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Download Walk with Map My Walk V3.10.3 APK

Walk with Map My Walk can accompany you walking, jogging, running, track exercise and calorie calculation, very powerful, the health care, to download it.
☆ Gear Tracker – Add your athletic shoes and start tracking mileage with Gear Tracker. Help yourself avoid common injuries and get notified when it’s time for a new pair.

☆ 600+ Activities – Log and record workouts with the largest selection of activities, including running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga and tons of others.

☆ Workout Stats – Record GPS-based workouts with customizable voice feedback for precise stats like pace, route, distance, calorie burn, elevation profile and more.

☆ Share Data – Sync your account with other health and nutrition apps like MyFitnessPal and Google Fit.

☆ Go MVP – Be a premium member for an ad-free experience and access special features like heart rate analysis, personal train…

Download Connect V1.7.1 APK

Connect is now a very popular social networking applications, Connect is a location-powered messaging app that brings together friends from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter. Share locations, make plans, and keep groups together on the . go See who lives in the city you’re visiting and get notified when friends post or check in nearby – on any network!
Key features:
– See all your friends on a map

– Discover what cities friends live in and where they’ve checked in recently

– Get notified when friends post nearby — on Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, or Connect

– Check in with a time-slider to let friends know where you are — and how long you’ll be there

– Privately share your real-time location with friends or groups

– Chat, call, and email directly through the app

– Easily search your relationships by school, workplace, relationship status and more!
Notes Editors:Connect very large user base, a combination of a lot of features, it is a good application…

Download ZombieBooth V4.32 APK

ZombieBooth transforms a photo of you into a 3D zombie.From a single portrait photo, you can instantly create an interactive zombie that will react to your tapping and swiping gestures and it will even try to bite your finger when you tap close to his mouth. If you shake the phone it will transform into different zombies. You can use your camera to take a photo directly from the app or by selecting a photo from your gallery.

– ZombieBooth makes any 2D portrait fully 3D

– Create a huge collection of 3D, animated zombies from photos of you and your friends

– Choose from several zombie variations to pinpoint your undead doppelgänger

– Zombies will blink, scowl, and breath!

– Hear them growl and frenzy

– They’ll even try to ravage your finger if you get too close!

– Capture portraits to zombify on any camera equipped Android

– Share zombie images via Email
Notes Editors:For us, ZombieBooth is just another one of those apps that’s …

Download Roombreak : Escape Now V1.0.8 APK

Imagine this: you’re locked in somewhere, you don’t know where you are and it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. The only thing that matters now is that you need to escape.
You will be presented several mysteries, which you will have to solve. In each room, you need to open the door to escape… but how? Pay attention, observe, touch and manipulate until you get the solution. The game includes six different episodes and each one of them presents a different mystery. Don’t forget to check out the inventory, clues might be there.
The purpose of this game is simple.

Users will be detained to certain places and situations and they need to open the door of each room and escape.
Obviously, users need to figure out how to open the doors.

Maybe, there are some unexpected tricks hidden..

But, it is not difficult at all.

If you pay attention a little bit more, you will be able to find out all the hints that lead users to a successful break-out.
Notes Editors:Gameday Inc. is the developer of RoomBreak an…

Download Stupid Zombies V2.0.1 APK

Stupid Zombies is a really addictive game. Its gameplay reminds us to Angry Birds: you’re a country redneck with a loaded gun. What could go wrong?
First, you have to aim in the direction you want to fire and then tap the screen to shoot a bouncy bullet to finish with all the zombies on the stage. The less bullets you need to kill all the zombies (you have 5 bullets in your gun), the more score you will get. Sometimes you won’t be able to hit the Zombies straight with your bullets, so you will need to break structures that will fall over them, finishing them off. Like Angry Birds, depending on the score you will get one, two or three stars in the level.
Notes Editors:Love this game. Im glad that you removed the limited play option. The graphics are great on the new update and I feel happy.

Download Address:Stupid Zombies V2.0.1 APK

Download Empires of Sand TD V3.36 APK

Empires of Sand TD is a tower defense game, during your adventure you also have to defend and manage your main city. Construct new towers, gain the favor of Osiris, research upgrades for your troops and use them in battle to get your empire back .

■ Empire management: manage your resources to expand your city and develop your army.

■ Player vs Player (PvP): play against other pharaohs in real time to become the greatest pharaoh in Egypt.

■ Campaign: challenge Seth’s troops to retake Egypt in history mode.

■ City defense: construct and manage your city’s defenses to protect it from pharaohs trying to steal your resources.


★ Play online in real time against other players.

★ Send your troops to fight your rivals while you defend your base.

★ Explore all five game modes.

★ Connect with your friends and play with them in real time.

