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Download Strandead V1.5.7 APK

It takes guts to play Strandead, the new Happy Tree Friends HTML5 game! Help Giggles escape the island by using the slingshot to fire her into the air and across the sea. Bounce off birds to keep your momentum, but watch out for planes and satellites. Do you have what it takes?
Editors Notes:Great game, very beautiful game, it is strongly recommended.

Download Address:Strandead V1.5.7 APK

Download LINE Rilakkuma LOOP V1.7.1 APK

The adorable Rilakkuma puzzle game is now available in English and Chinese!Gameplay is simple: just tap one of the many Stages in themes you know and love!
Rilakkuma Loop has two modes:
1) Stage Mode

Strategize how to finish the mini-Missions (like clearing every Ball) in each Stage. The more you finish, the more challenging they become, so enjoy exploring the world of Rilakkuma!
2) Rilakkuma Cup Mode

Aim for 1st place as you compete with friends

for the highest score in the Weekly Ranking!

You’ll get Rewards for ranking in at the top♪
Gameplay Basics

To finish a Stage, clear every Ball! Line

up and clear 3 or more Balls of the same color by tapping to roll your Marble!
New rules are added with each Stage, making the world of Rilakkuma more fun to explore!

・To clear Balls, line up 3 or more of the same color.

・Try to clear Balls back-to-back (“”Chain””) and get lots of Points!

・Clear lots of Balls to MAX your Joy-o-meter!

Using Skills gives you an advantage.

・Clear enough Balls and a valuable “”Jolly…

Download Divide By Sheep V1.207 APK

Have you ever played the fox, goose and bag of beans puzzle? Divide by Sheep is a fun and original puzzle game which has something reminiscent of that classic fable. In this case, there’s just sheep, which you’ll have to move onto a boat to safety int he wake of a great flood, by following the riddles and solving the puzzles.
How do you play? Use the platforms to add and subtract the sheep, swiping to transport them to one island or another, keeping in mind that you have to shed a few on the way.
What the press says:
• “Want to fling sheep at lasers? You probably want Divide by Sheep then, because in Divide by Sheep you can fling sheep at lasers” – PocketGamer

• “Divide by Sheep is a quirky (and brutal) math puzzle game” – imore

• “Divide By Sheep is a fun mathematics based puzzle game. No, really. 8/10” – 148apps

• “Oh and the traps involve splitting sheep in half which then get taped back together once on the raft” – TouchArcade
The mighty features:
• 120 mind bending puzzles spread across …

Download 8infinity V0.4.33 APK

8infinity is a special game. We’d put it with the time-killers, because it really is a great way to fill a gap in your day; while waiting for the bus, waiting for a friend, or at the doctor’s. You’ll have to pay attention to make sure you steer the ball in the right direction. Everything depends on the colors.
Passing through eight is signaled by color, which player must click the correct button: violet or color blue, double color or gray – the most surprising move, where a player can’t touch the screen!
The level of difficulty increases every time you reach the “8” – the pace of the game becomes faster. Surprise causes unpredictable rotation of eights – it is like rollercoaster!
The hero of the game is a heavy metal ball, that enlightens “8” like an orange fireball. The whole game is complemented by the purposefully created sound.
The game graphic design has been carefully tailored combining terms of classic elements with modern visual design.
This is an entertaining game for those little…

Download SnapMovie (road movie maker) V2.35.0 APK

SnapMovie is a movie maker app.SnapMovie lets you to record and share life’s best moments through beautiful videos.
Main Features :

– Set the aspect ratio

– Record video (1~6 seconds)

– Apply Effect Filters

– Add Overlay Images

– Add background music
Notice :

– Do not delete the cache data using the optimized app (Clean Master, 360 security, etc.). Your valuable data will be lost.

– Encoding task needs 50~200mb ram usage

– Please contact us if you have any questions or opinions via email
Editors Notes:It’s the only app where you can create multiple projects which you can pool and rearrange later on. Best video app out there.

Download Address:SnapMovie (road movie maker) V2.35.0 APK

Download Binary Challenge > Binary Game V2.05.03 APK

Binary Challenge Hexadecimal is a unique scientific game, perfect for students or people interested in learning binary code.
The app helps you train your calculation skills by presenting calculation exercises. Don’t worry, you’ll become faster and faster as you keep practicing.
Binary Challenge is completely captivating and includes a cool tutorial that’ll explain the basics of the game. Plus, it features three different game modes (Assisted, Pure or Insane) so you can continue challenging yourself and become much better with time. If you want to keep track of your efforts, the game also introduces achievements, which will be hard to master.
Besides Binary code, the app lets you learn Quaternary and Hexadecimal, so it’s much more complete than you could expect at first sight. In addition, the app provides you with a step by step explanation of every result, so there’s obviously an educational aspect to the game.
Editors Notes:We don’t want to downplay the graphics, which are absolutely st…

Download Snake Game V1.3 APK

We all remember the classic Snake Game. Now you can relive the old days on your mobile device with this modern version. Sure, you may have some fun for a while, but this offering could use a bit more oomph.
– 4 WORLDS: Classic, Retro, Snake on Steroids, and Snake Master

