Download Dota Plus Counters 10.2 | App selection screen Apk Apk

Apps crash when wanna search hero in drafting. Hope you can fix it. Here we provide Dota Plus Counters Apk Dowmload Dota Plus Counters is the best application for picking heroes in Dota 2 based on robust counters and combos.

★ Dota 2 - 7.19 - ALREADY HERE! ★

★ Hero activation on draft screen - easy +25 MMR ★
★ Team relations, draft trainer and extra gold challenge ★

Contains clear descriptions of the most robust counter(with videos) and ally picks for each hero.

Perfect for everybody starting from the beginners and up to the captains of serious teams.

★ Hero activation on the draft screen;
★ Only the hardest counter picks;
★ 500 videos for all the counter picks;
★ Clear descriptions of the mega combos;
★ Talent tree and capacity descriptions for every hero;
★ Draft simulation with suggestions of the most suitable heroes;
★ Very low weight;
★ No lags;

Is that not enough? Do you need the best all-in-one Dota 2 companion? - Install our main application "BuilDota2". You will definitely like it - you can create your own personal item and skill builds for each hero, see the cost and the calculated effects on hero stats and all other parameters.

Any suggested robust counters and combos are welcome and can be sent via the e-mail or directly in the comments.

Please help make the Dota 2 better - write a comment to Steam post about petition to Valve

Legal Disclaimer:
This app is not created, sponsored or endorsed by Valve Corporation. This app is not an official app or connected to the game's developer or publisher. All of the in-game imagery, hero icons, hero names, launcher icon and Dota name are copyright and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation, and usage for this app falls under fair use guidelines. This app is intended purely for the love of the game and aid further skill development and exploration of the game.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.
Download Dota Plus Counters 10.2 | App selection screen Apk Apk
Download Address: Dota Plus Counters 10.2 | App selection screen Apk


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