★ Chat with other pharaohs from your country.

★ High resolution graphics.

★ Use Google Play Games to play on various Android devices.

★ Optimiz…

Download The Tribez V4.2 APK

The Tribez is an adventure game for Android where you arrive in a mysterious ancient world. Your goal will be exploring the village and help them build a greater place to live, making the tribe happy and prosper in economy.
Tribez is not just a game! Tribez is an adventure, where you travel to a distant past full of secrets, mysteries and many hours of addictive discovery of an unknown, but beautiful world!

You are invited to visit a primitive world inhabited by a peace-loving people, who have been hidden behind a miles-deep portal from time immemorial. Build your own stone-age village, explore territories hidden by mountains and seas, and lead your tribe, who considers you sent by the gods, to prosperity.

Tribez is a world in which you feel alive!

✔ This game works when you’re offline too – play it on a plane, in the subway or in the car. Enjoy!

✔ Simple, intuitive controls.

✔ Adorable characters you’ll love! Meet the farmer, the builder, the tax collector, and many others!

✔ …

Download Drift Zone V1.3.7 APK

Over 40 diffrent racing tracks are ready for the ultimate sports car driver to burn rubber and compete for gold in the best android racing game . Stunning graphics, Unique sports cars especially designed to achieve a realistic driving experience and challenging missions that require both real racing skills and xtreme coordination.
★If you are a drift racing enthusiast = This is the game for You!

★Burnout on each challenge = one set of your racing car tires burned!

★Just One rule = You can only score if you are driving sideways
Awesome Industries support safe driving, we strongly advise you not to drag race or perform any type of real racing if you are not a trained racing car driver. This game is intended to remain on you mobile and tablet and not to be taken to the streets, it is both illegal and dangerous to perform these activities

In The Game:

✪ Fun – Pure car drifting free fun game play

✪ Speed – Drive cars at crazy speeds

✪ G-force on every turn

✪ Shiny rims – Lots of awesome upgrades fo…

Download Top Farm V20.0.2991 APK

Create and develop your own farm, take profit and prosper in business.
With just a touch of magic around every corner, Top Farm offers surprises, adventure and the satisfaction only found in a place of your very own.

– Grow and harvest the most delicious organic crops

– Complete tasks using planes, trains and automobiles

– Meet a huge cast of lovable characters

– Invite friends and visit their farms

– Power your crafting machines with 100% clean energy

– Build, decorate and expand your farm

– Sign in with Facebook to save your progress across multiple devices
Your story awaits in Top Farm, a place away from the noise and stress of modern life. Here you can explore the peace and prosperity of a land in tune with nature, experience the thrill of an honest day’s work, and meet new friends who share in every celebration.
Notes Editors:A highly usable and excellent entertainment for families and fans of these type of games.

Download Address:Top Farm V20.0.2991 APK

Download Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers V1.0.0.11 APK

The game is the Transformers versions of the defensive tactics category. It is similar to Tower Defense but have many new features. Tower Defense is the Warrior against the dark forces that are intending to invade the planet. You are a Defender and your mission is defend one planet which be violently devastated by enemy.
Improved features:

– The characters in the game can transfigure.

– The Defense system is raised 6 units

– The Defense system is better with aircraft which can fire the rockets.

– Enemy System has 25 units

– 21 missions, each of those have the attacks for 15 – 30

– Can speed up the games to twice.

– You can call the next turn when current military forces have not ended

Playing Galaxy Defense 2, you will be confronted with the most dangerous enemy, many enemy entered the Tower that made you almost have no time to manage, you have to use your strategy and intelligence, fight to the end, break the enemy’s siege and get a glorious victory.
Notes Editors:Very clever defence game, ha…

Download LEGO® ULTRA AGENTS Antimatter V2.0.0 APK

LEGO® ULTRA AGENTS Antimatter is a very interesting game, a lot of people are playing, we did some optimization, the game becomes more interesting.
The stakes are the highest they have ever been, AGENT: we are giving you

access to every new technology we have. Find out the source of this evil

and defeat it before it’s too late.

– More fantastic Interactive Graphic Episodes!

– New exciting games!

– Discover the true threat to Astor City by uncovering new clues!

– Fantastic new vehicles, gadgets and equipment!

– Uncover building instructions for exclusive ULTRA AGENTS


– Use your ULTRA AGENTS APP BRICK gadgets to discover amazing


Go AGENT, the mission is yours!

PLEASE NOTE: Recommended usage on tablet devices for an optimal

experience. The LEGO® ULTRA AGENTS app is free to play. However, you will

experience references to actual LEGO® construction toys and minifigures

for inspiration.