– 3 WAYS TO PLAY: tetris, swipe, or random

– Rewind the snake option

– Various boosters to help you progress
How long can you last before your tail becomes your dinner? Take the challenge! Test all the snake games within the game and join our hall of fame by being one of the longest lasting players. Ready? Go for it!
Classic games have never been more fun! Download Snake Game and add this simple game to the list of the cool games you have recently played. Retro games are in so do not hesitate to join the craze!
Editors Notes:If you are looking for a good dose of nostalgia, then go back in time with this recreation of the classic snake game. Load up times were quick, the file size is small, it’s not a resource hog, an…

Download Police Lights and Sirens Pt. V4.60 APK

The app lets you cycle between several different types of lights, and has a looped siren sound. The ads make the app pretty much unusable however – as well as banner ads it has timed full screen ads.
Police Lighting features:

* Easy to use built-in light effects sequences

* Multiple preset light effects

* 5 unique lights effects

* Fire truck or Firefighter lights effects

* Realistic and detailed graphics of a stungun

* Powerful electric sound effects

* Flash effect using the LED

* Powerful vibration sensation
Police Siren features:

* Siren sound

* Manual siren button
Use cases features:

* Use the light at rock, electro swing dance, house, hip hop and electronic music concerts.

* Use the lights as disco lights at electropop music concerts.

* Use the light in tactical situations or play cosplay with your friends with the ultimate police lights!
Editors Notes:The app has a bunch of different kinds of lights you can cycle through – red and blue police lights, red lights, yellow lights, and a few variation…

Download SLIDE PUZZLE V8.2.1 APK

Make your own customized slide puzzle with letters, numbers, colors, shapes and photos. You can use custom pictures from your phone/tablet, use the camera, or fetch any photo from the Internet. With an internal library of photos, you can store youir own photos as favorites. A few photo samples are included for you to start playing immediately.
A slide puzzle is one were the aim is to sort the given pieces, using a blank slot for movement. A detailed demo of how to solve the puzzle is provided.
It is kids friendly and the complexity increases as you play. For example, you could easily create a series of slide puzzles with your childs favorite cartoon characters, super heroes or animals. For yourself, you could try a few wallpapers of landscapes or celebrities. Good candidate pictures for higher grid sizes, ideally should not have large areas that look the same. You could still use any photo, thanks to the optional number labeling of the photos.
Other features:

★ 8 (3×3), 15 (4×4), 24 (5×5)…

Download Bubble Shooter Candy Dash V3.4.2 APK

In Bubble Shooter Candy Dash, you will need to help the king restore the crown jewels by shooting candy in order to match three or more and complete the level. In your way, try to collect all the candy and make sure to not run out of shots.
We don’t know if it’s the graphics, the cute candy characters, the smooth moves or whatever but this apparently classic game feels like fresh and new. Everything works quick and you don’t have time for boredom, just keep playing and passing all the levels with the highest possible rating. The app includes 200 different levels divided into 10 kingdoms, and you can even replay them all to get the three-star rating in all of them.
This game was created by Vostu Ltd., also developer of other casual games for Android, being this one of their best. Addictive, entertaining and with astonishing graphics, don’t miss it.
Editors Notes:A match three game with perfect graphics and a fun gameplay.

Download Address:Bubble Shooter Candy Dash V3.4.2 APK

Download Freeletics – Bodyweight V3.2 APK

Freeletics, available for your iOS or Android device, looks to take all the hard work of getting into your car, driving to the gym, sweating hard, and then having driving back home How? By offering an absolutely free bodyweight workout training program for those who are just too busy to go to the gym, or, if you’re like me, who just don’t get out much. To keep you motivated, Freeletics connects you to a very active community of over 6 million users. You choose when you want to work out, and how long you want to work out for.
If you want to start exercising to get better muscles, increase your strength, or just feel healthier, Freeletics offers thousands of different workouts to fit your needs.
This app is made up of a community of thousands of athletes who share their daily progress with other users, so you can follow their routines to get as fit as they are. Freeletics will become your ultimate fitness app, complete with video tutorials so you can get a better idea of each exercise.

Download Trusper Tips V4.0.0 APK

Trusper Tips provides you with a convenient way to figure new things out. Whether you are looking for hair and makeup tips or tips on healthy eating, Trusper has an answer. Although the idea is innovative, there are still a few things Trusper needs to tighten up.

√ Learn & share tips, tutorials, how-to’s

√ Browse tips quickly and easily

√ Create tips in 30 seconds or less

√ Topics range from Beauty, Skincare, Hair, Wellness, DIY, and more

√ Earn rewards, gift cards, and beauty products for contributing great tips

√ Earn Status and level up to unlock access and goods

√ Choose to share tips to the public or keep them between friends only

√ Share tips to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email

√ Save your favorite beauty tips, makeup tutorials and DIY projects
Editors Notes:There is a lot of content here. Chances are if you are looking for a specific tip, you will find it. The community is quite active. With a well designed user interface and logical menu placement, navigation is …

Download Forest: Stay focused V3.1.3 APK

Phubbing is one of the reasons our productivity drops off. It’s difficult not to take the bait when push notifications are constantly tempting us to do so. Forest: Stay Focused has come up with an excellent app concept to keep us glued to our work.
• A self-motivated and interesting method to help you beat phone addiction

