapping and animated sticker are not supported by Android 4.2 and lower. Users are strongly advised to update mobile phone system for more interesting experiences.

Key Features:

•Animated sticker

Six scenes, hundreds of interesting animated stickers make you never be fed up with it! We will update more and more animated stickers continuously!

•Face Swap

Swapping face with families and friends, and you can even swap face with the sculpture in museum.

•Video filter

Beautiful video filter, you can switch freely while shooting.

•Direct Share

Your can share your photo and video rapidly in Instagram, Facebook and other social platform.

Download Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up

Join Lil Wayne and the Sqvad as they hit the streets of New Orleans and grind their way from Hollygrove to the French Quarter.

Pick up drones along the way to help you navigate and earn cash to unlock cool new skate gear that will help you get further and faster in style.
Sqvad Up is an action-packed throw back arcade game inspired by Lil Wayne’s love of skateboarding.

Download Address:Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up

Download Candy Bomb

Come and enjoy tasty cookie and candy in Candy Bomb with us!

Candy Bomb is a brand new game brings a new way of match-3 fun in Cookie Story. New candies, more divine, more star combinations and challenging game modes brimming with Candy Bomb!

★ Fantastic candy wonderland, 80+ well-designed free levels!

★ Create amazing power-ups and use them to clear the screen!

★ Explore juicy new environments and meet the kookiest characters

★ Huge awesome explosions as Sugar Smash sugar mania to bits, splashing Cookie goo everywhere!

★ We will add more levels & update gameplay regularly
Welcome to the sweet wonderland full of cookies and candy in Candy Bomb!

Download Address:Candy Bomb

Download Music

[Music] , the best free mp3 and music player in the world with endless music from soundcloud.

[Music] , With great buffer space, Music is similar to a music downloader, makes it possible to have perfect musical experience offline.

[Music] , the most powerful music player for android.

[Music] has powerful music library which includes abundant free songs, and its stylish user interface will give you great music experience.
【Quick Search】

**Enter keywords such as singer’s name, song name and song style, more songs from Soundcloud will be easily found!

**Three options: New, Hot, Best. Recommend you higher quality free music.

** Different music searching tags: Style, Duration, Time.

** Automatically save searching history, more convenient to search your favorite songs.

** Recommend you high quality music according to your searching history.

【High Quality Music Player】

**With powerful music library &smooth and pure tone, Music Player gives you the best feeling.

**Play music in the background of yo…

Download Invisible Skins for Slitherio

Slitherio is probably one of the simplest and most addictive games on the internet and mobile devices right now.

Following in the footsteps of the ever-so-popular Agario, if you haven’t tried slitherio yet, but have heard your friends raving about it, then we’ve thrown together a beginner’s guide of everything you need to change the game skin, including how to play, tips and tricks for getting ahead and where to find the best extensions, skins and mods if you wish to add them.

Download Address:Invisible Skins for Slitherio

Download Flutter: Starlight

The creators of Flutter bring you a beautiful NEW rainforest adventure. See the stars twinkle as the moon moves through its lunar cycle, and flowers bloom as a firefly bursts light over the forest. You’ll discover that moths are just as beautiful as any butterfly!

Can you discover the whole wonderful range of moth species? There’s an incredible assortment of shape, size, colour, and wing patterns, all based on real world species!

Plant bioluminescent mushrooms, see your environment light up with dancing fireflies, and discover a huge array of magical flowers with which to decorate your environment.


You would never believe how beautiful and interesting moths could be! We have incredible species from all around the world, each with their own unique facts about their real world behaviors.

Every month you’ll be challenged to collect a limited set of moths in our super fun events. Just ask our fans, they’ve been loving our e…

Download Bonecrusher

Embrace your inner bone collector and gather all the bones you can! Use power-ups to evade the devastating spikes and look stylish doing so with a variety of skins, or err, skulls!

Download Address:Bonecrusher