LEGO advises kids to ask for parental consent before downloading!
Notes Editors:This game is …

Download Drink Maker - Cooking games V1.0.5 APK

Do you love Cola, Coffee,Smoothies? Of course everyone loves it, well then come to the Drinking shop to make your own Drinking. You can make the following kinds of Drinkings in our shop:





6.Ice Cream
Notes Editors: I love this game and I love drink. drink is a cool and this game is cool

Download Address:Drink Maker - Cooking games V1.0.5 APK

Download Roller Coaster VR V1.6 APK

Ride a deserted roller-coaster amidst a tropical island. See the fabulous dream of Virtual World.

Please, look at the lever, to start the game.
Notes Editors:This is a great game, it enables me to relax, happy to play the game, I love it.

Download Address:Roller Coaster VR V1.6 APK

Download Banco do Brasil V6.6.0.1 APK

With Brazil’s Banco do app, you have access to your checking account and can perform transactions such as consulting balances and statements, transfers, payment documents with barcode reading for your smartphone camera, ATM withdrawals BB without using credit card and more.

To access the application you must use the 8-digit password, the same used in the ATM Network BB Internet.
Notes Editors:Improving a lot lately. Keep it up!

Download Address:Banco do Brasil V6.6.0.1 APK

Download Fast Motorcycle Driver V3.0 APK

Fast Motorcycle Driver is a real physics motor engine game.

If you like Simulator Games and Motorbike Driving, try it for FREE.

Reach the top of the Skyscraper in a big city. I think it is not possible.


* Easy controllers

* Fantastic suspension

* Race and Cross Motorbike

* Huge Real CITY Maps

* Real World Environments

* Realistic Camera Views

* Beautiful Full HD Graphics

* Realistic engine sounds

* Realistic physics behavior

* Realistic acceleration control
Notes Editors:The best game ever it is so fun to play cant wait to play it again bye guy im off to play the game i just played it again now so dont waste you time on other games play this game its the best its so cool.

Download Address:Fast Motorcycle Driver V3.0 APK

Download Precision Driving 3D 2 V3.6 APK

Precision Driving 2 is a car simulator with realistic controls and great dynamic gameplay.

This is a continuation of my succesful game Precision Driving. Now the game features better graphics with

nice lighting, new car model and completely new 20 levels of driving experience.

Prove that you can can complete 20 challenging driving exercises and become the master of the steering wheel!

Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need.

Watch each level’s limits of time and cones to move.

A level is completed when you drive by all of the 4 checkpoints in any order.

A single star is awarded for completing the level.

You’ll get a star also for completing the level in less than half of the time limit and for not moving any of the cones.

Are you a fan of parking games? If you want to try something different than parking cars then parking buses or maybe parking trucks or heavy trucks, this is for you! Of course parking …

Download Light Flow Lite - LED Control V3.55.7 APK

Light Flow – Lite allows you to take control of your notification LED (if available on your phone) – even including cycling automatically through all the colors of outstanding notifications. If you’ve come from using BeBuzz / BerryBuzz on Blackberry phones, then give LightFlow a try!
It’s main features are:

– Controlling the notification LED for phones that have them (cycling colors through outstanding notifications)

– Sound control, including repeating sounds

– Vibration control, including custom vibration patterns and repeating vibrations

– Android wear vibration support

– Sleep times

– Lock screen based notifications (on phones that support live wallpapers on lock screens)

– Contact specific notifications for certain notification types
Notes Editors:Works with nexus 6 in making the secret LED hidden in the top speaker work. Absolutely love this option.

Download Address:Light Flow Lite - LED Control V3.55.7 APK

Download Domino Gang V2.5 APK

Missing a good Domino app? Do you want to have some fun with your Friends?

Tired only classical table top games?

C’mon into our bar! Meet the most surprising characters, no one is left aside here!

Play the single player game against the most funny and smart guys that you could find!

Which opponent is the best?

– Pirate?

– Old Miner?

– Gangsters?

– A Bear?

– The Grim Reaper?

– Ancient Engineers? (aliens!)

What about playing against your friends!? Try our Multiplayer option!!! Connecting up to 4 players and 5 devices to create the most immersive Domino game of all times (for smartphones at least 😀 ).

Just connect into a local network and click in “Start”, wait until you have the message “Waiting for Players” and ask your friends to Start the game with the same options (number of players) and they will find you!

Do you have an extra phone or a tablet? Check the option (“Are you a Table?”) and you can have a table to see how the game goes on, and you can just focus on your pieces on your smartphone s…

Download Elfin Pong Pong V1.5 APK

Elfin Pong Pong now comes! For all ages, and Free!

The game rule is simple, just pair same two cubes to make blast! Hurry to accept the challenge!