• Cultivate your personal pattern of time management: make good use of 30-minutes to fully concentrate on your work and finish it effectively

• Share your forest with friends

• Track your history in a simple and pleasant way

• Customize your whitelist : Leaving Forest and using apps in whitelist won’t kill your tree.
Forest is a gamified concentration method. Whenever you want to focus on a task, you plant a virtual tree. In the next 30 minutes, the tree will grow only if you don’t tap the “Give up” button, which will kill the tree automatically. If you unlock your screen, Forest will show you messages such as “Stop phubbing” and “Don’t look at me” to dissuade you …

Download Audiko ringtones V2.6.155 APK

Audiko RIngtones is a popular and easy way to take the sounds on your phones and turn them into ringtones, no matter what they are or what format they come in. With a curated list of top ringtones, a handy equalizer feature, and a fade out function, you’ll find plenty of functionality in this fantastic ringtone creator and sound discovery solution.
Use one of the top national or international hits as your ringtone, message tone, or any other notification sound thanks to Audiko Ringtones, with which you can use any of your favorite songs as your ringtone.
The application has thousands of different tones created by millions of Audiko users who have created their own versions of the most famous songs of all time, as well as of the most popular songs today.
You can also create your own versions of songs and share them with other users, or select your favorite from the top rated national or international songs and adapt them to your style and speed.
Be on the cutting edge by personalizing the …

Download Guess The Picture V1.0 APK

Guess the picture is a casual guessing game that has become quite popular recently. The objective is to reveal the picture little by little and guess what it is as quickly as possible.
There are about 300 pictures to play with and more will be added in next updates. The gameplay is terribly easy: tap on some of the boxes on the screen and once you think you know what lies behind them, tap on the correct letters to form the word. Advance through the next level and earn some coins in reward.
Words Mobile is the developer of Guess the Picture, a simple and fun game to play for a bit every day and keep your brain in shape. Nothing spectacular or particularly new, but entertaining enough.
Editors Notes:Reveal the picture slowly and guess what it is.

Download Address:Guess The Picture V1.0 APK

Download Gun Simulator V1.0.3 APK

Gun Simulator offers the closest experience you can have to the actual thrill of being on the shooting range! This game is the #1 ultra realistic 3D gun simulation game on Google Play.
Pick up your favorite weapons from an inventory of pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and sub-machine guns. Come and experience the ultimate shooting indoor and outdoor ranges in Gun Simulator now! Whether you’re new to the shooting sports or are a seasoned shooter, you can experience the excitement of shooting a variety of automatic and semi-automatic guns.
Imagine the thrill of firing rounds from a favorite of the U.S. military, or hitting a bull’s eye with a classic pistol, Gun Simulator provides the real feel of what it’s like to clear a room with just a pull of the trigger.
Editors Notes: I have tried a lot of shooting games.But it is the most awesome.

Download Address:Gun Simulator V1.0.3 APK

Download Wormix - Armageddon Fight V1.80.07 APK

Crush your enemies and see them driven before you: welcome to Pragmatix’s Wormix, the direct descendant of the Worms series of computer games in terms of both gameplay and spirit.
We delve into turn-based tactics here. Each turn is timed, so you mustn’t tarry excessively, but rather make the most of your limited temporal resource to move your cartoon army around battlefields in ruined skyborn megacities, lost planets, and eerie haunted towns. If I make it sound cutesy, it’s just because the graphics are slick – these lil’ guys bust out bazookas, mini-spiders, and jet packs to get the job done. Aim true and fire upon your CPU or human enemy; once you’ve spent your round, it’s their opportunity to hit you back.
If you’ve never toyed with a turn-based tactical game before, fear not – the single player missions ease you into the strategy, demonstrating just what the teeny monsters at your command are capable of. You’ll be able to select from a variety of races, including bunnies, kitties, a…

Download Danger Dash V3.0.3 APK

Danger Dash is an ‘endless runner’ in which players must control an adventurer desperately trying to avoid attack by a pack of angry tigers that will tear him apart in seconds.
Along the way, as usual, you will have to collect all the coins, artefacts and treasure. To do this, you must move from side to side on the screen, jumping over obstacles and even gliding across the floor to avoid some of the traps.
As you play and collect money, you can unlock new characters and abilities. With these new skills you can find more gems during your travels, or even be saved in situations when everything seems lost.
Danger Dash is a thrilling ever-running game where you play as a brave adventurer.
The objective in this game is to run as far as possible while accomplishing all missions and avoiding the dangerous obstacles that will appear to hinder your adventure.
The controls are well-known for fans of the genre: swipe up, down, left or right and keep your reflexes ready. Make use of the different powe…

Download ZERO Locker V1.2 APK

ZERO Locker provide highly customized screen lock interfaces, you can choose themes and wallpapers freely and customize suitable unlock styles for you.
Features offered by ZERO Locker

★Beautiful themes

Fantastic, high-quality themes are all FREE!

Protect your phone safely s and decorate with a wide variety of themes!

Provide various screen lock interfaces with continuous updates to meet customized choices.