Game features:

– 6 large stages, colorful levels, super multi-award

– More than 360 levels

– Lovely graphics, little tricks

– Four powerful props to help you beat the boss levels

Constantly surprises:

– Daily landing awards

– Daily special level

– Special festival levels
Notes Editors:Great game, fast paced but relaxing. Younger kids could probably play it, especially with mom and dad. Good job all.

Download Address:Elfin Pong Pong V1.5 APK

Download Hacking Tutorials V2.0.05 APK

*Available in English only. **Permissions explained below

Want to become a professional hacker but don’t know where to start?

Sick of googling for hacking tutorials only to discover outdated methods?

Want to avoid becoming a victim, just another miserable statistic?

Look no more, You’ve found redemption.

Hacking Tutorials is a step by step guide that explains various hacking techniques. This app presents tried and tested, user friendly tutorials for beginners looking for a way into the hacking universe.This app shows you the easiest, most direct ways to safely perform a given hack, how it works, and most importantly how to protect yourself against them.


►Material Design

►Tried and tested. All hacking tutorials are guaranteed to work

►A Chatroom to discuss hacking with fellow learners

►Available Offline

►The latest technology and hacking news

►More tutorials than can be listed here.

For example: Phishing, batch file viruses, wifi hacking (WEP, WPA), trojans, keyloggers, social engineering…

Download COC Guide V19.0.0 APK

COC is a popular game created by “Supercell”. It is a strategy game in which the goal is to build a village, unlock different units, steal resources from other villages, create a clan and more!
Main features of this guide:
– Troops info

– Building info

– Layouts and map designs

– Tips and tactics

– Troop and building resources calculator

* Elixir units

* Dark elixir units

* Creation time
This app will help you achieve your goals!
Notes Editors: I love this because it helps us to make a good and perfect base. I wish that they take my base to for telling others.

Download Address:COC Guide V19.0.0 APK

Download Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips V2.2.0 APK

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips is a great application that can tell you some beauty tips and makeup tips, we made some updates.
Discover the newest beauty looks and trends, learn essential makeup tips, and shop for amazing products on the Beautylish app!

– Shop our boutiques for new and exclusive beauty products and buy right from your Android device

– Makeup and beauty product reviews covering your favorite brands and new product releases to find the best makeup. Be sure to check our community reviews before you make a purchase the next time you’re shopping in Sephora or Ulta.

– Beauty photos featuring hairstyles, makeup looks, nail designs, bridal looks, and the latest beauty trends to get inspired.

– Step-by-step tutorial videos to learn how to create the latest braids and hairstyles. Apply makeup and see how to create nail designs you’ll love.

– Forums to ask questions and get beauty tips on makeup, skin care, nails and hairstyles from our community of makeup and beauty experts…

Download Fast News V3.3.1 APK

Fast News is a RSS Feed Reader but unlike other feature rich news readers, it will bring you directly to the news without wasting any time messing around with the user interface or news loading. It is the best app for the daily reader.

* Very fast and lightweight newsreader

* Immediate and simple to use

* Optimized for low bandwidth usage and high download speed

* Easy to compare an article between different newspapers

* Choose only the newspapers you want and change their order

* Front page of the most important newspapers in your country with all the currents news and stories about politics crimes gossip sport government taxes crisis economics finances

* Many countries supported: United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, China, Taiwan, Belgium, Austria

* Share the news with friends through mail, social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or any other app you have installed.

Download News360: Personalized News V4.1.3 APK

News360: Personalized News is a news reading easy application, It provides both a mobile device and web platform to set out your own news channels You can add categories and sources that match with your interest There are over 10K sources.. , all of them English-speaking though.

A flexible and smart personalization system allows you to tailor the news as you want it. Choose the topics, sources, companies and people you want to follow, and News360 will pick up on the nuances of your interests as you read.

More than 100,000 sources, from the top national news providers, to local niche websites and blogs.

The Home feed combines top stories of the day, local news and your specific interests into a single stream making sure you never miss anything important.

A beautiful interface that allows you to quickly scan headlines, preview stories and dive deep into the content.

Connect your social media accounts to …

Download SeriesGuide V25.0.2 APK

SeriesGuide is a useful application for those who like to watch a lot of movies and tv shows and find it hard to keep track of all the timetables.
This application makes everything easier for you: just add all the tv shows you follow or want to follow, connect to library to add some friends and check in when you watch an episode. Also, make sure to list all your favorite upcoming movies to never miss their release.
By clicking on the button, you can add some movies and tv shows -there’s a list of the most popular ones or you can type the title too-. In addition, the clock button lets you access to the calendar to see which episodes are upcoming in the next few days and the search option allows you to look for concrete episodes.
– Track your watched episodes, keep tabs on new releases and your media collection.

– Check in, comment and rate with trakt to share what you are watching.

– Sync shows and movies between devices and media centers with trakt.

– No sign-in required, keep goin…

Download World Craft: Survival V4.0.0 APK

Worldcraft: Survival added some new content, do some optimization to make the game run better.
Features of game:
– The updated generation of the world in real time.

– It is a lot of types of weapon and armor, it is possible to create all!

– It is a lot of animals: hens, horses, insects, sheep, bears and cows.

– Farmer activity: you feed cows, collect milk. Ride horses and graze sheep.

– Weather conditions, rain, snow, cataclysms!

– Zombie, mines, caves, evil spirits and unique locations!

– The mode of a survival and a creative are included.
Notes Editors: Loving it so far but some thing i don’t know how to craft and with all the food can u also add hunger keep it up!!

Download Address:World Craft: Survival V4.0.0 APK

Download Tiny Auto Shop V1.1 APK

Tiny Auto Shop is a very interesting casual games, you can easily enjoyable game.

• Easy to play and addictive time management game for teens and adults

• Great for car fans: plenty of car models with dozens of colors, decals, styles and more!

• Equip your auto center with up to 5 facilities: gas station, mechanic, car wash, tuning and style and convenience store

• 100+ upgrades available for your business

• Unique mini games every once in a while

• The faster your service is, the bigger the tip you win!
Notes Editors: Really enjoying it, waiting a bit long for upgrades if you dont use gems but then again I do have to sleep sometime. Guess it will be ready when i wake up! Try this game, very good time management game so far!

Download Address:Tiny Auto Shop V1.1 APK

Download Roku V3.3.1 APK

Roku is a famous video player, you can use it through a number of settings.
Since it’s becoming one of the most used household devices, it needed an app to improve the user experience. And here it is. If you own a ROKU, you should download this right now. Why? First, because it offers a more intuitive layout for channels search. Second, because it turns your Andriod into a remote control for your ROKU and it even allows you to launch channels from your own list of installed channels. Third, because you can use your Android keyboard to type anything you want to search instead of using the awkward built in keyboard. If that three reasons aren’t enough for you, you should know that you can also enjoy your Android device’s photos and music on your Roku, that’s it, with a single-tap your photos and music will play on your TV.
The free Roku Android application allows you to:

· Control your Roku player or Roku TV from your mobile device.

· Use Roku Search with your mobile device. See what’s on, …

Download 3D Maze 2: Diamonds Ghosts V1.7 APK

3D Maze 2: Diamonds Ghosts is a maze game where you need to spend a lot of effort to come through.
★ Jump!

Now you can jump and see what’s happening far away! Just tap the button on the left-bottom corner.
★ Maps!

New levels are not easy. To avoid you frustration now you can check where you are in the 2D map… Prepare your memory

You can move and zoom map using swipe and pinch gesture.
★ Collect gems to unlock new characters and features!

Yellow Gem – gives you 5 points each gem. Collect them to unlock features or to save you from the ghosts.

Violet Gem – gives you shield for 20 seconds which protects you from the ghosts.

Red Diamond – unlocks Super Speed for 8 seconds. You will run with fire!
Remember – gems are counting to your end score only if you reach the end of the level.
★ New characters!

Collect proper amount of gems and buy new sweet characters. You have six new characters to choose: Mazer, Soldier, African, Mazecraft, Doogie and Devil. Characters have different speeds. If you run faste…

Download Viewster V5.0.2 APK

Viewster is a great app for finding old classic movies and TV shows. It also has a range of anime, some simulcast, and some a little older.

Choose from Anime classics or discover brand new simulcasts fresh out of Japan and available in a wide selection of multi-language subs. New Anime shows and episodes are being added each week, so download the app now to explore current titles available in your country.

Explore some of the most original Thrillers, Horror movies and edgy Documentaries around. We have a wide variety of hidden gems that you won’t find anywhere else!

• Watch full length Movies, TV shows & Anime

• Free instant access to all of our officially licensed content

• New Movies, TV Shows & Anime uploaded weekly

• Create watch-lists to watch when you like

• Chromecast support
Notes Editors:Viewster is a great way to find old movies and tv shows you haven’t seen. It has a nice discovery…

Download VideoShow: Video Editor Maker V4.9.0 APK

VideoShow: Video Editor & Maker is, as its title suggests, an application for creating your own videos and publishing them in the platform feed.
Key features:

– Mix photo and video, simply and beautifully.

– Add various item on video. Sticker/Image/Gif/Text are supported. You can easily change the positions and durations.

– Add stunning filters. Now 30 filters are supported!

– Add your favourite music. Even you can record your own voice!

– Material shop. 500+ cute stickers and themes free download!