Offers unique themes, including beautiful and natural basic themes, simple, elegant, cute, pretty, and dazzling themes, as well as themes.

Themes that can be used to decorate your phone just the way you want to, are offered in Google Play Store, and can also be easily accessed through Theme Shop, located in ZERO Locker screen.
★Variety wallpapers

Users can change screen lock wallpapers at will.ZERO Locker provides various screen lock themes and unlocks methods:.

Add your photos to the colorful wallpapers the themes provide, Change the themes to meet your needs!

Decorate themes can be accessed …

Download Chromatic Souls V1.4.0 APK

Chromatic Souls brings all the strategic role-playing action into the heart of your mobile device. Wield awesome weapons and enjoy access to fantastical magic powers as you slay your way through the land. Customize your team and join up with others to embark on epic battles. Enjoy some time in an immersive fantasy land.

– Classic turn-based RPG with stunning modern visual effects

– Train your heroes with over 80 different skills

– Customize your team with equipment and enhancements.

– Strategically defeat your enemies

– Join others and defeat the Raid monsters.

– Experience the captivating tale of Chromatic Souls.
*Chromatic Souls syncs your contacts for the in-game Add Friend feature.

Your info will be encrypted and used strictly for the Add Friend feature in Chromatic Souls only.
Editors Notes:The game loads up quickly and the interface is easy to get around. The game mechanics are well-fleshed-out and make sense. There’s plenty of content here to keep the player engaged. The in-game…

Download Raid Brigade V0.29.02 APK

ontrol your party of legendary fighters. Conquer enemies, earn treasure, and build your kingdom to rise to the top of the leaderboards.
On your adventure, unlock archers, melee fighters, and casters to make your heroes unstoppable in battle. Strategically build a team of four heroes to defend your kingdom and conquer enemy cities.
**Elegant and simple one-touch controls.

**50+ unique heroes from 3 different classes: melee, archers, and casters.

**Customize your heroes with over 200+ weapons, amulets, and rings.

**Level up your heroes’ skills and items to dominate your opponents.

**Build a party of 4 heroes to have the best strategy in varied multiplayer battle.

**Climb the leaderboards to collect epic treasure and claim glory.

**Over 100+ levels of single player story.

**Strategically build your city with barricades, roads, and fences.
Perfect your defenses and strategy to rule a legendary kingdom. The action is waiting! JOIN THE FRAY TODAY.

Download Address:Raid Brigade V0.29.02 A…

Download LiNing Jump Smash 15 Badminton V1.3.9 APK

Get ready for a badminton experience like no other; featuring an all-new intuitive swipe-mode game-play, global stadiums, Multiplayer mode, original anime characters, and high quality visual effects!
• Exhibition Mode: Singles/Doubles mode to earn JS coins.

• Tournament Mode: Play through the tournament to unlock new character and become the World Jump Smash Champion!

• Multiplayer Mode: Compete with your friends in local and online tournaments!

• Training Mode: Utilise training mode to improve your character’s individual statistics.

• CustoMe™: Customise your own individual character and play with them in Tournament and Multiplayer Mode!

JS SHOP: Spend it for new rackets, shoes, apparel and training to improve your character’s stats.
Download now and get ready to JUMP SMASH™!
Editors Notes:Great game, fun game, it is strongly recommended.

Download Address:LiNing Jump Smash 15 Badminton V1.3.9 APK

Download Avast Cleanup Boost V1.5.1 APK

Are you looking for a cleanup solution for your mobile device? With Avast Cleanup & Boost you can keep your phone storage good and clean without having to worry about draining your battery or hogging your resources. This app removes junk and helps you free up unused space.
Avast GrimeFighter is a tool to clear your Android memory by deleting all those useless files that take up precious space.
The way Avast GrimeFighter works is quick and easy. The first thing it does is scan your device to look for files that are doing nothing but take up space. Once they’re detected, the app lets you remove them with just a tap.
Besides deleting junk files, Avast GrimeFighter also lets you get rid of any file type from your device’s memory. In fact, its most useful feature is that it lets you remove an app’s extra files without removing the app itself.
Avast GrimeFighter is a good tool that’s particularly useful if you’re running out of space on your Android memory. One round with Avast GrimeFighter…

Download World of Ninjas V1.0.1 APK

Fire will, inheritance by you!Homage to classic blood boiling, swim card player “ninja world” sincerity online!Fire will, inheritance by you!Japanese painting represent the ninja world, fetter entanglements a repeat of fate, the original cartoon theme mobile game, accompany you to the next 15 years!
The game features:
The original scene, acme reduction

Perfect reproduce anime classic drama, from the ninja school team to the first task, to endure the exam together enemies, scenes, step by step, take you to revisit, retrieving had moved.
Editors Notes:Awesome game, lots of exciting aspects to keep it interesting, just buggy and script needs to be fixed.