– Share your video to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, etc.
Exclusive innovation:

– Doodle on video.Bored of the monotonous fonts? Just doodle it! It’s so simple and intuitive!

– Zoom in and out. Let your audience focus on the region you want!
ToolBox features:

– Fast trimming: Quickly cut the part of the video.

– Compress video: Just compress the video to a smaller size, then share it!

– Video to Mp3
Notes Editors:I have been looking for a really long time for an app that I can u…

Download Walking Dead: Road to Survival V1.10.23957 APK

Based on the original The Walking Dead comics, defeat a tyranical madman in the Walking Dead: Road To Survival game. Like the original story, here you’ll also find the emblematic main characters (Ricks, Glenn, and MIchonne) who confront the tyrant. The game is fantastic, addicting, and the graphics are absolutely dead on (pun intended).
Obliterate Walkers and other survivors with a deadly arsenal of weapons, including Michonne’s almighty katana. Power up your team to combat against enemy raids and fortify your home base with supplies gathered from dangerous PVP and PVE missions. Find strength in numbers – band together through powerful Factions with friends and allies to destroy your enemies!
Are you ready to take over Woodbury and put an end to The Governor’s tyranny? Battle between life and the undead in the definitive Walking Dead role-playing game, where your decisions will determine who lives or dies.
Notes Editors:Ideal for zombie fans. With an addicting storyline, you follow along…

Download CSR Racing V3.1.0 APK

CSR Racing is a more classic racing game, beware: this isn’t either an arcade or a driving simulator, it’s an old school drag racing game in which gearing up at the right time is key to win every race, which are played on neverending straight streets. Therefore there’s no steering or braking needed. You just accelerate trying to get the most of your engine.
This simple gameplay doesn’t mean that the game is easy to be won, though. In addition, it comes with a bunch of customization options in order to make car tuning fans happy. As expected, there two in-game currencies, so once you run out of cash you can purchase gold to get the best upgrades for your car.
Races last for fifteen or twenty seconds long, and can become repetitive too fast unless you are really into this kind of games. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a gas meter and when it’s empty you have to pay gold coins to replenish it and be able to race again. Yes, it’s how freemium formula works, but you may feel it’s been taken t…

Download Zoobe - cartoon voice messages V3.3.1.2 APK

Zoobe – cartoon voice messages will change your mobile communication. With Zoobe you can create, share and publish amazing animated video messages with your own voice and the characters you love the most.

Just select among 100+ characters, record your voice message using the microphone and let Zoobe create a video to amaze everyone around you. Share the fun using your favourite messaging apps or social networks, and publish your Zoobes within our community for other Zoobe lovers to see. Just set up a Zoobe profile and let your talent shine!

• Choose one of our world-famous characters.

• Record your voice and watch the character react to your mood.

• Bring the scene to life with an animated background or personal photo.

• Share your messages with friends using any messaging app, Twitter, Facebook, email & SMS.

• Publish your messages to the Zoobe community and get famous

• Brace yourself for laughs and smiles!

• Send a birthday, graduation or any other celebration wi…

Download Badminton 3D V1.1 APK

Badminton 3D is an online game,Play with your Friends online!

– Online Multiplayer

– Career

– Realistic Badminton Physics with effect of air resistance

– Split Screen mode

– Leaderboards

– Tournaments

– League

– Represent for your country
Notes Editors:I play badminton, and this is an excellent game, I especially love the split screen. Only thing, the lines are completely disregarded, there should be lines. Other than that, great!!

Download Address:Badminton 3D V1.1 APK

Download Fake Call 2 V0.0.40 APK

Fake Call 2 is a very funny prank game, there are many games are played.
Key features:

– fake caller id number.

– change name of caller.

– fake call with picture.

– pretend your boss calling.

– make call with your own ringtone.

– schedule a fake call.

– easy to use.

– it is free.

More features:

– tricked your friends that a celeb is calling your phone.

– teaching your children how to use phones.

– prank call yourself.

– fake call that actually has a fake person talking.

– add caller voice.

– remove caller voice.
Notes Editors:Its so funny using this app but you can improve its graphics and kindly put a ringtone.