Download Address:World of Ninjas V1.0.1 APK

Download AccuWeather V4.0 APK

Accuweather is an application that helps you to know the weather forecast of your area in a matter of seconds. You can see the temperature, humidity, visibility, wind, hour of the sunrise and the sunset…
The only thing you have to do to obtain all this information is to enter your location manually in the device, or simply let it recognize your whereabouts using the GPS.
The best thing about Accuweather is that when you slide your finger along the screen, you will see the exact temperature and wind there will be during the different hours of the day. That way you can avoid something as common as getting out of the house wearing a t-shirt to realize later that it’s cold and raining.
Of course, you can also see the forecast for the following days on another tab, and even consult Google Maps. You also have the possibility to watch daily videos with the weather forecast for all of Europe.
An app offering a service that is already backed by a great agency with a web service is important. Actua…

Download The Tribez Castlez V4.0.1 APK

The Tribez & Castlez is an exciting adventure game, a sequel for The Tribez set in the Middle Ages. You’re now in a magic universe where your objective will be to protect the kingdom from the evil enemies and discover what lies beneath the magic castle and its dungeons.
You will need to follow the tutorial and get the hang of how the game works: complete the hundreds of tasks and turn your kingdom into a beautiful and powerful place to live. Rebuild everything that needs to be repaired and collect magic items which can help you later.
Graphics are impressive and controls are great as well, responsive and smooth. The game has a very long gameplay, so you’ll be able to keep on playing for a long time.
GIGL is the developer of The Tribez & Catlez, the sequel of the popular Tribez game. This is a new installment on the series, a wonderful follow-up for fans of the previous application. Well-crafted and recommended for fans of management games.
Editors Notes:Help your kingdom develop a…

Download Undead Land: Liberation V17.0.0 APK

Undead Land: Liberation is an action packed, first person arcade shooter. You are one of the few survivors in a world overran with undead and you will fight to take back the world from the undead army! Survive endless waves of zombies and become the ultimate zombie slayer!

– 150+ Action packed stages filled with challenges awaits you

– Many different types of upgradable weapons, from Handguns to Grenade Launchers

– Recruit Mercenaries to aid you in battle and increase your chances of surviving

– Many different types of zombies and boss awaits you

– Take on the challenge of liberating the world from the zombie infestation

– Achievements and Daily Quest system with rewards

– Feeling lucky? There’s a slot machine available for you to try out once a day for free
Editors Notes:I like the game, but it needs more levels.

Download Address:Undead Land: Liberation V17.0.0 APK

Download Bacteris V1.5.1 APK

Be in the control of world´s smallest living organisms. In this level game you play for bacteria, trying to infect other bacterias and therefore get them under your control. But there´s a catch – they also want to infect you. Once you are in control of all of your enemies you won and move to next round.

Bacteria is a strategy puzzle game where you handle bacterias without the risk of spreading disease. It´s fun game that will catch you. It´s not just about luck, you´ll need to choose the right tactics if you want succeed and beat other tiny organisms. Engaging gameplay is supported by very nice aesthetic graphics, which will sometimes keep you so busy you´ll forget to play at all.
Editors Notes:Great game, fun game, it is strongly recommended.

Download Address:Bacteris V1.5.1 APK

Download ZEDGE™ Ringtones Wallpapers V4.22.1 APK

Zedge Ringtones is an app for Android that lets you download lots of songs and wallpapers for your Android device, all for free.
Once you’ve installed the app, you just need an internet connection to search for anything you want. From a little-known song from YouTube, to the most popular song of the moment, chances are it’s all here in the app’s extensive catalog.
All of the songs that you download can be used for ringtones, alarms, or really anything you want, since the app integrates itself perfectly with the operating system.
Zedge features an impressive catalogue of ringtones, wallpapers and resources to customize your Android. You can navigate through categories and download any resource to your smartphone directly from the app.
If you’re looking for great ringtones and wallpapers, check it out (it is free after all) and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.
Editors Notes:No Android user can go without Zedge Ringtones, so you should definitely download it.

Download Address:ZEDG…

Download Bloons Monkey City V1.8.1 APK

Bloons Monkey City puts you in charge of constructing and defending Monkey City. The bloons are a threat, and it’s up to you to conquer adjacent land and add to your city. There’s a wide variety of buildings and tower options to keep you occupied.
Bloons Monkey City brings together the classic city construction games with tower defense. It combines simulation and strategy in a fun game where monkeys are the protagonists, and you’ll need help them build their own civilization and defend themselves against enemy attacks.
Each building that you construct has a special purpose, and among the most important ones are the cabins that generate powerful defense weapons, though you’ll have to improve them if you want your protection to be as effective as possible. Although you’ll make money on the battlefield, you’ll also have to build several plantations and raise crops to give you benefits for improving buildings.
With each new construction project, your city will have more attack power, and cho…

Download Plant Nanny V1.2.6 APK

Combine a Tamagotchi-style app with your own health. Track water consumption and ensure that both you and your plant are healthy enough to make it through the day. This app is fun and a gentle reminder packaged together.

– Various cute and lovely plants

– Different kinds of flowerpots

– All kinds of common cups for drinking

– Changing scene from day to night

– Drinking history

– Sharing your joys and plant with friends on Facebook
Let’s grow your health and plants together!
Editors Notes:The graphics on this app are extremely cute and make you want to drink water. Instead of forcing you into it, they simply make you responsible for someone else. The growth is actually scientifically accurate, which is just a cute addition. Easy to set up, easy to use, you won’t have to struggle through a ton of tutorial videos.