Download Address:Fake Call 2 V0.0.40 APK

Download Prezi V1.1.5 APK

Prezi is a creative application, Prezi has given us the flexibility to not only present our brand philosophy and educational message in a stunningly simple way, but also to do this wherever we are in the world via an elegant mobile app.
Prezi for Android lets you view and show all of your prezis whenever and wherever you want. Get some last-minute practice on the way to a meeting. Review prezis with coworkers over lunch. Prezi for Android means you’re always ready to pitch your ideas and enables you to be a great presenter even while you’re on the go. You never know who’ll be next to you on the plane.
Practice or present on the go

* Access and view your entire online prezi collection

* Practice and rehearse any presentation, wherever you are

* Pitch or present at a moment’s notice

* Easily download your best prezis to practice and present offline

* View any prezi shared with you

* View any prezi you find online

* Intuitive touch gestures—pinch to zoom and drag to pan around your canvas

* Create…

Download Lidow:layout snap mirror grid V3.93 APK

Lidow: layout snap mirror grid is a good use of a photo editor, let you become different, make you unique!
Photo editor by lidow:layout/grid/collage、Square/no crop for instagram、blur、color splash、mirror、Filter、light leak、lens flare、texture,share photo for instagram、Facebook、whatsapp、snapchat etc.The magical app of Photo editor to create beautiful and amazing photo,It’s Lidow photo editor:Free,but rich feature.
lidow photo editor main features:

★ Square:no crop/square for instagram,but give your photo best effect;

★ layout/grid/collage:amazing collage photo editor,easy to use;

★ Color splash:best color splash effect,make your photo unique and different;

★ Blur:magic blur effect,you can be super star on instagram、Facebook and snapchat;

★ Mirror:the most popular mirror effect;

★ Filter:special filter effect,make photo magical;

★ Light leak:The most beautiful light leak,and powerful adjustment function.

★ Overlay:Gradient color、texture、flare;

★ Adjust:brightness、contrast、saturation、sharpness,etc;

★ S…

Download Internet Speed Test V2.6.0.0 APK

Internet Speed Test is a powerful, advanced tool which helps you to measure Internet connection speed on Android. The application is equipped with a modern, intuitive interface. For more experienced users, there is also a large number of configuration options.
The main features of Internet Speed Test:

• the ability to select the default server,

• tests download speed (downlink)

• tests upload speed (uplink)

• measurement of data transfer time delays (latency, ping)

• two typical data transfer units (kbps, Mbps),

• automatic selection of test parameters depending on the type of a connection (WiFi, 2G/3G mobile)

• basic information about the connection (IP address, Internet service provider and organization, SIM operator or name of the WiFi network)

• history of results with options to filter and sort the list according to the different criteria,

• ability to customize test parameters to meet your needs (the duration of the test, the number of connections),

• detailed information about the tests (…

Download Wheres My Mickey? V1.0.3 APK

Wheres My Mickey is the most popular mobile game one of the series, the game is very creative, made some new adjustments.
Key Features in the Full Version:

• Original Episodes – Explore 5 unique episodes with surprising and witty scenarios! Watch how each story unfolds and ends as you play through individual level packs! Goofy episodes will require a small additional fee.

• Brand New Weather Mechanics – Use wind, clouds and rain to maneuver through 100+ levels filled with fun challenges!

• A Whole New Look – A classic Mickey art-style with a contemporary touch, inspired by Disney Channel’s new series of Mickey Cartoons!

• Collectibles and Bonus Levels – Help Pluto look for hidden collectibles to unlock more bonus puzzles!

• Featuring Mickey and Friends – Discover more hilarious episodes and new friends, beginning with Goofy!
Where’s My Mickey? introduces a whole new world of life-like physics-based gameplay with stimulating weather mechanics and humorous animations. Immerse yourself in the u…

Download Fight for Middle-earth V1.2 APK

Fight for Middle-earth is based on a very famous series of film-making of the game, very interesting.
An ancient enemy has returned to Middle-earth. Sauron, the Dark Lord, has sent forth legions of Orcs in a stealth attack upon the Lonely Mountain. As darkness converges on their escalating conflict, the races of Dwarves, Elves and Men must decide—unite or be destroyed.
Join the fight for Middle-earth in an all-new 3D game. Choose to battle as Humans, Dwarves, Elves or Orcs to see which group will earn a spot atop the leaderboard. Switch between characters for a tactical advantage, and then play as the hero to finish the fight!
Notes Editors:Great app but needs improvement on landscape where we can cross through Hills and protect our own kind whether orcs or humans.

Download Address:Fight for Middle-earth V1.2 APK

Download Hills of Glory 3D Free Europe V1.2.0.6670 APK

Hills of Glory 3D Free Europe is a very exciting war game .Kill them all … if you survive of course. It’s time to save Europe and make History. We’ll land in Italy, fight many battles to reach Germany and end this War. We need you to maintain our most critical positions!
Armed to the teeth

Lose yourself in Hills of Glory 3D, a WW2 reverse tower defense game with stunning 3D graphics. In this war game, defend your bunker against hordes of enemies with the military arsenal at your disposal. Rifle, mortar, flamethrower, air strikes… don’t hold back!
The eye of the Tiger

Bring out the Rambo inside you to survive through 21 missions or the Endless mode. Step into the shoes of a military strategist: analyze the battlefield and destroy tactical points to block your enemies’ path.
Brothers in arms

Prove yourself on the battlefield and be promoted to unlock and collect rewards. Share your scores with your brothers in arms on Facebook!
Leave no one behind

Hills of Glory 3D will please all the tower def…

Download Bubble Kingdom V1.2.7 APK

Bubble Kingdom is a new game, will bring you more fresh experience, let’s begin the adventure of bubble kingdom.
☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆

★ 300+ levels of Challenging Puzzles in 5 different worlds!