Download Address:Plant Nanny V1.2.6 APK

Download Godzilla - Smash3 V1.22 APK

Godzilla – Smash3 is a connect-three puzzle game where players have to break colored gems to make Godzilla, star of the new movie from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, attack all his enemies.
Players control Godzilla as they advance through different levels in a city, facing troops from the US Army as well as the Mutants, the two giant creatures that appear in the film.
Gameplay in Godzilla – Smash3 will be familiar to almost any Android gamer: you combine gems of the same color to make them disappear, which will make Godzilla move. Depending on the type and number of disappearing gems, Godzilla will attack in one way or another.
Visually speaking, Godzilla – Smash3 is impressive, but the best part is how all the monsters from the movie have been so faithfully recreated.
Editors Notes:Godzilla – Smash3 is a puzzle game with a touch of action that makes the most of its Godzilla movie license to deliver a fun and straightforward gaming experience.

Download Address:Godzilla - Smash3 V1.22…

Download Authy 2-Factor Authentication V22.1 APK

Authy protects your phone from hackers and hijackers, by adding 2-step verification tokens on your device. It supports all the major players, including Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon, Gmail and bitcoin wallets, like Coinbase and BitGo.
The interface is sleek and minimalist, with a setting button and a slide menu that takes you to all of your connected accounts. Your most accessed accounts are also conveniently displayed at the bottom.
Adding an account is simple. Just swipe the menu, tap on add Authenticator account, and input either the QR code manually or via the scanner.
The winning features are cloud-based backup and syncing between devices. If your phone is lost, stolen, or wiped, it’s as simple as installing Authy and signing back in to restore all of your tokens. Oh, and the app itself has a pin code too (obvious but essential).
Editors Notes:A highly recommended alternative to the mediocre Google Authenticator app.

Download Address:Authy 2-Factor Authentication V22.1 APK

Download App Mahal: Discover Great Apps V3.1.25 APK

App Mahal is a social app to help users discover new apps that might interest them. As a user, you can follow other users, find out what apps they have installed, and help you find useful apps.
Some users might actually see this app as a violation of their privacy in some way. In fact, many people might not want other people knowing what apps they have installed, in which case they shouldn’t use App Mahal. That said, maybe they should ask themselves what’s more invasive: people knowing that you use eBay and Facebook … or people seeing what you have for breakfast every day on Instagram.
That said, App Mahal works like any other social app: you can follow other users, and at the same time, be followed. This feature gives you an idea of what apps you might like or dislike.
Editors Notes:App Mahal is an pretty interesting tool for finding other applications. As with other social apps, it’s much more useful if you know a lot of other people who use it.

Download Address:App Mahal: Discover Grea…

Download Forest Night V1.0 APK

A little boy has gotten lost in the forest in the middle of the night and your aim is to help him survive all the mysteries hidden in every meter of the landscape. Forest Night is an app that combines endless runner with classic platform games, all with carefully designed graphics.
This survival game will test your ability to dodge all types of obstacles. If even the smallest object grazes you, you’ll have to start from the beginning, so you’ll have to be fast in order to avoid flying axes, falling thorns, and needles being shot at you.
Along the way, the little boy will find small illuminated stuffed animals in the darkness of the forest, which are no more than tricks to make you lose your way forever. If you can avoid all these traps and obstacles, you’ll get more points. The ultimate goal of Forest Night is to reach the highest possible score, so the difference between a record and a failed attempt is at times only one more meter of life.
Editors Notes:If you want to get far, you’ll h…

Download Break - Funny Videos and Pics V4.1.17 APK

Funny Videos and Pics by Break is the official application for Humor Break, in which you will be able to find tons of funny videos and pictures at any time!
To be able to find all these pictures and videos you will need to be connected to the internet through 3G or Wi-Fi. Also you will be able to upload all of your videos and pictures when you create an account at in which you can register in a matter of minutes.
Of course, Funny Videos and Pics by Break comes with social media integration like Facebook and Twitter, in which you will be able to send any picture or video that you like directly to your friends through Facebook or Twitter.
Of course some of the material on the application may not be suitable for everybody, most of the funny material has many inappropriate material but if you like to laugh with those types of situations don’t even think about it, you will have a good time with this application!

Download Address:Break - Funny Videos and Pics V4.1.17 APK

Download Shoot the Apple 2 V1.1.7 APK

In Shoot the apple, an Alien is falling in love with an apple, which hides behind the obstacles and your goal is to find it and shoot the alien at it. The rules are pretty easy: tap on wherever you want to aim and the alien will launch itself and try to get to the apple. Reaching the apple in just one shoot will make you earn more points (and stars) so try to aim carefully and not waste many aliens.
There are more than 150 levels divided into several themes (Mechanical trees, Beach fairy table, etc). Some of the worlds are locked and need to be unlocked with coins, which you will be gaining once you finish the levels successfully.
The game is incredibly entertaining, along the same lines as other popular current games. The graphics and physics are elaborated and once you try it it gets really addictive. DroidHen is the developer of Shoot the apple and other casual games such as Fishing Diary or Defender.
Editors Notes:Throw aliens and try to catch the apple.

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Download Candy Party: Coin Carnival V1.1.5 APK

Candy Party brings a delicious experience of dozing with gorgeous visuals and exciting coin pusher gameplay. Drop a constant flow of gold coins onto the carnival dozer to push piles of tasty candies and scrumptious delights your way. The fun doesn’t end there, as you quest into a wondrous candy land to unlock sweet surprises and more pushing powers for your table!
Candy Party: Coin Carnival features:

★ Dozens of delicious prizes to collect!

★ Monthly live events and special adorable characters!

★ World Class 3D graphics for a mouth watering Candy Party

★ Special quests where candyland collectables help unlock upgrades

★ Superb coin dozer physics, special effects and animations that light up your carnival

★ Sweet chips with unique pusher powers that can be upgraded

★ Party Slots: Our slot machine mini-game to win tons of prizes

★ Kingdom Fortune Wheel: Spin the wheel of fortune to win special rewards

★ Compete on leaderboards and unlock achievements

★ Look out for awesome new updates!
Buckle yours…

Download Jail break (new) V1.0.3 APK

Use your keen powers of observation and wisdom to help him escape from prison, right! This is a very simple and addictive game that gives each player put it down!
========== Background story =========
Jack is an innocent man in prison … he unfortunately.

Inside the heavily guarded prison, there is no escape tool, there is a very aggressive guard, Jack developed a clever plan 14 days, 14 days in which he wants to draw a map, making a hammer, drill, drill also drilled prison thick walls. …

Let us help Jack escape it, play with your unlimited stamina and powers of observation, completing the project within the stipulated period of time, but we must be careful, always has a guard patrol, you have to move quickly and decisively, was found to be no longer unable to escape from prison! ! !
========== Game features =========
– The game is simple fun, addictive!

– Rely on their flexible handling, and extraordinary powers of observation to escape!

– Interesting and exciting levels!

– Great HD picture!

Download Fireworks Bang New Year V1.7 APK

World Best Apps And Games’ Fireworks Bang New Year is a small collection of sound effects that emulate different types of firecrackers.
Select the firecracker of your choice – some are bigger than others, and one is a long string of many that go off in a sequence. Choose how long of a delay you’d like the fuse to have, then get ready for an explosion.
The sound quality isn’t very high, and there are no animations to accompany the effects. It simply isn’t a very entertaining app.
If you’re looking for firecracker sounds, World Best Apps And Games’ Fireworks Bang New Year might be useful – but there are other sound clip collections out there with greater options and better design.
Editors Notes:Audio simulator of various firecrackers.

Download Address:Fireworks Bang New Year V1.7 APK

Download Fantasy Forest Story V1.5.2.5g APK

Fantasy Forest Story, from top mobile social developer Storm8, lets you breed and raise different fantasy animals, like the cute and legendary Crystal Unicorn. Once you’ve raised them, you can use the animals you’ve bred to fight new creatures across 8 regions, which in turn unlock more creatures for you to raise. You can also use your mythical animals to compete in weekly tournaments to gain unique prizes.
• Play through NEW special quests to unlock exclusive animals in new events!

• Win prizes with the all NEW Spin-to-Win game!

• Breed, Battle, and Collect over 175 unique animals! No two are the same!

• Challenge your creatures in weekly Tournaments to win exciting animals!

• Feed, raise and evolve your animals from adorable babies into noble adults!

• Battle through more than 8 regions of uncharted land to defeat and unlock new creatures to raise!

• Experience each animal’s cute, unique animations while walking, feeding, flying and battling!

• Expand your island to rescue the Frostfang and…


The gangs of LA are at war once again, bringing and taking the streets of the urban jungle into steeped violence. You as a young leader of one of these gangs need to make a decision step up or die slowly as you gang members get pushed back. As player you must protect your people from exploitation and abuse by these other gangs. Make sure your crew is the one that rule the streets.

Once your gang was one of the most powerful gangs in the entire city, ruling the streets fair and making sure everybody got their piece of the action. But these days the streets are taken over by this rival gang known as the Crime Dogs. These crime life gangsters have one task and that is ending and preventing that your gang will get his former glory. Fight with gang members in this gang war game on close rage, fight alone and be smart how you can take over the streets once again.

Download Puzzle Quest 2 V1.1.8 APK

Puzzle Quest 2 is a different kind of role playing game in which, instead of the usual combat that uses brute force to massacre your opponents, you find fun puzzle duels in which skill and intelligence become more important.
Game play is practically the same as in the first game in the saga. You have to join colored pieces into groups of three or more to get manna of the corresponding color or to attack the enemy. With this manna you can do all kinds of magic or special attacks, depending on the character and abilities you have.
The game tells a story in which the protagonist finds himself in a plot of epic fantasy that evolves over 30 hours, where his decisions will forge the destiny of a nation. But the story is the least important, as the fun is in developing and equipping our character (who can be a sorcerer, Templar, barbarian, or assassin) more than on paying attention to the details of the script.
Editors Notes:Puzzle Quest 2 is a fun role playing and puzzles game that, apart from…

Download Toca Lab V1.0.3 APK

Discover elements by experimenting with the lab tools!
* Take your element for a spin in the centrifuge.