★ Exciting new lovely bubbles with cute expressions!

★ Power Up with Rainbow, Bomb and Rocket Bubbles!

★ Facebook Connect – beat your friends’ scores!

★ Variety game modes frequently illustrated in different well-designed levels to keep your feeling of freshness!

★ Fresh and beautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics & effects!
☆☆☆☆☆ How to play ☆☆☆☆☆

– Tap the screen to shoot the bubble to group 3 or more the same color bubbles to make them burst;

– The less bubble you used to complete a level, the more score you can get;

Tips: Touch down to adjust the aiming line and touch up to shoot.
Notes Editors:This is an extremely fun game very addictive and keeps you from being bored I would recommend this game to anyone that likes playing bubble games.

Download Address:Bubble Kingdom V1.2.7 APK

Download Looney Tunes Dash V1.61.12 APK

Looney Tunes Dash is a very fun casual games, scene setting very interesting, you can download the play to see.
Run, jump, smash, and slide into new levels and adventures with Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety Bird, and other Looney Tunes favorites! Complete level objectives to unlock new Looney Tunes characters and zones based on iconic Looney Tunes landscapes. Enjoy loads of wild, whacky, and looney ways to run as you discover each character’s Special Ability and Collector’s Card. It’s time to run, Doc!

• Run as Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Road Runner, and other favorite Looney Tunes characters!

• Explore and run in iconic Episodes like Painted Desert, Tweety’s Neighborhood, and more!

• Complete level goals to progress on the Looney Tunes map and unlock more zones!

• Unlock and master each character’s Special Ability for extra running power!

• Grab Power-Ups to fly like a superhero, blast through obstacles, plus loads of other surprises!

• Collect Looney Tunes Collector’s Cards to fill your Loo…

Download Battlefield Combat Nova Nation VBFI_2.0.5 APK

Battlefield Combat Nova Nation is a war game, we can play to experience what war is
Battlefield Combat Nova Nation is a first person shooter where you will impersonate a sniper assassin, a contract killer and leader whose only mission is avoiding the D-Day for our planet. Fight the Rebels in a modern combat one on one sniper and rifle war, assaulting each other in the frontline of the agonizing planet.
– Feel the pressure of a sniper or soldier alone facing the enemy in the frontline
- Endless waves of AI controlled enemies
- Different weapons, customizable and upgradeable
- Realistic shooting of your weapon
- More than 70 carefully designed scenarios
- Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devices
- Build your very own base!
- Easy to learn, hard to master
- A modern combat game you will remember.
Notes to Editors:This is a great game, game design is very exciting, can not miss a game.

Download Address:Battlefield Combat Nova Nation VBFI_2.0.5 APK

Download Calm V2.5.6 APK

Through this software Calm, can help you meditate, sleep, relax and much more. By downloading this app, you’ll discover how meditation can improve your mood and your life.
– The 7 Days of Calm – learn how to meditate with this easy-to-follow program

– The 21 Days of Calm – deepen your meditation practice with our paid program available only to subscribers

– 7 guided meditation sessions from 2 to 30 minutes – for whenever you need a break from your day.

– 10 beautiful, immersive nature scenes – choose the perfect background sounds and scene to help you relax!

– 16 blissful music tracks by meditation music master, Kip Mazuy.

– 50 premium guided meditations for focus, creativity, energy, confidence, sleep and much more!

– New content added monthly!
Notes to Editors:This a seriously great app. I listen to it all the time and find the guide sessions to be truly helpful for my anxiety. The selection of sounds is thorough, as well.

Download Address:Calm V2.5.6 APK

Download BombSquad V1.4.51 APK

BombSquad bomb is a very interesting game, the game is very exciting, can reduce stress by playing games.
Blow up your friends in mini-games ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey! Featuring 8 player local/networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, and more.

BombSquad supports touch screens as well as a variety of controllers so all your friends can get in on the action.

You can even use phones and tablets as controllers via the free ‘BombSquad Remote’ app.
Notes to Editors:BombSquad This game requires a compatible gamepad is required to play (or a phone / tablet running the ‘BombSquad Remote’ app)

Download Address:BombSquad V1.4.51 APK