* Warm them up in the Bunsen burner.

* Put the element on ice with the cooling agent!

* Add a drop or two of mysterious liquids from the test tubes.

* Change their voltage and make them magnetic with the oscilloscope.
Each element has it’s own personality. In Toca Lab, what does Neon sound like? Is Gold heavy or light? Is Nitrogen squishy or hard? Explore, inspect, and study each one and let us know! Can you find all 118?
The time has come, future scientists, to head into the lab to explore and discover. Put on your lab coat and protective eye gear because things are about to get experimental!
Toca Lab is a place for playing and having fun, and with it we hope to inspire kids to explore science. While the periodic table in Toca Lab is accurate, the way new elements are created is not. Instead, it’s a fun way to experiment, discover and create curiosity in the world of science. Toca Lab is …


Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is a completely new installment of the legendary role-playing franchise Final Fantasy, and unlike the rest of the games in the saga, it’s centered exclusively on combat. In fact, the game’s objective is none other than to endlessly battle the enemy hordes trying to kill you.
In order to face this challenge, you can create the largest group of adventurers ever seen on Final Fantasy. For practical purposes this means that on All the Bravest you won’t have the classic limitations on group size. Even better, you can choose the classes of your characters to add a good strategic element.
The combat mode, key to the game, is well known by all: the legendary ‘Active Battle System’ that dates back to Super Nintendo and the first PlayStation and is sure to yield frenzied battles full of thrilling moments.
As you defeat your enemies, your characters will gain experience and level up, letting you unlock new characters and classes. In order to unlock special characters,…

Download Minimalistic Text: Widgets V4.7.4 APK

Minimalistic Text is a tool thought for decorating the screen on our Android terminal with a series of elements. This tool will allow us to decorate all the ‘widgets’ we may have on screen and get them styled-up.
Using this tool can seem a bit complicated at first, but with a bit of time we can resolve it all. The only thing we will have to do is go to the ‘widgets’ section on our terminal and drag the ‘Minimalistic Text’ one to the part of the desktop we want to. Once there, we just have to configure the different parameters.
This way, we will be able to, in a matter of seconds, create a clock widget (as an example) with a very nice minimalistic style. Users who want an elegant terminal will love it.
Editors Notes:Minimalistic Text is a very interesting personalization tool for Android terminals. Even if it doesn´t offer as many possibilities as other applications of the same style, the ones that are offered are definitively better.

Download Address:Minimalistic Text: Widgets V4.7.4 APK

Download Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles V8.2 APK

Super Puzzle works almost like real jigsaw puzzles for kids. Once you pick a piece it stays on the board even if you place it incorrectly, and you can nudge pieces around until it snaps to the right slot.

– 18 different kids jigsaw puzzles with gorgeous HD graphics

– Unique rewards for each puzzel

– Play with 6, 9, 12 or 16 pieces

– Natural jigsaw puzzle dynamics

– No third party advertisements, only in-house cross-promotion

– Intuitive navigation

– Child-safe in-app purchase
You can choose whether to use 6, 9, 12 or 16 pieces, adjusting the difficulty to your child’s skill level.
Editors Notes:Great game, very interesting, recommended.

Download Address:Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles V8.2 APK

Download Strawberry Sweet Shop V1.5 APK

Budge Studios™ presents Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop! Strawberry Shortcake has invited all of her friends to try out her berrylicious sweets, and needs YOUR help to make them. Be a dessert chef and create sweet recipes that you can make later at home!

• Make a variety of tasty desserts for Strawberry Shortcake’s friends

• Pour, stir, blend, freeze, and eat your sweets

• Combine food coloring, ingredients, sprinkles and decorations for endless customization possibilities

• Earn stars by completing special requests

• Create real recipes that you can make later at home

• Strawberry Shortcake’s voice provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips

• Upgrade your kitchen tools for easier and quicker food preparation

• Tablet compatible

Budge Studios leads the industry by providing entertaining apps for kids through innovation and creativity. The company develops and publishes apps for smartphones and tablets played by millions of children worldwide featuring high …

Download Color Switch V1.12 APK

Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color with some powerups.

You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it !
Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll have to start again.
Editors Notes:This game is not only popular all over the world, but it is also very addicting. Once you start you can’t stop! And its a good way to make time go by.

Download Address:Color Switch V1.12 APK

Download Barbie Magical Fashion V2.1 APK

Budge Studios™ presents Barbie™ Magical Fashion, where you can transform into a princess, mermaid, fairy, hero or a combination of all four! Design a beautiful outfit, style your hair, and add glittering accessories and colorful make up! Ready to start your magical journey? Anything is possible when you dream big with Barbie!

• Design a variety of hairstyles and add streaks of color to her hair

• Apply beautiful fairy tale make-up to complete your magical look

• Decorate your tiara with glittery gems and create a sparkly necklace

• Customize your princess gown and shoes

• Add a mermaid tail, fairy wings or hero accessories – you can even create unicorns!

• Uncover magical gift boxes along the way for fun surprises

• Save your enchanting looks and share them with family and friends

• Tablet compatible

Budge Studios leads the industry by providing entertaining apps for kids through innovation and creativity. The company develops and publishes apps for smartphones and t…